8.1.1 The New Civilization Foundation will give a high priority to maintaining good relations and open communication with public and private agencies in any area we are operating in, as well as with the public at large.

8.1.2 NCF aims at advancing the common good. Any transaction or activity is conducted with the intent that it will be of benefit to NCF, of benefit to the organizations or groups of people that we collaborate with or that are the target for a project, and of benefit to the world.

8.1.3 Thus NCF has nothing to hide about its operations. Any of its activities can bear the scrutiny of the public eye, and will only be enhanced thereby.

8.1.4 NCF will specifically set aside personnel and resources for maintaining public relations in these areas: Cooperation with the appropriate local government agencies in terms of sharing information and of coordinating activities Adherence to local laws and regulations Coordination with transnational agencies, such as the United Nations Press relations. Keeping the press and the media correctly informed about NCF activities. Producing brochures, briefings, white papers, books, magazines, videos, and educational materials that will explain what the NCF is doing or is planning to do. Maintaining information centers where the general public can be informed about our activities. Creating campaigns eliciting public input and dialogue on different of our focus areas. Maintaining spokespersons to conduct press conferences, media appearances, public events, etc. Maintaining relations with companies that might feel threatened by our support of alternative technologies or approaches. Suggesting alternative avenues for them. Operating as consultants, as a think tank, and as a knowledge resource for companies and governmental agencies. Conducting general publicity campaigns, representing a new civilization and the activities of the NCF as being by and for the people, and as being in service to all of humanity.

8.1.5 The general intention is to make the activities of the NCF known and well thought of, by honestly disseminating information whenever appropriate. The NCF will not compromise its values by subordinating itself to concerns of political correctness or special interest morals. Rather it will endeavor to illustrate its values and intentions, showing them to be representative of the core values of the majority of the global population.