7.16.1 The NCF shall integrate Research and Development Centers into NCF communities, oriented towards five specific tasks: Existing Technology Redesign: Redesigning already existing technology to comply with comprehensive design science, including the elimination of 'Planned Obsolescence' and Fiscal Expediency Strategy. Validity Testing: Testing out various proposed and unproved technologies, including health technologies, to either find them valid or invalid, and if valid, to develop them for common use, New Technology Development: Developing new comprehensively designed technology to allow people to accomplish more work with less energy and/or greater efficiency, Community Support Technology: Providing NCF seeded communities with products to sell or lease in already existing markets allowing communities to generate positive cashflow. Designing requested technology for use in a Community based upon each individual community's specific needs. Reclamation Research: Reclaiming resources now labeled 'waste' and either rendering it inert or reusing it in new processes in an environmentally safe and sustainable way.

7.16.2 Comprehensively designed technological strategies requires that all aspects of the user cycle is designed into the use of that technology; that all processes and products take into account where the raw materials or recycled manufacturing materials come from, how they are used, how they are stored and how they are recycled after use, how the products resulting from the manufacturing process will be used by people and how they will most easily recycle them at the end of their useful life. In a comprehensively designed manufacturing process, there is no waste, and minimal environmental impact.

7.16.3 The R&D centers will be organized around specific technological inspiration enabled by qualified team support. Inasmuch as, historically, a large preponderance of new breakthrough technologies have come from individuals operating outside the mainstream of science and technology, particular emphasis will be placed upon team-supported visions and projects which lie outside the purview of more traditional R&D centers. Selection criteria for projects will be based on validity and potentiality of the concept or technology, regardless of the formal training and/or education of the principal investigator.

7.16.4 R&D centers should hold as priorities: farming and food production, housing, transportation (devices and systems), advanced communication technologies, immediate lifesaving devices for homes and offices as well as preventive health research, alternative energy, waste recycling, and Natural system reclamation.

7.16.5 With the exquisitely and comprehensively designed processes of Nature in mind, R&D centers must continuously research and design to attempt to integrate Humanity into the environment more harmoniously.

7.16.6 NCF seeded R&D centers will only accept contracts to produce "Livingry" products, i.e., technologies which amplify humanit's ability to live successfully and peacefully within the limits imposed by Natural systems. (As compared with Weaponry: technology which amplifies human ability to kill other humans.)