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picture31 Oct 2015 @ 03:51, by sreevatsa. Space Exploration
SPACE COSMOLOGY VEDAS -KNOWLEDGE BASE. HOW TO INTRODUCE THE SUBJECTS BOOKS : COSMOLOGY VEDAS INTERLINKS-BY DR VIDYARDHI NANDURI 1993-2015 . BOOKS AVAILABLE [Search LULU Bookstore- ebooks and Paperbacks] HOW TO INTRODUCE THE SUBJECT- PROJECTION SPACE COSMOLOGY VEDAS INTERLINKS-KNOWLEDGE BASE-WORLD PEACE Dr Vidyardhi Nanduri promotes the Unity in Science and Philosophy for Cosmology World Peace Presently Cosmology is undergoing REVISION and BIG-BANG, Singularity, LHC Dark Matter, DARK ENERGY and Black-holes are all under question. Evolution needs to catch up with creation. String theory has origins to Cosmic Dance of Lord SIVA. Space-Cosmologists and Particle Physics groups are searching TOE-THEORY OF EVERYTHING. These books provide search links, routes and many COSMOS QUESTIONS and COSMOLOGY DEFINITION that form links to COSMOS YOGA SERIES as follow-up. PURPOSE OF INTERLINKS: 1. The Science of Philosophy: Divinity, Vedas, Upanishads, Temples and Cosmos Yoga 2. Philosophy of Science : Plasmas, Electro-magnetic fields and Cosmology 3. Resource : Source, Fields and Flows,Reflectors,3-Tier Consciousness 4. Noble Cause : Human-Being, Environment, Divine Nature and Harmony INSPIRATION: Sree [1008] Seetharama Yathindrulu.Pedamuttevi- MUMUKSHUVU-PEETHAM DEDICATION: Lord of Seven Hills: Sree Padmavathi-Sreenivasa, Tirumala-Tirupathi, S. India BOOKS AVAILABLE THROUH LULU Information: CONCENTRATION-MEDITATION-DEDICATION -KEYS FOR PROGRESS-INDEX JNANAM SPACE COSMOLOGY VEDAS INTERLINKS © Vidyardhi Nanduri Edit Summary: space-Cosmology World Peace,Cosmology Definition,Ancient Texts Cosmology, Cosmogony, Space Science, Philosophy,consciousness, interlink fields, alternate cosmology, cosmology-vedas, Cosmology Interlinks, Space Exploration, Knowledge Expansion,Question Big-Bang, GOD-Particle, ORIGINS, Remove Cosmos Anarchy, Reduce Cosmic Confusion, Search cause-Effect,Cosmos Quest  More >

25 Jun 2007 @ 22:05, by a-d. Space Exploration

I'm posting this because so much expresses thoughts, that have been popping up in my mind lately as well!

Thought of the day from June 20, 2007


June 20, 2007 posting ... almost the first day of official summer ... actually june 21st should be the MIDDLE of summer as it is the longest day of the year ... just a quick comment .. turns out the queen (excuse me ... the elderly lady that lives in england that calls herself the queen) attended her own birthday party but remember that if and when the real act goes down ... little qweeny (not mispelled) will bolt from england ... jim mccanney

thought of the day from June 15, 2007

June 15, 2007 posting ... after looking at the "facts" ... the gov agencies all moving to the center of the country ... just imagine ... the incredible detail of just moving all the computer and communications equipment ... these types of items do not move or travel well and is an extremely complex job ... just from this fact it tells you that this "move" has been anticipated and planned for a LONG time which tells you that someone has known for a LONG time that something was going to happen ... is it a natural event or are they planning to simulate a "natural event" ... Katrina worked well to move populations so how about the following scenario which i actually have talked about in the past on radio shows ... imagine someone setting nuclear charges off the west coast of the canary islands to create underwater land slides (on already fragile volcanic rift zones) in the eastern pacific and creating a massive man made tsunami that before anyone could awake and move ... would wipe out the population of the entire eastern USA and they could blame it on a natural event ... and also it would do considerable damage to england (thus the queen's visit to the USA to take residence in the tunnel systems) ... has anyone noticed goddard scientists moving to new locations ... this would be another "indicator" ... the key to understanding is the mass movement of US security agencies prior to the alleged "event" ... in a real natural event there would be no such preparations would there ??? kind of like bill clinton contacting donald trump 2 weeks before katrina hit new orleans to get donald's investment ok to rebuild certain parts of downtown new orleans ... i am quite tired tonight so with this thought i will go for some much needed rest ... the past weeks have been very taxing ... talk to you in the morning ... and keep an eye out for the new somewhat revised web page (same content and rules but with a menu driven front page) ... jim mccanney  More >

