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11 Nov 2008 @ 11:15, by erlefrayne. Sexuality
Cryptic night to everyone! Cryptic indeed, as we all received this cryto-fascist measure led by the Aryan Master Race prototype, Arnold the Terminator, that reverses the state law concerning gay marriage in his wealthy state of California.

Arnold the Terminator is getting to resemble closer now the same dreaded morbidity machine of the movie series that featured him as the old prototype Terminator. Not satisfied with the narratives of bloodletting by the Nazi Aryans of his beloved Austria home, narratives that penetrated deep into his bone marrows (his source of intelligence), he has now devised an agenda to persecute the gays of California.

The Terminator’s agenda had already spread to other states, which is sending signals that his country’s folks might just get happier by passing on to gays their collective Bogey Person which they would all desire to destroy via mass hysteria cum plebiscite legitimation tactics. With the USA & Europe now on the way to rapid economic downspin, a phenomenon that had induced higher anxieties and anomie, the collective outlet might be this Bogey ‘Man’: gay & lesbian.  More >

 Sexual Identity is Basic on the Material Plane2 comments
2 Sep 2008 @ 11:30, by johnjoseph. Sexuality

Sexual Identity is Basic on the Material Plane

In the past, since the beginning of modern progressive thought, it has been the case that anti-racism was the touchstone of the movement against the hatred of Difference, which is better described as discrimination and Fascism. In my last article, ”HomoRacism” I questioned this fact and put forward the idea that if we are to consider priorities it is not in fact racism which is fundamental. I put forward my personal opinion that sex, gender and sexuality are even more basic than the colour of our skin. The emergence of contradictions in the different attitudes of minorities who themselves discriminate against other minorities shows that a new and complex situation is developing. It is actually my belief that whereas the material identity that is crucial is the one outlined above, namely sexuality, the spiritual identity is something different. Specifically I believe in what Erwin Schrodinger, the famous Quantum physicist, called the “Law of Identity” that we all in our consciousness are one with God. This is the real identity which I believe will be revealed in the era of post-modernism. And this accounts seemingly for the huge importance which people are placing on questions of spiritual identity and particularly Religion. So I do think that the traditional paradigm on identity and ant-fascism has to be critically looked at and the new realities taken into consideration.  More >

 Homophobia is Destroying Your Planet2 comments
10 Feb 2008 @ 09:42, by johnjoseph. Sexuality
Homophobia is Destroying Your Planet

All over the world the battle lines are drawing up between those who can accept themselves and others, and those who have a morbid fear of Difference, of the Other. Make no mistake, saving our planet is not about technological fixes like burying CO2 or recycling, but rather dealing with the problems of consciousness which have got us and the world into this perilous situation. The ecological crisis is primarily a crisis of a fractured consciousness, and as I will demonstrate, a crisis of our consciousness of the Other, and the Other within ourselves.

One of the first things I learnt in an advanced psychology group is that “ we relate to other people in the same way as we relate to alienated parts of ourselves”. In other words all the games, alienated transactions, processes and institutions which cause problems between people in society, have their roots in our relationship with ourselves. We relate to others in exactly the same way that we relate to ourselves. Our morbid fear of the Other; the black person, the homosexual, the muslim, the feminine woman, the disabled person are all problems we have with those parts of ourselves.

As I have demonstrated elsewhere, the soul is more or less infinite, and the human personality while finite is vastly complex and manifold. Whether one talks in terms of Jung’s archetypes or Assagioli’s subpersonalities and identities, all human life is found within each one of us. It is up to us which ones we choose to embrace and nurture, but it is definitely a huge mistake to see certain of them as “alien” and to deny and reject them in ourselves and even try to destroy them. For inevitably, as we “alienate” these identities within us, we will inevitably “alienate” ourselves from their human counterparts outside ourselves in society. The macho man’s mistreatment of women is grounded in a terror of the feminine part of himself. The homophobic woman has a terror of the bisexual or gay identity within herself. It is not for me to say which identities other people should accept and embrace, I’m just warning people of the great dangers of rejecting and alienating these parts of oneself. It will dehumanise and brutalise you and turn you into an oppressor if you can’t tolerate these parts of yourself.

