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23 Jan 2006 @ 16:12, by Unknown

Jan 23 2006

I have struggled with life and people in this life and time... not sure why...
but it perhaps may be related to this question that I've never been able to voice yet now I suppose it emerges and I think it is revalent.

What is the reason and purpose of our haste and speed. aka The speed of life?
Does anyone know why we are in such a hurry?
Did I miss something?
Is something or someone chasing us?
Are we in any particular hurry to get some where?
I don't understand.
I don't think I've ever understood so hmmmmm
Not sure....???
or is it simply "speed for speeds sake"?
I couldn't even find the time to find this question. It seems you're born to this world and get swept up in the human race and pace yet there have been moments in nature when I've been able to see or sense another pace and world although I never seem to have enough time to really get to know and understand that one either.
Seem to get or be caught in the middle at times. Up to speed of what? Life? Death? Time? Money?
Hmmmm well maybe its just me... but
Its just this nature place or nature time seems to make a little more sense and have a little more meaning for me than this human one. I guess though they each have there moments but the speed seems to effect the depth somehow. This human pace seems to lack the depth. Just skimming over the surface not really getting to "know" or understand any thing to "grok" much.

Ah well

carry on


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24 Jan 2006 @ 16:39 by jazzolog : The Race
We are in a hurry because we are lazy. We cram our lives beyond the limit with trivia to avoid the large and more difficult questions.  

25 Jan 2006 @ 17:40 by Enocia @ : In defence of slow
Well said. We are making such haste, slowly.

Here's something I wrote a while back.

Gotta dash! EJ  

19 Apr 2006 @ 01:08 by kd @ : why are we in a hurry?
were all in a hurry because were trying to beat the shortness of life and those of us who want make the most of it dont want to miss any oportunities. We all start life with the world at our feet but before we know it well be old and grey and its always better to regret something we have done rather than haven't.  

19 Apr 2006 @ 01:31 by swanny : Opportunities or ?
Are they opportunities or illusions that waste the precious
little time we have... illusions which suck dry the truth, meaning
and honesty of the real and true. Why waste a life on such, why spend
time money and effort on meaningless and vain pursuits. Human follies
as they are. That deceive and cheat.

Illusion? Link =  

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