 Mars cave11 comments
picture 26 May 2007 @ 02:26, by ming. Space Exploration
Closeup of one of several likely openings into recently dicovered underground caverns on Mars. This one is 100 meters wide.
At its highest resolution of 25 centimeters per pixel, the HiRISE camera can see the detailed shape of the slightly scalloped edge of a hole on the flank of Mars' Arsia Mons (left), but no amount of image enhancement (right) can bring out any further details inside the hole. That means that the walls of the cave are overhanging -- the cave is larger below the ground than the entrance we can see at the surface -- and that it is very deep. Mars' dusty atmosphere produces enough scattered light that "skylight" would illuminate the floor of a shallow cavern well enough for HiRISE to detect it.

The hope for the HiRISE images was that we could see some details from inside the hole. But as you can see by the highly stretched version at right, there is absolutely nothing visible inside that hole. It's black black black black black. HiRISE is a very sensitive instrument, and Mars' dusty atmosphere scatters quite a bit of light around, so there is certainly light entering that cave hole and bouncing around the interior. But it seems that the cave is so big and so deep that almost none of the light that enters the cave comes out. It's deep, and it's big; the hole that we see really is just a skylight on a big subterranean room. How big? We'll never know for sure without visiting it, but I expect that Cushing and his coauthors and the HiRISE team will be crunching the numbers on the illumination conditions and the sensitivity of the camera to put a lower limit on how deep that cave must be for HiRISE to be able to see nothing at all inside it.

Think about that. All these orbiters at Mars, and most of them are just seeing the surface and atmosphere. To be sure, there are two instruments up there -- MARSIS on Mars Express and SHARAD on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter -- that are probing the shape of the subsurface with ground-penetrating radar. But neither of those instruments have the resolution necessary to tell us what the inside of this cave looks like. It might as well be in the greatest depths of space. Here there be dragons. What's down there? Are there stalactites and stalagmites and crystals, or is it just a vast open room or tunnel?
Yeah, might just be something boring, like a parking garage.  More >

28 May 2006 @ 18:01, by sreevatsa. Space Exploration
COSMOLOGY: Revision; principles; Function; Models; Inter-link Science; Inter-link Philosophy; origins; cosmology in Vedas ; Directional search ; Celestial Index: Celestial Phenomena: Multi-dimensional approach INTER-LINKS: Science; Philosophy; Galaxies; Universe; Plasmas; Electro-magnetic fields; Log-scale Cosmos MAGNETIC FIELDS: ISM; Magnetic fields; Universe; Orientation; Inter-links Electromagnetic Phenomena ENERGY: Concepts; Origins; Creation; Stability; Relative concepts; Retrieval; Galaxy; Inter-Galactic medium; Cosmic Pot Universe UNIVERSE: Tier concepts; Definition; Dark region; Dynamic Region; Glow region; log scale Models; Multi-Universe; Directional search;Cosmic-Pot;Electro-magnetic Universe;Dimensional Search;Three Tier projections PLASMAS: Van-Allen belts; Solar plasmas; Galaxy; Inter-Galactic medium; Universe; Cosmic Plasma ELECTRO-MAGNETIC FIELDS: Frequencies; Micro-waves; Inter-link plasmas; Galactic Fields; Inter-stellar fields; Expansion; Prime Fields PHILOSOPHY: Evolution; Creation; Philosophy of Cosmos; Dimensional Index; Beyond Darwin CONSCIOUSNESS: Heart; Mind; Brain; Soul-Consciousness; Nature; Divine Consciousness; Sree cakra; Dimensions; Infinite Consciousness; Relative Consciousness; Human Being; Divine Being; Cosmos Yoga Astro-physics:Alternative Cosmology,Beyond Big-Bang, Cosmology,Cosmology Models, Cosmology Structures,Cosmology integration of Scientific fields, Multi-dimensional cosmology,clusters, groups of clusters Cosmic Function: Prime Source, Prime fields,Prime Flows,Modelling KNOWLEDGE-EXPANSION: Development,Consciousness, Mind regions,Origins,Vision SEARCH: Beyond Darwin, Beyond Einstein,Cosmic string, Intelligent design
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 Heidi's Travels ~4 comments
picture4 May 2006 @ 12:54, by hgoodgame. Space Exploration
I found this today on my box of green tea. 'The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers, but most of all the world needs dreamers that do!' - Sarah Ban Breathnath  More >

