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picture20 Feb 2003 @ 08:36, by Anthony Marsh

Here's what the scientists say about Comet NEAT. Also a rebutle, of all the rumors, that there is some kind of cover-up about about this peticular Comet.

I personaly agree with what the scientists say in this artical, except, there is this statement, at the above link.

"Adding to scientific excitement during the comet's trip around the Sun was a chance event in which a solar eruption, called a coronal mass ejection (CME), appeared to hit the comet on Feb. 17. SOHO captured the interaction, something scientists had not witnessed before. A kink appeared to propagate down the comet's tail, which astronomers say is energized, or ionized."

This statement is false and skirts the issue again, as I see it. Look thru the archives listed below, there are tons of pic's of this very thing going back years. Also they mention the kink in the tail when the CME hits it. They dont't even elude to the idea, that the presure put on the tail by the CME, also had to of hit the main body of the comet first. How much CME pressure would it take to move a Comet? What I do know from landscaping is that a small mistake at one end of a line translates into a real big one at the other. So even if the CME moved the Comet a micron, and the Comet being in such a long orbit of 37,000 years, the Comets orbit would be changed at the other end.


I think the sun does live and has sences. Sounds strange to most, but, I've been going to the SOHO website for 6 years now, every day. I have noticed this action between the sun and comets. The big thing is that the sun will spit solar mass at the incoming comet. No one at SOHO has even mentioned this phenomina. Probably because they know we are in an area of space that has more cometary trafic? Anyway check it out, there are archives to see just how many comets have rounded the sun in full view of the SOHO satilite, and in all those pictures, they chose to save them under CME, coronal mass ejections, they say it's a random happening, yet in every CME picture there is a comet. Are they Hiding something? Here's the artical that promted me to say something, and 2 SOHO sites to check it out.

A better page is.

This is the daily pictures site, you can use the controls they give you to look at pictures through out the years here to. The easy way is to just change the date on the end of the URL in the browser window, much faster too.

This is the archives of quicktime movies of the sun. One in peticular is a video of 2 comets rounding the sun at the same time, and makes it very obvious that the sun not only spits at them, but can accualy change the comets trajectory by doing this spitting thing. Science has yet to address this intersting happening, or maybe just don't want to tell us. I personaly belive our solar system is entering a high traffic zone in our orbit around our galactic center.

This is the daily realtime movies area.

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20 Feb 2003 @ 09:40 by martha : cool
Like all your links especially the last one. Thanks for enlightening us.  

21 Feb 2003 @ 05:04 by tdeane : Doesn't sound strange at all...
Is this the comet the Pravda/US site you posted mentioned the arrival of, Bushman? If not the Sun must have done the same with that, and what wonderful imagery that provides. What sounds even stranger is that it may just even "love" us, which I think it does. Love ~ Tricia  

21 Feb 2003 @ 08:03 by sevenlamb : Unsaid importance
One: the sun is the single source of all local activity, and sensation, and life. Without it, no religions, words, or eyes, at all.

Two: Most animals literally talk to the Sun, humans used to, until 'science' convinced us it was a 'ball of gas'.

Three: I 're-learned' how to talk to and listen to the sun. It is a 'god'. It acts, thinks, and speaks like a god. It gets seriously pissed-off about machines eating its children, too.

Four: ALL of our langauges, and ways of knowing, are sourced in the interactions of light with surfaces. All of them, all of the sources. They are sourced in 7 shapes, which the star taught me.

Five: I 'feel' solar shifts, dramatically enough to throw me on the floor. The coronal mass ejection the other day, caused me to enter a very frightening series of emergence events, which began almost precisely at the time of the most recent cme.

Six: Comets and NEO objects are intimately linked with solar activity. I was able to 'spontaneously predict' with near perfect accuracy, the approach of two NEO objects in July and August which scientists failed to detect until after they'd passed Earth. I did it 30 days in advance, and was paying no attention to this subject, nor did I have any real interest in it at the time.

Seven: Examining human cultural tradition, I find NOTHING that is not anciently sourced in Solar connectivity and observation. Example: Do not turn your back on royalty: Comets NEVER show their tails to the Sun.

