8.2 Spiritual Orientation

8.2.1 NCF recognizes that human beings are by their nature involved in both the mundane world (human) and the less tangible world of spirit, religion, philosophy, morality, and ethics (being).

8.2.2 NCF recognizes and honors as "spiritual" the experience of a kind of deep connection between people, a perceptible sense of communion that says in wordless heart levels, "I will never seek to intimidate or harm you in any way, 'as thy heart be, my heart be', and we share all as One"; a kind of Triple Agreement, and Bond, unspoken but felt by human beings in true spiritual/community relatedness and kinship.

8.2.3 NCF considers spirituality an integral part in everything we do. NCF is therefore open to the inclusion of all religions, sects, creeds, and other systems of spiritual and religious practice that reflect individual freedom. In the creation of a New Civilization we recognize the very underpinnings of society frequently include the divine and a faith in a higher power. Our policies and practices support those aspects of belief that are in accordance with our goals of creating a better world in which all may peacefully abide.

8.2.4 NCF respects and celebrates this inherent spiritual unity in all people and all things, and will thus support programs and events that focus on spiritual unity, mutual respect and understanding, and/or the transcendence of separation amongst different belief systems.

8.2.5 NCF will sponsor inter-faith programs and celebrations that will bring together members of different spiritual or religious groups to explore and celebrate common ground.

8.2.6 NCF will sponsor research and other programs that explore the boundaries and common ground between science and spirituality.

8.2.7 NCF will support programs that advocate spiritual and religious freedom for everyone.