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 Naïve Realism Discussed in the Lankavatara Sutra
9 Jul 2010 @ 01:54, by anandavala. Investigation, Intelligence

Quote from the Lankavatara Sutra

"So long as people do not understand the true nature of the objective world, they fall into the dualistic view of things. They imagine the multiplicity of external objects to be real and become attached to them and are nourished by their habit energy. Because of this system of mentation, mind and what belongs to it is discriminated and is thought of as real; this leads to the assertion of an ego-soul and its belongings, and thus the mind-system goes on functioning. Depending upon and attaching itself to the dualistic habit of mind, they accept the views of the philosophers founded upon these erroneous distinctions, of being and non-being, existence and non-existence, and there evolves what we call false-imaginations...

False-imaginations rise from the consideration of appearances; things are discriminated as to form, signs and shape; as to having colour, warmth, humidity, mobility or rigidity. False-imagination consists of becoming attached to these appearances and their names... The five sense functions and their discriminating and thinking function have their risings and complete ending from moment to moment... By setting up names and forms greed is multiplied and thus the mind goes on mutually conditioning and being conditioned. By becoming attached to names and forms, not realising that they have no more basis than the activities of the mind itself, error arises, false-imagination as to pleasure and pain arises, and the way to emancipation is blocked...

By the cessation of the mind-system as a whole is meant, the cessation of discrimination, the clearing away of the various attachments, and, therefore, the clearing away of the defilements of habit-energy in the face of Universal Mind which have been accumulating since beginningless time by reason of these discriminations, attachments, erroneous reasonings, and following acts... Getting rid of the discriminating mortal-mind is Nirvana.

But the cessation of the discriminating-mind cannot take place until there has been a “turning about” in the deepest seat of consciousness. The mental habit of looking outward by the discriminating-mind upon an external objective world must be given up, and a new habit of realising Truth within the intuitive-mind by becoming one with the Truth itself must be established.... With the ending of pleasure and pain, of conflicting ideas, of the disturbing interests of egoism, a state of tranquilisation will be attained in which the truths of emancipation will be fully understood..." (Lankavatara Sutra )

 New Pythagoras Friends5 comments
31 May 2010 @ 21:27, by johnjoseph. Investigation, Intelligence
New mathematical/mystical group re-establishing the Pythagorean Brotherhood  More >

 Recordando a Krishnamurti.4 comments
picture23 May 2008 @ 12:26, by redwind. Investigation, Intelligence
Un pasaje de Comentarios sobre el Vivir.
La meditación es una acción muy importante en la vida;tal vez es la acción que te la mas grande y profunda significación.Es un perfume que no puede captarse facilmente,no se adquiere por el esfuerzo y la práctica.Un sistema puede dar solamente el fruto que ofrece,y el sistema,el método se basa en la envidia y la codicia.No poder meditar es no poder ver la luz del sol,las oscuras sombras,las aguas brillantes y la tierna hoja.Pero ¡cuan pocos ven estas cosas¡La meditación no tiene nada que ofrecer;no podeis venir a suplicar con las manos juntas.Ella no os salva de ningun dolor.Torna las cosas ampliamente claras y sencillas;pero para percibir esta sencillez,la mente ha de librarse sin ninguna causa o motivo de todas las cosas que ha acumulado a través de causas y motivos.Esta es toda la cuestión en la meditación.La meditación es la depuración de lo conocido.Perseguir lo conocido en cualquier forma es un juego de autoengaño,y entonces el meditador es el maestro,no existe el simple acto de la meditación.El meditador solo puede actuar en el campo de lo conocido tiene que dejar de actuar para que lo desconocido sea.Lo incognoscible no os invita y tampoco podeis invitarlo.Es como el viento no podeis capturarlo o acumularlo para vuestro beneficio,para vuestro uso.No tiene valor utilitario pero sin él la vida es inmensamente vacía.La cuestión no es como se ha de meditar que sistema se ha de seguir,sino¿que és la meditación? el "como"solo produce lo que el método ofrece,pero la misma indagación sobre lo que es meditación abrirá la puerta a la meditación.La indagación no reside fuera de la mente,sino dentro del movimiento de la mente misma.Al proceder atal indagación lo que resulta importantisimo es comprender al buscador mismo y no lo que el busca.Lo que él busca es la proyección de su propio anhelo de sus propias compulsiones,deseos.Cuando se ve este hecho,toda búsqueda cesa lo cual es en sí enormemente importante.Entonces la mente ya no está procurando atrapar algo mas allá de si misma,no existe el movimiento externo,con su reacción interna;pero cuando la busqueda se ha detenido enteramente,hay un movimiento de la mente que no es interno ni externo.La búsqueda no termina por un acto de voluntad ni por un complejo proceso de conclusiones.Dejar de buscar requiere gran comprensión.El fin de la búsqueda es el comienzo de una mente quieta.Una mente que es capaz de concentración no es necesariamente apta para meditar.El interés en sí mismo produce concentracion,como cualquier otro interés,pero tal concentración implica un motivo una causa,consciente o inconscientemente;siempre hay una cosa que ganar o descartar,un esfuerzo para comprender para llegar ala otra orilla.La atención con una mira está relacionada con la acumulación.La atencion que viene con este movimiento hacia algo o apartandose de algo es la atracción del placer o la repulsión del dolor,pero la meditación es esa extraordinaria atención en la cual no existe el autor del esfuerzo ni un fin ni objeto que ganar.El esfuerzo es parte del proceso adquisitivo;es la acumulación de experiencia por el experimentador.El experimentador puede concentrarse,prestar atención,estar atento;pero el anhelo de experiencia por parte del experimentadorha de cesar enteramente,porqueel experimentador es meramenteuna acumulación de lo conocido.Hay una gran bienaventuranza en la meditación.  More >