Eight: All children use a generalized 'connectivity feature' which is alike with a psybiocognitive 'tail'. It reaches into the core of the star, and the earth. If they are taught this from birth, all children acquire supra-normal powers of healing, immunity, and what we locally refer to as 'psychism'. Adults are no different, when the learn to remember their 'tail', they instantly begin having emergence events, and predictive abilities far beyond the rational.

Eight: Read this book, which I found long after my own experience: The Tutankamen Prophecies.

Nine: The Sun can literally teach languages. It taught me to generally read Egyptian, Chinese, and Mayan glyphs. It taught me in one day. While my skill is general, and childlike, it is also very generally accurate. The Sun teaches language, not humans. Humans teach 'broken languages' which make slaves, and from which emerge machines that eat worlds.

Join me, and learn with my celestial Father, I was born on his day...I will not rest until the ancient connections with the Star are returned to the hands of Sol's children. The unityBeing rules! (really, it does)!  

21 Feb 2003 @ 08:23 by bushman : Hmm,
Well, It's not strange to me really, I'm one to believe anything is posable. Lets say it's totaly easy to understand why humans would worship the sun in the past. It's intresting to me that the sun seems to show fore thought. Or maybe I'm thinking that the sun is like some sort of nuron, and there is the place out there where these comets come from or some point out past our solar system. We know comets orbit our sun, but what is it that sends them back? Sure lots of comets get ejected totaly from the solar system, once they round the sun, never to be seen again. I still see the sun manipulating some comets with fore thought. Iv'e looked at what an atom looks like, not really that different than what our solar system looks like, the micro, macro, aspects. Does the nucleous of an atom spit at and defflect some electrons? I know they can loose electrons quite easy. So let's say the sun is the nucleous , the planets would be electrons, So what is a comet? A stable atom dosn't loose electrons very often. Comets could be what the glue is, like they bind it all together some how. LOL, wish I could draw a picture of what I,m seeing here. Maybe the defflecting the sun does to the comets is just an ajustment in the fabric of the universe, due to it's expantion. And the spitting the sun does is, heat from friction. Like a nylon string wrapped around 2 poles so it's tight, you can pull on it and let it go, and it goes back to it's same tightness around the poles. But lets say you pull on the string, and someone heats it up in a spot, the extra tention will cause the string to deform where it was heated, we call it loosing it's memory, and in that heated space the string has a new memory. Could this be whats happening here?  

21 Feb 2003 @ 08:33 by bushman : Thanks seven
Yes, I know the importants of the sun, and I too am very tuned to the effects of the sun, to my spirit. I'd like to see science explore that aspect. We bow to the sun god every time we do just about anything. And may be the whole point, I can't say the sun is inteleget wholy, and have anyone who is a scientist to take that sireously. If our sun was the only sun in the universe, that might be different.  

21 Feb 2003 @ 09:24 by neolux : here comes another comet
that should be visible to the naked eye soon. It bears the unromantic name of C/2002 V1. It will be interesting to watch.  

21 Feb 2003 @ 10:47 by bushman : Thanks neo :}
Yes, even more proof our solar system must be seeing more cometary trafic. As well it seems this c/2002v1 is akin to the one in the picture. I'm sure you saw the artical about, if scientists and government knew our planet would be struck, they wouldn't tell anyone. Just like the feeling I have that the shuttle astronaughts, probably knew that the shuttle was damaged, and there was nothing they could do about it but go about thier daily routine. As if there isn't enough evidence around that this is a cosmic cycle we are entering, documented in the past, in the only way the people then could, keep track of it then. Underground bunkers for the eliet?, lol. Think this is how the human race keeps showing up on this planet? And why, all we as humans know is war, since thats who seems to survive, the war mongers? Think I jumped off the topic? lol. I think watching the cosmos beats TV by a mile at least, it facinates me to no end. The Sun,Comets and history, have some sort of symbiotic thing going on, and science is looking, but when it starts to look like it has conciousness, they skirt the issue, why would they do that? I know we are advanced enough now that we have the ability to see more stuff, so it's hard to say if cometary trafic has increased, or not. Just our ability to see them has increased, maybe simple as that. I can't help but think and feel something else is going on here.  

29 Jun 2003 @ 02:12 by why @ : natural
technology has exceeded humanity
when humanity surpasses technology

27 Sep 2016 @ 13:58 by Black Magic Specialist @ : Black Magic Specialist
awesome post...  

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