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 The New Craft of Intelligence0 comments
5 Mar 2002 @ 16:45, by ming. Investigation, Intelligence
Interesting article in Time by Robert Steele about Open Source Intelligence. In brief, there are lots of things that can be done in the open, from publically available information, that can give better answers as to what is going on than secret spies can.  More >

 eBay users do their own fraud investigation0 comments
26 Jan 2002 @ 14:42, by ming. Investigation, Intelligence
A group of eBay users were cheated out of money they supposedly paid for laptops after winning auctions, and then they spontaneously got together and started their own investigation. The police, the FBI and eBay itself seemed unwilling to help them at first, so they just did it themselves. Interesting story of spontaneous collaboration amongst people who otherwise didn't know each other.  More >

 Surveillance2 comments
18 Sep 2001 @ 05:32, by ming. Investigation, Intelligence
The recent terrorist attacks are very likely to lead towards increased government surveillance and decreased freedoms for people in the United States. The general population is probably going to buy any reasons presented for allowing more easy wiretapping, laws against encryption, etc. I.e. more of a police state, which people will willingly join, apparently to be better protected from "bad people".

Now, let me state that I would actually be perfectly happy having video cameras follow me everywhere, having GPS tracking chips placed in my body, having my DNA checked, etc., *IF* I could trust that such devices weren't misused. Unfortunately I can't, as I don't believe there's any existing government who wouldn't misuse these things constantly.  More >

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