picture16 Dec 2007 @ 23:23, by jhs. Investigation, Intelligence
ARA, From the land of Michelangelo, da Vinci, et alii, sent me the following expansion of EFT, translated and annotated by mememe.



In this new version of EFT (valid in a generalized manner also for GIRAPOLI, DEPOLARIZATION, and QLFP) the affirmation procedure is applied directly to the spatial source area of the negative emotion, uneasiness, emotional charge, pain etc and specifying which part of the person's composite feels what sensation.

Advantages: even more rapid charge eliminations as well as a growing reality on the roles of spirit, soul, and mind in the creation of charges in general.

Step 1) Ask the person where it feels the negative emotion. This space can correspond to an area of the body, an inner point of the body, an area outside of the body, in general in the person's energetic space.
ATTENTION: there can be more than ONE such point.

Step 2) Prompt the person to put the hand (or both hands) over that area. In the case of a point inside the body, have it indicate the direction with a finger. (In other words, don't just put the hand on the 'I' or the 'heart' point)

Step 3) Ask the person WHO Or WHAT feels this unbalanced energy, annoying emotion, pain etc... Have the person proceed with caution and make sure it is always aware of the source, notices it's charge, uneasiness etc..

Step 4) Have the person clarify for itself WHICH part (SPIRIT Or SOUL Or MIND Or an EXTERNAL IDENTITY) is experiencing exactly WHAT sensation within emotional distress and verify that it is effectively "that part" that feels that emotion, irritation etc. For example. a despair of the soul, an impatience of the spirit, a confusion of the MIND.

Step 5) Continue with the usual affirmation, specifying the part that was located (spirit, soul, mind, or external identity). in the formula.

Note: don't forget itself to verify in a new unit of time the intensity of the charge, etc on the scale from "0" to "10" and get ALL the parties involved in the trauma.

It finally becomes fun to put some order in one's space :-)

Happy trauma hunting!  More >

 Darpas' Magic Wand5 comments
5 Nov 2007 @ 00:07, by vaxen. Investigation, Intelligence
I'm putting tinfoil up on the windows
Lying down in the dark to dream
I don't want to see their faces
I don't want to hear them scream - Warren Zevon

An anonymous reader (of [link]) passed us a NetworkWorld link about an effort at DARPA to succeed in combat through networking. The idea is to keep soldiers in a position of informational superiority through a tactical radio network that would 'link' everyone together on the battlefield.

"Project WAND, for Wireless Adaptive Network Development, will exploit commercial radio components, rather than custom ones, and use a variety of software techniques and algorithms, many of them only just now emerging in mature form. These $500 walkie-talkie-size radios will form large-scale, peer-to-peer ad hoc nets, which can shift frequencies, sidestep interference, and handle a range of events that today completely disrupt wireless communications ... [right now] 'The average soldier on the ground doesn't have a radio,' says Jason Redi, principle scientist for BBN's network technologies group, and the man overseeing the software work. Radios are reserved for platoon and company commanders, in part because of their cost: typically $15,000 to $20,000 each, with vehicle-mounted radios reaching $80,000."  More >

 Destiny6 comments
11 Aug 2007 @ 04:46, by swanny. Investigation, Intelligence

June 11, 2004

I suppose, that we as humans, at some point, have to appreciate, accept, and understand, more, that we cannot control or dominate the natural order of things.
I suppose as well though, that we do, in some sense, have a collective "influence" upon it but even with our super computers, space stations, internet, particle accelerators, nao and bio technology and nuclear energies, we are and most likely will always be, to some degree, ever part of the natural order and never exactly equal to or above it.
Now this may seem dismaying and disquieting, that we are not the definitive masters of our destiny, yet the more we come to understand the nature of the natural order, the more we can begin to see how wonderously complex and miraculous it truly is.
To ever think, that we, even at our very best, could ever fathom its total depth, length, breath and time, is, well most presumptuous to say that least, yet even in its majestic and unfathomable scope and diversity we do still, at times, hold a cherished and dear place and harmony within its scheme.
Take heart too, for it would seem that this world, this galaxy, this creation is evolving and that perhaps such is the new frontier of which we now face. To evolve in harmony and grace with this evolving natural order. To fit in, as it were, with this dance of evolution as it progresses on its way, in time and its continuum of existence. It is truly both frightening and exciting simultaneously
Now, there are new steps to learn, new songs to sing, new feeling to master,
new dreams to construct and new love to experience.
Can we muster the courage and resolve needed to master the challenges of this dance. This wonderous and tricky dance of evolution. Not our evolution per sae but the evolution of this, the natural order.
Is the Natural order changing then? and is change the same as evolution?
Is change the same as evolution? an interesting question and one which we will
have to study and give more thought too in the days and years to come as we find our new footing and rhythm in this, the Magical Dance of Evolution.

