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31 May 2010 @ 21:27, by John Grieve

New mathematical/mystical group re-establishing the Pythagorean Brotherhood

Pythagoras maintained that everything is number by which he meant that everything in the universe is expressible as a rational number or the ratio of two rational numbers. This project foundered when it was discovered that ceratin numbers are irrational, that is , not expressible in the said manner. But the project can be re-established on a sounder footing if we consider that 0 and 1 (binary numbers) can be used to express everything. The mystical viewpoint is maintained if we consider that ( as the mystics say) we are part of God's consciousness, possibly represented by an infinity of binary numbers, and we ourselves have become co-creators by devising machines that use binary numbers to create virtual universes of almost infinite complexity.
On a more practical level we will be looking at Number Theory, Pythagorean Triangles and the work of Fermat, his successors and imitators.
I invite you to join this exciting project that will help usher in the New Civilization.
Our motto like that of the original Pythagorean Brotherhood, and the Hippocratic Oath is : DO NO HARM

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