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 A Beautiful November Day1 comment
picture2 Nov 2002 @ 16:02, by craiglang. Neighborhood
For those of us in the northern climes, November brings the cool crisp air of late fall. And with it comes the anticipation of on-coming winter, with its short days and long nights. The late fall skies are cloudier and the days grow short. Leaves turn color and fall. This is a month of changes, as we prepare for both the challenges and the beauty of winter.

This thought kept running through my mind this afternoon as I was raking leaves, enjoying one of those clear crisp sunny days of late fall. It was a joy to be outside.

I've noted that most of the big transitions in my life have happened in November. My last big job change was in November. My father in law passed away four years ago this month. My first marriage fell apart in November as well. In the lives of so very many around me, transitions have seemed to occurr in November - disproportionately often.

Yet today was a beautiful day. A clear blue sky, with a gentle wind from the south. While chilly, it was a joy to behold. It felt good to just do some work on a pretty Saturday afternoon.

Yes, November is upon us - bringing change, chill, and transition. And on this clear, crisp day - nearing the end of the year, there is hope that the coming winter will bring us a new year of healing and awakening. There is hope that the danger of war can become the promise of peace. There is hope that the world-imperiling oil-driven energy economy can gradually begin to be replaced by a solar, wind and fuel-cell driven world - a sustainable one which can allow our world to breathe freely. There is hope that the conscious evolution described by Barbara Marx Hubbard is beginning to reach critical mass - and that an overall awakening is coming upon us. There is hope that changes for the better are beginning in ernest now - taking hold as the old year begins the steady transition toward the new year.

And for me, that hope for the future is symbolized by the crystal blue skies and bright sunshine of a beautiful fall day.

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 Why I love South Africa - 1 November 2002
picture31 Oct 2002 @ 22:44, by ashanti. Neighborhood
* God, I love this place! I have lived in many parts of the world, travelled a lot, but there is just no country like South Africa.

* What makes South Africa the only place to be on the planet right now, is not materially distinguishable. There is poverty, crime, unemployment, AIDS, etc. That's what people see and hear about. But South Africa is the only country in the world that is actively and genuinely working on transforming. That hasn't collapsed into utter depair and cynicism, and given up even trying. Or perpetuating a farce, and keeping up appearances.

* Where the people have Heart. And Love. The smiles on their faces. The friendliness. The sheer spirituality, if you are open to that. It's like a massive aura of angelic love embraces us. The energy is incredible.

* You meet people living in poverty, in shacks. But they have decorated their shacks, and made them beautiful. They welcome you with warmth and love. They have so little but they share it with you. Powerful. They are grateful for every precious day of life they are granted.

* I pray that South Africa never falls into the spoilt, self-indulgent trap of despair and cynicism. That the people of South Africa retain their Innocence, their Warmth, their Wisdom, their Love and their Beauty. For all this was born out of the suffering of the past.

* I thank God/All-that-Is for the privilege of being born here, and of having this as my country. It's not about nationality - it's a spiritual thing.
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