It is interesting that the most repressed and rejected parts of ourselves are usually the identities connected with our sexuality. I have speculated elsewhere that our alienation from nature, surely the cause of climate change , led to man’s alienation from woman ( sexism), then other men (homophobia) and even God. In there somewhere, already alluded to, is the immense rejection of “disturbing” identities and subpersonalities within himself. Nature is a huge Other, and the insane attempts by people and society to control and dominate it, point to an incredible morbid pathology existing in them. I have speculated in some essays I wrote for the Gandhi Foundation ( of London), that our sexuality, as a part of our identity, is Nature itself within us. It’s as fundamental as that. It’s clear to me that the almost obsessive, fanatical attempts to control Nature are a direct mirror-image of similarly unhinged attempts by Church, State and Public Opinion to control our sexualities and expressions of sexual difference. Nature and sexuality are opposite sides of the same coin representing the Other.

As I said above, the battle lines are drawing up all over the world. Those who believe only in technological fixes, will only create more and similar ecological problems, whatever the outcome of their “fixes”. The solution I propose is not materialist but rather Spiritual/psychological and is one which addresses the underlying problems of the crisis of consciousness.

Traditional spirituality talks about meditation as a way of reaching enlightenment. It is the mystical union with the One, the Divine. But there may be other ways. Many people have predicted, over the centuries, the coming of what they have called Cosmic Consciousness, SuperConsciousness, Universal Enlightenment and what Teilhard de Chardin termed the Omega Point. This is the whole world attaining a new level of spirituality, a new awareness, a new consciousness.

There is a connection here with the discussion above. It is possible that by accepting and integrating within ourselves the manifold identities contained in each one of us, particularly the common identity of sharing in the Godhead, that universality will ensue. Certainly, this is the purpose of Psychosynthesis, Assagioli’s form of psychotherapy, at the level of the individual. In his teaching, the individual becomes a whole person by integrating into a synthesis, these sub-personalities and identities.

This is one possibility, there are many others. Whatever happens, it will be our consciousness being healed, our willingness to love ourselves and everything else, particularly the Other, which will play a major part.

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26 Jan 2008 @ 11:35, by erlefrayne. Sexuality
Love that is stifling, encumbering, or love that consigns one to cul de sacs isn’t true love. Love that is selfish, love that is meant to procure the greatest attention to oneself, love that is Attention Deficit satisficing, love that forces one to accept the Self which in effect rationalizes inaction towards the greater goal of self realization or inner transformation, this is the love that isn’t love but domination, manipulation, conceit, abomination.

Love must be free, love must be liberating for both sexes, love must make lovers move forward in soul evolution. I heard the lines first from one my first philosophers in high school life, John Lennon, in his many songs. “Love is free, free is love!” summarizes his philosophy. I couldn’t but agree with this popular bard.  More >

 Xs and Ys20 comments
picture2 Apr 2005 @ 19:27, by koravya. Sexuality
X-celling Over Men

Published: March 20, 2005

Men are always telling me not to generalize about them.

But a startling new study shows that science is backing me up here.

Research published last week in the journal Nature reveals that women are genetically more complex than scientists ever imagined, while men remain the simple creatures they appear.  More >

 The Bible ? Religion ?
picture 14 Jan 2004 @ 11:35, by scotty. Sexuality
This conversation (taken from the Mediation Room ) came about after my having read about yet another poor woman being murdered - because of family honor !
Family Honor - a question of morality - a belief system ...

I didn't want it to get lost in the rolling dialogue so - here it is here - to be continued perhaps !

************************************************************  More >

 Ecstatic Trance-formation1 comment
picture10 Jan 2004 @ 14:39, by spells. Sexuality
Ecstatic Trance-formation
(The Cosmic Tao of the Sexes)

