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9 Oct 2005 @ 00:56, by swanny

Now I accidently learned about "sex" at a very early age.
I suppose I was only hmmm well quite young.
I never thought to much of it and probably always assumed
that everybody else knew what I knew and it was no big deal
or that it was or could be a very big deal.
Well I've had it all or well ???? from girls wanting black babies from
me and I'm sort of white, to girls wanting me to rape them for fun or and girls wanting to get pregant though they had their tubes tied and the latest some girl wanting me to get her pregant without having sex at all....

well whatever
and then it made me think how many people really conscious become pregnant to have kids...???
is it mostly just having sex and opps getting pregant...

pregancy then doesn't thus seem to be a very conscious act for the majority in the world..... and thats somewhat sad I suppose cause most seem to young to understand the concept
and maybe its just to darn simple that male plus female plus sex can get you pregant and for those that want to get pregnant without having sex...
well good luck. The chances or probablity of getting pregant with out having sex is pretty high maybe 1 in 1 billion or I suppose there's turkey basters or fertility drugs or sperm banks my my this seems a major disconnect of humanity. On the one hand theres those who are totally clueless which seems the majority and those that spend millions

well whatever....

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9 Oct 2005 @ 01:09 by swanny : Did I say High
Sorry did I say high
I meant the probability is pretty low
dern the probability of getting someone pregnant without
having sex is pretty low about 1 in 1 billion


sex taboo subject yes? no? maybe....  

9 Oct 2005 @ 09:57 by swanny : Missing Link?
Hey do you suppose that that's it?
That the missing link is "conscious procreation" of
the species. I mean sex is quite natural though
apparently somewhat "unconscious". Do you suppose
humanities realization that sex causes or leads to
offspring is what sets us apart.
Hmmmm to late it would appear to often.
We don't often make that realization until after
the fact.... the fact of life the fact of sex or
the fact of ? Choice....? conscious choice yet
then again having sex is not necessarily a gurantee of
having offspring either at some point still it is an
act of God that leads to a healthy progenitor. An
act perhaps moreso of God's Grace and Blessing or

9 Oct 2005 @ 10:23 by swanny : links
Link =

Link =

Link =  

9 Oct 2005 @ 10:32 by swanny : Conclusion
So then in conclusion it is perhaps still to some degree
a question of probability but the chance of a male and female of having
offspring are 1 in 1 billion if not having sex and perhaps 1 in 100
or 1 in 1000 if having sex. Conscious procreation the missing link
hmmmm perhaps perhaps....  

9 Oct 2005 @ 17:00 by gea : Yes.

9 Oct 2005 @ 18:45 by bushman : Hmm,
Well, seems to me the odds of a virgin givving birth are a lot lower than 1 in a billion, I mean not since Mary had Jesus, and just how true is that old story? But then, 2 people could just be playing, getting some sperms on the fingers, those guys can swim, spose if the conditions were right, the sperms would find thier way, as a snake on the ground. Anyway sex is suposed to be like rabbits, almost reverted back to that way, back in the 60's, and common knowledge in the 70's. Now we are concious of what happens, and you find the young having or doing Comasutra stuff, that oral sex is way more prevelent now than intercourse. :}  

9 Oct 2005 @ 20:28 by scotty : yUp
" oral sex is way more prevelent now than intercourse" .. it sure is on this log !

: D  

10 Oct 2005 @ 08:11 by swanny : Yes well....
Yes well moving on you have the additional
concept or process or natural process of
"capacitation" where the female or females
body plays a larger role than was previously
thought for by "capacitation" the females body
prepares or selects or "capacitates" the sperm
that is finally able to achieve penetration or conception.
The first and fast sperms not necessarily being
capacitated enough to achieve this. So this brings
in the element of nature or "mother nature" working
somehow admists the scene in conjunction with the couple
and as we said the grace or blessing of God.  

10 Oct 2005 @ 08:45 by swanny : hmmmm
Hmmmm that's it...... then
that's why the incidence of becoming pregnant without
sex is so low on the order of 1 in 1 or 10 billion....
it is ignoring the natural or organic process of
"capcitation" that occurs via the female or females
body. It would seem the female or females body is not
to be written out of the equation and not that it should
but that would seem to be what science has inadvertantly
done because of ? well whatever..... now I suppose one
could create an additional process.  

