8.3 Legal Policy

8.3.1 The NCF focus is on creating a new civilization through supporting projects and endeavors designed to improve the human condition. We recognize that such activities take place within the context of sovereign governments and that the Laws of the Land need to be observed both in spirit, intent, and action.

8.3.2 In the event that such laws promote forms of human suffering such as slavery, torture, ritual mutilation, child abuse, etc., the NCF will act to counter those practices through education, sanctuary services, and by Public Alerts designed to bring those acts to the attention of the entire population of the planet.

8.3.3 Inherent to the concepts of the NCF is respect for the individual as a contributing member of the human family and a respect for all life forms. This includes a recognition of the fundmental importance of individual freedom and the rights and responsibilities of individuals as guaranteed by but not necessarily granted to individuals by their government.

8.3.4 If activities by NCF members, acting for the organization, break laws in the land in which they are working in, the individuals involved will be subject to sanctions, possibly including expulsion from the NCF organization.