The purest outpouring of love between the sexes, is as a miniature super-nova of ecstatic union. Reciprocating pleasure becomes the engine that feeds the fires of passion. Passion becomes dynamic fuel for love. It is an engine that runs with the force of a solar furnace, ablaze with the eternal power of Yin and Yang combined. True love is a spiritual hurricane that sweeps away any obstacle in its path, as the ultimate cleansing storm. The spiritual union of male and female is a mutually empowering, self-perpetuating, psychic feast. The only reason that many relationships today are no longer mutually empowering, is because they have forgotten about the real nature of enthusiastic oneness with each other. They have in fact, simply forgotten the ways of nature. It is often overlooked that the mutual will for spiritual growth, fed by passion, can become a singular rapture in the Supreme. Male and Female are in the cosmic sense, the opposite poles of the same magnet. They are the ancient passage of galactic spirals in their motion through the heavens, and the subtle whir of electron and proton. They are the flow of creative forces, one to anotherÂ…a reflection of all the passions of Creation in Nature. Man and woman are the opposite charges of the energy of God. They are the strike of lightning, the motion of wind in fragrant blossoms and the dual strands of all DNA. Unity of man and woman is the Cosmic Tao of the sexes, provoking a spiritual process with no limitations. Through recognizing the Tao of female and male, or in other words, Yin and Yang, two people may raise up together in spiritual ecstasy without bounds or barriers. This is an ultimately potent spiritual path, and a ready engine for mutual ascension.

When we look at the symbol of the Tao, (Yin/Yang) we find two opposite colors merged into a singular, flowing, circular motion. There is a dark half and a light half of the Yin/Yang; representing equal and complimentary forces for all time. Man and woman are equally powerful! They both embody the Cosmic aspects of creation, in ways which are mutually complimentary. Each side of the Tao symbol contains a small portion of its polar opposite, just as there is a small portion of the opposite sex within each of us. This means we each possess the qualities of both sexes, (it is just that certain qualities are emphasized by our Yin or Yang polarity). Yang is known to be more will-oriented, and dynamic in nature. It is eternal motion and cosmic action. Yin on the other hand is receptive, supportive and magnetic. It is eternally stabilizing and of cosmic potentiality. Both Yin and Yang possess the needed qualities for creation and evolution.

In terms of natural law, no sex is above the other. Whenever one is generally overemphasized, the natural harmony is thrown out of balance. This is still the case today in the Western male, (Yang) dominance of society. This excess of Yang on a global level, is a cause for much of the worldsÂ’ problems today. The same would be true of an excess of Yin energy. Both of these forces and their associated qualities must stay in perpetual balance.
Another factor in human misery is the so-called “battle of the sexes”, which is nothing more than a symptom of collective insanity. This self destructive insanity runs deep in Western culture. We are infinitely more than social labels or pathetically limiting roles. The “battle” is entirely fictional, because it is learned behavior. It is our modern task to unlearn it without hesitation. Social, sexual discord is ideological. Our own limited images about what it is to be a man or a woman, do injustice to one another, on the battlefield of our collective unconsciousness. There is no such thing as a naturally occurring battle between the sexes, other than what society has mistakenly created. This is yet another reason we must return to nature and observe natural laws, to maintain our sanity. There is also no such thing as “gender roles” either, other than those dictated by biology. We create these divisions and roles between the sexes at our supreme peril, and to heal the world we must look to the cosmic Tao of male and female. We must do this in remembrance of the natural and cosmic potentials of relationship. When relationship again becomes a place for mutual ascension rather than antagonism, our entire species will be revived into its natural aliveness. This will be paradise re-gained.

