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 Proof of the existence of Psychic phenomena4 comments
10 Jun 2006 @ 15:12, by Gavin Bellis

Psychic phenomena come in a great many forms, such as Telekinesis, Astral Projections, Telepathy...but can it actually be used as a sense? Like, a semi-instinctual foresight?

I've been in martial arts for more than three years now, and so far so good. It's become the love of my life, especially so in the absence of any companion.
But since the last tournament I won in combat, I came to realize that...somehow, I already knew exactly what moves my opponent was going to make, seemingly ages before they were made. I had realized but dismissed this many times before, but then I came to thinking of the fabled 'Psychic Duel.' Two would make an attempt through each other's minds to figure out an exact weakness in their form, and once someone found such a weakness, this duel was broken and the real one began, the winner of the Psychic duel also the winner of the actual one.
Of course this can be actually dismissed as logistics, right?
Only so if one knows their opponent inside and out. If one is faced with a completely new opponent (almost always in my case) then this possibility, this "more realistic" possibility, becomes impossible.
But that leaves us with the question, 'Why?' Instinct alone can only allow you to activate Adrenaline (Endorphin if you're really good to yourself) and use your reflexes (Average human reaction time of 0.3 seconds, but mine's 0.1 anyway...).
To know a move before it's coming, well, that is something truly different.
Of course, another possibility, alternative to but not opposing psychic dueling, is that of spiritual intervention. Take into account that we are all born with one guardian angel but many pick up more along the way. Angels, with certainty, can reach into minds of Humans. Perhaps they are 'whispering' into us what our opponent plans to do, or even what the opponent's angel (should the opponent have accepted that entity into one's life) had suggested to one whom he/she guides.
The reason I said 'Not opposing' above, is that it's entirely likely that these two possibilities can be in combination of varies ratios depending on the person. but take into account that, as there are billions of angels, they too have different personalities. Some may favor peace but still have a place for sportsmanship. Others may favor fighting for one's beliefs. Others still would have nothing to do with what they call a bloodsport...even when no blood is drawn, such as in the Friendship tournaments.
But is it man's place to take upon themselves the understanding of the...psychology of these higher beings? Is it a folly? A fantasy even? Or perhaps is it about the time to take a better assessment of where we stand as Human and one's loving guide(s). Of course, God/Alah/Buddah/Tao/Akasha (etc.) have to fit in there somewhere too, right?
Straying from topic...
The point is I'm led to believe that there's more to this world than mind puppeteering body. i've now seen way to much to believe this game we must play, has only our rules in the bigger-than-we-thought book of 'How to Play.'

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