10 Oct 2005 @ 22:41 by swan : Parthenogenesis,
There is some evidence, however, that natural parthenogenesis does occasionally occur in humans. There are many instances in which impregnation has allegedly taken place in women without there being any possibility of the semen entering the female genital passage [2]. In some cases it was found either in the course of pregnancy or at the time of childbirth that the female passages were obstructed. In 1956 the medical journal Lancet published a report concerning 19 alleged cases of virgin birth among women in England, who were studied by members of the British Medical Association. The six-month study convinced the investigators that human parthenogenesis was physiologically possible and had actually occurred in some of the women studied [3].

    Many primitive peoples believe that there are two methods of human reproduction: the ordinary animal one and a higher one rarely employed -- virgin birth [4]. One belief is that the rays of the sun can fertilize women. In this regard, it is interesting that ultraviolet rays can cause parthenogenesis in unfertilized eggs of sea-urchins. It is also believed that moon rays, wind, rain, and certain types of food can cause impregnation. In the 19th century the Trobriand Islanders of the western Pacific insisted that cases of virgin birth still occurred among them.

    Further evidence for the possibility of human parthenogenesis comes from the mysterious phenomenon of dermoid cysts [5]. These are malformed embryonic growths or tumour-like formations occasionally found in various parts of the body, including womb, ovaries, and scrotum. They often contain bones, hair, teeth, flesh, tissue, glands, portions of the scalp, face, eyes, ribs, vertebral column, and umbilical cord. They are found in males as well as females, both young and old, including virgins. They appear to be undeveloped embryos and fetuses in various stages of growth. Loeb and several other researchers argued that dermoid cysts may be related to the parthenogenetic tendency of the mammalian egg, catalyzed perhaps by an increase in blood alkalinity. However, the body's parthenogenetic capacity is now very feeble and the generative centres lack the power to carry the reproduction process through to its proper conclusion.

    It is possible that some cases of human parthenogenesis involve self-fertilization rather than true virgin birth, as there are cases of sperm being produced in women by vestigial, usually nonfunctional, male reproductive glands known as the epoöphoron (parovarium) and paroöphoron, which correspond to the seminiferous tubules of the testicles in males. In some instances, the magnetic influence and nervous excitement occasioned by attempted sexual intercourse may rouse into activity the latent, rudimentary male sex glands so that they secrete semen, resulting in impregnation [6].  

10 Oct 2005 @ 23:49 by swanny : Interesting
Thanks swan
that was very well written
It is quite factual....
Facts? Just wondering how capcitation fits in
Capacitation by some means would certainly increase
the probability here....
Generally capcitation is the preparation of the sperm
by female biochemical processes and means therebye increasing
the probability of healthy conception, fertilization, fission or is it fusion?
and then through the trimesters of pregnancy to birth. I suppose capcitation
then would vary amoungst females and some might capcitate different sperm differently. I don't suspect that there is one clear process or standard of capacitation and it is probably a function of the production of a variety of egg/sperm variations or I suppose "natural mutations" in which case the fittest or most appropriate specimens would have a better chance at survival and not just mere survival perhaps but satisfying existences and lifes. Whether its a function of being fit or being adaptable is somewhat of an unknown. For instance is there a faith or love capacitator or agent and how could such an advanced concept appear in something so primary as a human embryo or fetus? Hmmmmm  

11 Oct 2005 @ 12:39 by scotty : so primary as a human embryo or fetus!!
gosh ! I was surprised to see you say that Swanny !!
I kind of thought that every cell every atom held all the 'wisdom' of the universe !!!

: )  

11 Oct 2005 @ 13:40 by swanny : Hmmm
Well not just every cell but every atom/element is
or does hold the wisdom of the Universe now and then.
I think we can not assume that the Universe is "static".
It is like a river or hmmmm ocean and then again a
journey or fantastic voyage.
hmmmm lost the thread here....
I guess people forget or doubt that knowledge and wisdom
from time to time when tested by adversity.
It is perhaps an "interactive" or "dynamic" thing.  

13 Oct 2005 @ 00:26 by jmarc : tell yer maw
tell yer paw --lol {link:|LINK}  

11 Apr 2007 @ 02:20 by ed jonas @ : The Male Female Antinomy
The Male is influenced by the Sun and or solar calendar
The Female is influenced by the Moon and lunar calendar
which ultimately gives 24 zodiac configurations


28 Sep 2016 @ 13:02 by Black Magic Specialist @ : Black Magic Specialist
i like this post  

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