There is nothing about the merger of male and female that is not deeply mystical in nature. For in nature, that which is called mystical is simply the daily reality. Mysticism is that quality of consciousness, which is capable of directly perceiving and receiving Truth from the universe. The wise take example from the life-affirmative philosophies of the world, to access their natural mysticism. Like the philosophy of the Tao in ancient China, the age-old practice of Tantra originates from the Vedic texts of India some 6500 years ago. These philosophies owe their merit to a recognition of natural/cosmic principles. Both Tantra and Tao rely on the same universal laws, the foremost of which is the mystical and omnipresent union of Yin and Yang. Some believe that the practice of Tantra is designed for the enhancement of sexual pleasure. Many hold the view that it is merely the use of certain physical postures, or even breathing and awareness practices, that make sex more stimulating. In its true and higher form however, Tantra is not just about the enhancement of orgasms. Having more intense and sweet orgasms with onesÂ’ counterpart, is only a bi-product of right spiritual focus. Even more rewarding are the benefits gained from actually helping each other find higher levels of consciousness. Because the male and female are Cosmic forces, they can aid each other in deeply profound ways, simply through the Intent to do so.
Tantra is actually a form of mutual Kundalini Yoga. In Kundalini the sexual energy at the base of the spine rises to the higher chakras. In so doing it manifests itself as the creative force of greater inner strength, revelation in higher love, symbolic understanding, clarity and spiritual rapture. Spiritually focused sex can accomplish the same thing automatically, with the only difference being that both personsÂ’ energy rises to the higher chakras together. The true and highest focus of Kundalini Yoga, like Tantra, is the gaining of spiritual revelation and personal Mastery. In this way we become more like the Buddha or the Christ. These intentions are given strength through sexual/polar attraction, which is why Tantra is so powerful. Anyone who can have sex can begin to practice Tantra, or in other words, mutual ascension. Anyone who has ever experienced pleasure can transform sexual knowledge beyond mere sensual enjoyment, into the wisdom of spiritual unfoldment. That is not to say that the power of the Tao or Yin/Yang can only be accessed through sex. It is just that sex is a very accessible path, a graphic example of what potentials await with onesÂ’ counterpart. Also there is no great need to understand the chakras to do Tantra, though this experiential knowledge helps a great deal. All one needs to begin is a reverence for their polar opposite, and a high respect for the cosmic nobility inherent in the opposite sex. With this respect in place, the cosmic Tao of Yin and Yang begins to be accessed.
Kundalini Yoga notes the fact that the first chakra, or sexual energy at the base of the spine, is the basis for all our other expenditures of energy. Sexual energy is the foundation for love energy, communication, mental stamina and spiritual stability. Sex creates what we call pleasure, but pleasure is actually first chakra energy resonating at a higher frequency or vibration. Having pleasure is thus a way to raise the vibration of body, mind and spirit. Having sex is the sharing of pleasure, (high vibration) as a mutual alignment or resonance of the first chakras. It is also a trading of energy, mutual awareness and Intent. The same may be said of love at the level of the heart or fourth chakra. As a spiritual rule, each of the seven chakras or energy centers of the body, are founded upon the preceding chakras, and their related functions. All the chakras are based upon the first at the base of the spine, (which includes the legs, sexual organs, and hips) in a way that can be visualized as a pyramid. The first chakra is the pyramidsÂ’ broad and strong base, and each of the six chakras above are as the smaller steps built upon it.

The following table reflects the location of all the chakras in the body. All of these are centered upon the spine, or are in direct alignment with it:

First feet, legs, hips, sexual organs, tailbone
Second lower back, intestines
Third lower back area, stomach
Fourth Upper back, heart, lungs, including the arms and hands
Fifth Throat, neck, upper shoulders, base of head, lower brain
Sixth Forehead, and mid-brain/occipital lobe, (back of head)
Seventh Crown and upper region of the back of the head

A truly wholistic relationship with ones counterpart implies relating to them at all levels, sexually, lovingly, mentally and spiritually. To put this in a more esoteric way, would be to say that a holistic relationship includes the exchange of positive energy, awareness and intent through each chakra. The chakras are psychic transmitters and receivers. As a general rule, whatever we feel in any part of the body, (chakra) is transmitted psychically to the corresponding area or chakra in the people around us. Upon entering a relationship with another, particularly a loving and/or sexual one, there is a great amount of psychic exchange going on. This is easily felt. ALL PEOPLE WITHOUT EXCEPTION have felt such psychic effects from others. This means that in sex our pleasure is psychically transmitted to our counterpart and vice versa. This is also true of any other feeling or state of consciousness. Love is also transmitted, (which is commonly known) but what is not commonly realized, is that all the chakras constantly send and receive every state of being imaginable. The human being is like a seven-band radio tower, which broadcasts on each band simultaneously.