A. G. Jonas
Earth  More >

 Playing Go - Braille Alphabet - Cognition - Creativity - Intelligence / Choice
picture picture 28 Jul 2007 @ 15:01, by feecor. Investigation, Intelligence
I was intrigued by the recent article about computability of games - how homoludens is outmastered by the computer, when playing Chess, Backgammon, ... but not Go !
Why ? and what that means for cognition, imagination, and pattern-languages, but also to the Braille-Alphabet for us blind people in modern media and globalisation, and what I think can be done to add human capabilities to keep "in check" advanced full-text research research like from Google, and add the big picture of the context, the broader orientation or big picture. See Panopticon.  More >

 Proof of the existence of Psychic phenomena4 comments
10 Jun 2006 @ 15:12, by oasiian. Investigation, Intelligence
Psychic phenomena come in a great many forms, such as Telekinesis, Astral Projections, Telepathy...but can it actually be used as a sense? Like, a semi-instinctual foresight?  More >

 Got any mind control weapons on special?15 comments
picture 5 Apr 2006 @ 22:59, by ming. Investigation, Intelligence
"Hello, I was wondering how I can buy one of the mind control devices on your website. I can't see how to put them in the shopping cart."

It was a lady calling me from England this afternoon. I was a little puzzled. Which website might that be? "" she said. Hmmm, I frantically search through my postings.... Aha, it turned out to be this article. A list of patents for rather horribly sounding devices for remote control of brainwaves, ultrasonic weapons, subliminal nervous system manipulators, and other goodies.

The lady wanted to put a couple of these in her shopping cart and check out with her visa card.

Which of these items might she specifically be interested in, I inquired. Well, she seemed to think the whole batch of them sounded rather nifty. Clearly a very motivated shopper.

Maybe she has a boyfriend who isn't quite behaving right? I didn't really succeed in figuring out what the driver was. I mean, you don't exactly pull out an ultrasonic brain wave modulator at a party, to start a fun conversation. Or do you? Is it something to have in your handbag, in case a little crowd control suddenly becomes necessary? You know, when a horde of flesh-eating zombies are charging you in the mall.

I patiently tried to explain that this was a list of patents on file at the U.S. Patent Office. Maybe somebody has made these, maybe not. If they have, it would be the kind of thing used by the military, to drive Iraqis crazy, or maybe by the police, for crowd control. Or maybe secret government agencies are using them on all of us, to make us Conform, Consume and Obey. But you wouldn't be likely to find them for sale to just anybody online.

She was a bit incredulous, and I had to explain it several times. She thought it was such a lovely idea, and she had a hard time wrapping her mind around the concept that there was no shopping cart and possibly no products. I didn't even bother to try to explain what a blog is.

I wished for a moment I did have some of these for sale. Maybe I could have thrown in a positronic deathray machine, and a few cannisters of nerve gas. I don't know how it is to be a housewife in West Sussex, but I'm always willing to help.  More >

 Speed...7 comments
23 Jan 2006 @ 16:12, by Unknown. Investigation, Intelligence
Jan 23 2006

I have struggled with life and people in this life and time... not sure why...
but it perhaps may be related to this question that I've never been able to voice yet now I suppose it emerges and I think it is revalent.

What is the reason and purpose of our haste and speed. aka The speed of life?
Does anyone know why we are in such a hurry?
Did I miss something?
Is something or someone chasing us?
Are we in any particular hurry to get some where?
I don't understand.
I don't think I've ever understood so hmmmmm
Not sure....???
or is it simply "speed for speeds sake"?
I couldn't even find the time to find this question. It seems you're born to this world and get swept up in the human race and pace yet there have been moments in nature when I've been able to see or sense another pace and world although I never seem to have enough time to really get to know and understand that one either.
Seem to get or be caught in the middle at times. Up to speed of what? Life? Death? Time? Money?
Hmmmm well maybe its just me... but
Its just this nature place or nature time seems to make a little more sense and have a little more meaning for me than this human one. I guess though they each have there moments but the speed seems to effect the depth somehow. This human pace seems to lack the depth. Just skimming over the surface not really getting to "know" or understand any thing to "grok" much.

Ah well

carry on

ed  More >

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