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 Updated: Does the sun live?9 comments
picture20 Feb 2003 @ 08:36, by bushman. Space Exploration
Here's what the scientists say about Comet NEAT. Also a rebutle, of all the rumors, that there is some kind of cover-up about about this peticular Comet.

I personaly agree with what the scientists say in this artical, except, there is this statement, at the above link.

"Adding to scientific excitement during the comet's trip around the Sun was a chance event in which a solar eruption, called a coronal mass ejection (CME), appeared to hit the comet on Feb. 17. SOHO captured the interaction, something scientists had not witnessed before. A kink appeared to propagate down the comet's tail, which astronomers say is energized, or ionized."

This statement is false and skirts the issue again, as I see it. Look thru the archives listed below, there are tons of pic's of this very thing going back years. Also they mention the kink in the tail when the CME hits it. They dont't even elude to the idea, that the presure put on the tail by the CME, also had to of hit the main body of the comet first. How much CME pressure would it take to move a Comet? What I do know from landscaping is that a small mistake at one end of a line translates into a real big one at the other. So even if the CME moved the Comet a micron, and the Comet being in such a long orbit of 37,000 years, the Comets orbit would be changed at the other end.


I think the sun does live and has sences. Sounds strange to most, but, I've been going to the SOHO website for 6 years now, every day. I have noticed this action between the sun and comets. The big thing is that the sun will spit solar mass at the incoming comet. No one at SOHO has even mentioned this phenomina. Probably because they know we are in an area of space that has more cometary trafic? Anyway check it out, there are archives to see just how many comets have rounded the sun in full view of the SOHO satilite, and in all those pictures, they chose to save them under CME, coronal mass ejections, they say it's a random happening, yet in every CME picture there is a comet. Are they Hiding something? Here's the artical that promted me to say something, and 2 SOHO sites to check it out.

A better page is.

This is the daily pictures site, you can use the controls they give you to look at pictures through out the years here to. The easy way is to just change the date on the end of the URL in the browser window, much faster too.

This is the archives of quicktime movies of the sun. One in peticular is a video of 2 comets rounding the sun at the same time, and makes it very obvious that the sun not only spits at them, but can accualy change the comets trajectory by doing this spitting thing. Science has yet to address this intersting happening, or maybe just don't want to tell us. I personaly belive our solar system is entering a high traffic zone in our orbit around our galactic center.

This is the daily realtime movies area.
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 Space is our Destiny2 comments
picture2 Feb 2003 @ 15:32, by craiglang. Space Exploration
An earlier newslog article makes the claim that the Columbia disaster might be the end of the US Space Program. But somehow I doubt it. I believe that space is our destiny. And I also believe that the USA will remain a part of that destiny. Whether it is alone or in partnership, we WILL continue. We will bear the risks, and we will learn the lessons of being on the leading edge of exploration.  More >

 Mars Base or Native Ruins?9 comments
11 Nov 2002 @ 20:22, by bushman. Space Exploration
As you know, I have been following an ancciant trail, a path traveled by the gods, maybe. As the truth of our past shyly or slyly shows itself. Now we know why there was chariots for the gods, since they lived on Mars, maybe. Something big happened not just here on Earth, but the entire solar system. I heard an interview the other night with an astronaught, he said that space had a smell, the smell of burnt gun powder. They smell it when they come back into the air lock and on thier space suits. I've seen pictures of the dark side of the moon, soot covered craters and lots of them. I've seen proof that Mars was probably a Moon, because of it's shape. Now heres the rest of the story, ask an architect to look at a satilite picture of some native american ruins, lol. Then after he is done, have him draw the ruins in 3d from what he sees from the sat pic, then for fun tell him when he is done that it was a sat pic from Mars, then see the look on his face, lol. Now heres a sat pic, of some ruins near Flagstaff Arizona. [link]

Now, go to this site, I think you will see the connection or was that direction, lol.

Now heres some of the story writen in stone, litraly.
What is important on this page is the first 2 pics. The NASA pic of the cosmic radiation on Mars as it relates to human life. The areas in red are not safe for human life or life in genral as we know it anyway, due to high radiation. The pic next to it, is a native american drawing, notice the circle in the center of the sun. this pic was in some rooms that look more like class rooms than apartments, as the forest service claims. Why do I know this? Simple the native teachers used a speaker stone as did the elders, each room had its own speaker stone on the floor. Usualy you find these speaker stones in elder circles, they would pass the stone around, and if anyone had anything to say they could while they had the stone, other wise they could not speak till they had the stone. More proof that these ruins where class rooms was that the drawings got more involved from one room to another.

Let's see just one more that caught my eye today, well 2 if you count the new MJ12 documents that have surfaced from the depths of the freedom of information act. But just this one is enough to top this story off. :}
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 Microbes in Antarctica vs. on Mars0 comments
picture21 Jan 2002 @ 14:05, by ming. Space Exploration
Microbes have been found thriving well deep underground in Antarctica at minus 30-35 degrees Celsius. Now, normally life as we know it (which doesn't say a whole lot) requires the presence of liquid water. And what goes on there is that there's a very high concentration of salt, which keeps the water liquid much below where it would normally freeze. Most life forms would not be able to live in that salt either, but these microbes have adjusted. So, the thought there is that they might just as well survive under similar conditions on Mars.  More >

 Mining on the Moon0 comments
picture26 Nov 2001 @ 19:24, by ming. Space Exploration
According to this Yahoo article a group of private companies are looking towards starting mining operations on the moon within 10 years. Lots of things they haven't sorted out yet, though. The 1979 U.N. Moon Treaty stipulates that any wealth obtained from the moon by any space-faring nation must be distributed to all the people of the world. Hey, that sounds great. But the treaty was never ratified by the actual spacefaring nations like U.S. and Russia.  More >

 NASA Mars Research Fails
26 Nov 2001 @ 11:40, by sindy. Space Exploration
Group Says NASA Mars Research Fails
By PAUL RECER, AP Science Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - A group of researchers say NASA (news - web sites) scientists have failed to prove their contention that a Mars meteorite contains evidence of ancient microbial life on the Red Planet.  More >

 China wants to go to the moon0 comments
24 Nov 2001 @ 17:55, by ming. Space Exploration
China is firing up its space program, is planning on manned space flights by 2005, and eventually go to the moon. Article here. It is rather strange that other moon programs were dropped, so it is about time that we can have some public scrutiny of what is really there.

 Budget Satellite Launched and Functioning0 comments
picture11 Nov 2001 @ 05:18, by ming. Space Exploration
A satellite made by some students in a Naval Academy, for far less than the usual cost, using mostly components from Radio Shack, has been launched and is still working well, serving radio amateurs across the world. Even its builders are somewhat surprised that it worked. Instead of a $50,000 antenna system, the group used a metal tape measure. See article.  More >

 Ballooning into Space7 comments
picture9 Nov 2001 @ 03:54, by ming. Space Exploration
Some adventurous people are planning to fly in a balloon 132,000 feet into space next summer. Sitting in spacesuits in open air armchairs hanging under the balloon. Up where its pitch black and you can see whole countries in one look. See here: [link]  More >

 Asteroid's mystery 'blue ponds'
picture17 Oct 2001 @ 16:14, by sindy. Space Exploration
Mystified and excited

After a fly-by of asteroid Mathilde in 1997, Near-Shoemaker became the first spaceprobe to orbit an asteroid.  More >

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