Tantra then, usually starts at the first chakra or the base of the “chakra pyramid”. Practitioners of this art aim to increase sexual pleasure with each other, and to amplify their sheer mutual attraction. Few people will deny that intense sexual feeling is not desirable. But when it is used with spiritual progression in mind, pleasure then becomes a doorway into higher states of being. In this view, sex is seen as a vehicle for greater things. Pleasure becomes like a booster engine, to propel two people into the higher altitudes of spiritual love and rapture. As with all things in life, Intent is the primary key to generate this magickal event. In the case of most people, their Intent while having sex, is just to enjoy stimulation or perhaps mutual pleasure. But if one uses the intent to be loving while having that enjoyment, not only is the pleasure increased, but the love focused upon is also empowered by the already high, pleasure-vibration. In this sense, the Tao of sexual union becomes a mutual meditation, upon both pleasure and love simultaneously. This is as simple as feeling pleasure in the first chakra, and love in the fourth chakra at the same time, and is truly not a very esoteric act. For those couples with even higher aspirations, a third element or Intent can be added, which is spiritual rapture, felt in the seventh chakra, or crown of the head. Again, this crown chakra focus is similar to the raising of chi in Kundalini Yoga, and can have identical or even greater spiritual effects. The seventh chakra is also the one which is most closely attuned to the soul. This is where we most commonly receive messages and influence from the soul, or true/higher self. When two people focus upon each other while holding an awareness of their seventh chakras, they begin to experience what may be called a “soulic communion” that can be most exquisite. So in essence, sex need not only be for the sake of first chakra exchange or pleasure. It can also be a way to align psychc energies and Intent with one another, at the levels of pleasure/orgasm, love/reverence, and rapture/soulic communion, (first, fourth and seventh chakras respectively). This is but one good approach to a Taoistic union of man and woman.

The observant person will notice that pleasure during sex increases or decreases according to the thoughts one is having. Behind every thought there is also a corresponding intent. For every intent we hold, there is a corresponding psychic effect created. So for the sake of our own pleasure, and also the pleasure of our counterpart, Intent is a consideration that is very relevant. It is always worthwhile to prove this point to yourself by watching how enjoyment, or any other condition of life, is profoundly influenced by the intent held each moment. The Intent used by the modern person during sex is very often a selfish one. This is to say they seek pleasure only for themselves, even at the expense of their partner. Another common Intent used during sex is what might be called “psychic vampirism” which is also seen in ALL other social circumstances as well. Psychic vampirism is the practice of taking energy from others, just as a parasite takes energy from the host creature it lives within. In truth this is to be rightly considered a relatively hostile act, because it can render very damaging physical, mental and emotional effects on the victim. Because sex is an extremely dynamic exchange of energy, it is also an excellent opportunity for the psychic vampire to draw away energy from the unsuspecting. Such acts constitute poor intent and a general ignorance of what a focus on unity and mutual empowerment is capable of. Psychic vampirism is the opposite of the intent of spiritual progression. A more appropriate intent is one which is simply neutral and not psychically aggressive. Sex under such an Intent is also fairly common, and its benefits are “hit and miss” or random, depending upon the “mood” of the participants. The most progressive intent however, is one which seeks the greatest enjoyment and benefit for each person, without limit. With this intent in place, especially in a spiritual context, there is literally no limit to the level of enjoyment and consciousness that can take place between female and male. This is the mutual ascension of Yin and Yang as One.

Mutual, progressive Intent creates correspondingly higher and higher states of consciousness. When this intent is employed during sex, it becomes what might be described as a form of mutual worship. In this way, one approaches the opposite sex with reverence, as one might enter into a truly sacred temple in which only the purest thoughts and feelings in the adoration of God are to be formed. When this Intent is mutually held, a psychic reciprocation of a very high vibratory level is set up. Pleasure, love and rapture travel back and forth with increasing tempo. As a woman is raised by a mans spiritual adoration, her state of consciousness is elevated. This can be particularly true during sex, because sex tends to opens all of the chakras and encourages strong energy flow. From this raised position, a woman can then raise her mansÂ’ level of consciousness even more. When this occurs he gains even more personal power. With greater personal power he raises her again, and so forth, without limitation. With disciplined focus, such a technique can be used to proceed to higher and higher levels of consciousness, or in other words, degrees of mutual enlightenment. [Naturally, such things can also be done without the sexual act.] This process may also be known as mutual ascension and is among the more noble of the Tantric practices. Sex under these conditions need not necessarily include orgasm, or it may delay orgasm for long periods until a glorious finale is achieved together. The very spiritually minded may choose the no-orgasm form of this practice even while having sex, and simply keep increasing each othersÂ’ vibratory and energy levels indefinitely. In this practice a great deal of physical movement is not generally encouraged, and it may take the form of group-mind meditation and deep, subtle, mutual feeling. Such practices may also include very dynamic sex and a great deal of physical movement, for the sake of increasing the intensity of pleasure, or it may alternate between these two extremes. But regardless of the technique, the higher focuses of love, rapture and mutual raising should always be a strong consideration, in order to gain the best Tantric benefits.