 Least Understood Planet
picture 13 Sep 2005 @ 00:30, by jmarc. Space Exploration
The new Pluto map is here! The new Pluto map is here!  More >

 Titan's surface.1 comment
picture6 Nov 2004 @ 17:57, by bushman. Space Exploration
A moon of Saturn, Titan lacking obvious craters, has terrain alot like the area surounding Flagstaff Arizona, by the looks of the most recent pictures from the Cassini-Huygens mission of Titan. Soon NASA/JPL/ESA will drop a probe onto its surface, and sample Titans atmosphere, and maybe survive the impact and send surface information for about another 30 minets or till the batteries run out.
What I found most intresting are the pictures so far of the moon. I go to alot, and see all sorts of arial pictures of the Earths surface, forests canyons and mountains, deserts, etc..., and I look at these pictures from Saturn and wonder.... are those trees on Titan, covering those hills or just cold rocks? The scientists say the place is so cold that there might be pools and lakes of liquid methane but I look at these pictures, and I get the feeling its not as cold as they say, lack of obviouse craters tells me that the surface of Titan is extreemly active like it is here on Earth. Heat must be being generated from inside the moon since I would expect to see at least some icy frost on high ground. Assuming, that is, scientists accually know what the cameras are seeing as to altitude of the terraine, but according to them, they don't know yet what they are seeing. Just going to have to wait for more data, from the drop probe, lol.
[link]  More >

 Solar Activity
19 Oct 2004 @ 13:33, by redstar. Space Exploration
Nasa has finally acknowledged that this current Solar Cycle known as cycle 23 is highly irregular and deviates from all known Solar Activity patterns.
Solar Physisist, David Hathaway of NASA's Marshall space flight centre goes as far as to say that "This may be the calm before the storm".
There are indications that this current cycle is not following the normal pattern, with the Solar Minimum activity period expected to be way early and the Maximum period could also be way of the mark.
Combined with the Eclipses of October and the Grand Quintiles that are occuring in October (see Magical Melody) it seems that the Heavens are filled with signs of future changes for those with the eyes to see them.
Who knows what could be next??
See Link: [link]

 Dying star pic.4 comments
picture13 May 2004 @ 22:25, by bushman. Space Exploration
This is Hubbles latest pic. :}
[link]  More >

 Eclipsed Moon Montage4 comments
21 May 2003 @ 22:27, by raypows. Space Exploration
Credit and Copyright: Sebastien Gauthier

Explanation: After watching this month's lunar eclipse, amateur astronomer Sebastien Gauthier carefully composed this montage of telescopic images of the Moon sliding through planet Earth's shadow. While the deepest part of the total eclipse corresponds to the central exposure, the play of light across the lunar surface nicely demonstrates that the planet's shadow is not uniformly dark as it extends into space. In fact, lunar maria and montes are still visible in the dimmed, reddened sunlight scattered into the cone-shaped shadow region, or umbra, by Earth's atmosphere. For this eclipse, the Moon's trajectory took it North of the umbra's darker core, seen here cast over the Moon's cratered southern highlands. Gauthier's telescope and camera equipment were set up near the Trois-Rivieres College Champlain Observatory in Quebec, Canada.  More >

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