The practice commonly known as “sex magick” also functions upon the same psychic principles as Tantra and certain Kundalini focuses. Very often orgasm is used to “send” an intention out into the environment, (or to another person/group locally) with the effect of rendering the desired results. This is one form of what is commonly known as a “spell”, (or the casting thereof). A couple may Intentionally “cast a spell” on each other in this way for mutual benefit. Any strong feeling such as orgasm can be used as an ideal “carrier wave”, (which transmits an intention) and this fact is made particularly potent when a visualization is also held at the same time. A couple may send their orgasm to each other simply by the intent to do so. A visualization of surrounding ones’ counterpart with pleasure and spiritual benefit at the peak of pleasure is even more useful. [Visualization founded upon an Intent is known as a thoughtform, which then becomes a psychic/occult force that moves to the destination the sender was focused upon, at the moment of its creation] Interestingly, orgasm can also be sent out to the entire world, (with the globe being visualized as seen from space). The intent employed can be that the sexual peak, (high vibration) be used to raise world consciousness. A couple using this intent is employing a very beneficial and advanced level of sex magick! In most cases though, a couple will want to simply raise each other to unknown heights.

In all intimate relations, there exists a high degree of vulnerability, particularly at the psychic level. To accomplish high Tantra, each person must open themselves completely to the other without reservation. This makes them suseptible to not only positive vibration and Intent, but also potentially damaging feelings of pain or fear, even though every desire is in place to make the “Taoistic fusion” work. Each person must be prepared to release pain and fear in this practice, and to absorb such vibrations from their counterpart. The greater mastery involved here, is to not be overwhelmed by these destructive emotions, and to transmute or transform them into love, clarity and ecstasy. Thus, psychic alignment with another can not only be rewarding, but also require a good deal of patience and spiritual work. It is therefore useful to employ the intent of spiritual ministry when aligning with another in this way, which is essentially no different than extending positive feelings or council to someone in pain. To accomplish this we must also be able to transmute our own pain and fear into higher vibrations/intentions. It is useful to mentally prepare ourselves for the necessary state of being, that is open and freely giving. If we are not capable of this, then how can we expect it from another? So let the thought of High Tantra motivate you to do some inner transformation and spiritual preparation. The more we raise our individual vibration and Intent, the more we have to offer our sacred counterpart.

In the modern context the phrase, “making love” is a bit misleading to say the least. In this context the usual case is not the making of love, but the making of pleasure and sheer sensation. But in Western culture this trend is not particularly surprising, since love and pleasure are no longer distinguished from one another. Most assume that love is the feeling that results from the gratitude of the body, (cells) as a result of sexual pleasure and polar balancing. But this should not in any way be confused with love. When “making love” the focus should be in honest fact, exactly that, a mutual, inner focus on the unified enhancement of higher and higher love states. Even better is “making rapture”, a mutual focus on the communion of souls in bodies, whose primary Intent is the merger of Cosmic Forces, (yin and yang). Again, all of these “rewards” are gained by the right focusing of Intent. The intent to gain spiritual communion with another is essentially the same as the intent to gain pleasure, in that each are only a matter of decision. When we decide to take on a spiritual focus, this conscious universe in which we live rewards us with the sweet fruits of truthful living. This is what is known as “living in accord with natural law” because spiritual progress is evolutionary, just like nature.

Thus, the most lasting and satisfying relationships are based upon a spiritual intention, first and foremost. By focusing on the spiritual together, we serve a higher cause than the mere satisfaction of small, personal aims. Spiritual cause becomes the source of mutual unity and action, providing greater empowerment at all levels of body, mind and spirit. Such a focus tends to preclude the usual emotional leaning upon one another, in the ignorant hope that onesÂ’ counterpart can take up the slack in onesÂ’ own life. This attitude is the most common recipe for disaster and disappointment. As responsible spiritual practitioners, we do not take our weaknesses to our mate like a begging bowl is presented for alms. We take our strengths and aspirations to our lover/friend, in the wise knowledge that what is given, is also received. This is the Karma of relationship, and it is an unavoidable principle of natural law.

A spiritual lover is not a refuge from the world in which to hide. They are an opportunity for growth and sheer bliss in the unity of progressive intent. Our love for another can be as the fresh thrill of awe, during a clear spring day in the deepest woods. Our mutual adoration is as the stirring of deep celestial energies in the midst of the creation of all things. Our counterpart can be the very presence of God incarnated, in a passion-filled, spiritual alliance.

In mutual pleasure we are filled with ecstatic life. In mutual love we begin to radiate a signal of pure, crystalline grace to a world in pain and need of spiritual ministry. In mutual rapture, we are raised together into the bliss of angelic realms, and the abode of the Masters of all time. We become the seers and prophets of cosmic design, and can speak therefrom with experience. Such perspective adds clearer meaning to the term “soulmate”. Let us not underestimate this opportunity in the Tao! Let us seek only the highest in ourselves and each other, thereby fulfilling the very Plan of Creation!

Matthew Webb

The World Mind Society [link]

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 Suicide Girls32 comments
picture 30 Dec 2003 @ 17:07, by ming. Sexuality
From George Dafermos' weblog:
"This is a blog unlike others. some pretty nice girls pose without their clothes driving us mad. great business model too: there are a few pics available online but they're just teasers; if you wanna see the real thing, the actual hardcore stuff, you have to buy a subscription. and it seems this revenue stream keeps them afloat as they are on my radar for quite some time now. chat rooms, member pages, and the occassional event are also part of the seduction game.

I'm not sure whether i did well blogging this since i'm already involved in a project related to Suicide Girls, but what the hell...No, i'm not doing any porn sites; in our case the use of nude pics is put to the service of expanding contemporary perceptions of culture and society..basically, how the human body with all its scars, tattooos, piercing, etc. is perceived by different cults, communities and how the outer skin affects human relationships and popular culture."
OK, I just needed an excuse for posting the picture of the cute colorful girls. But I'm all for expanding the contemporary perceptions of culture and society. And, yes, there actually are porn sites with integrity, done by people who enjoy what they're doing, and that actually provide an honest service to people who go there, as well as contributing something to the richness of our culture. Although I wouldn't have guessed that from the contents of my junkmail folder.  More >

 Women Needed to Test Orgasm Machine14 comments
2 Dec 2003 @ 12:08, by raypows. Sexuality
Women Needed to Test Orgasm Machine
LONDON (Reuters)

No, really. An American surgeon who has patented a device that triggers an orgasm has begun a clinical trial approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States and is looking for female volunteers.

"I thought people would be beating my door down to become part of the trial," pain specialist Dr Stuart Meloy told New Scientist magazine on Wednesday.

But so far only one woman has completed the first stage of the trial, with apparently breathtaking results, and a second has agreed to take part.

Meloy, of Piedmont Anesthesia and Pain Consultants in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is hoping to find eight more volunteers willing to have electrodes inserted in their spine and be connected to a pacemaker-size machine implanted under the skin to heighten their sexual pleasure.

The married woman who tested the machine, dubbed an orgasmatron, had not had an orgasm for four years. But during the nine days she used it, she had several.

"She even told me she had the first multiple orgasm of her life using the device," said Meloy.

He stumbled on the unexpected side-effect while using a spinal cord stimulator a few years ago to treat a patient suffering with severe back pain. The woman had already had back surgery for degenerative disk disease and fusion surgery.

When Meloy placed the electrodes into a specific spot on her spine to find nerve bundles carrying pain signals to the brain, she moaned with delight.

"You're going to have to teach my husband how to do that," he quoted her as saying.

The tiny impulses of electricity applied to the electrodes seemed to have turned on the patient's orgasm button.

Although the device has been compared to the orgasmatron featured in the 1973 Woody Allen film "Sleeper," Meloy envisions patients using it temporarily to retrain their sexual response.

The women in the trial described it as "really excellent foreplay."

Although some medical experts are skeptical about the procedure and say a vibrator can produce the same results, Meloy believes it could help to improve sexual response in women who cannot have orgasms and might even help men as well.

A full implant of the device would cost about 13,000 pounds ($22,000).

"I don't see it any differently from procedures such as breast implants," Meloy told the magazine.  More >

 Tantra versus sexuality
2 Aug 2002 @ 15:12, by sindy. Sexuality
Deep teachings.. of cosmos fragrance  More >

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