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25 Jun 2007 @ 22:05, by Astrid Ware

I'm posting this because so much expresses thoughts, that have been popping up in my mind lately as well!

Thought of the day from June 20, 2007


June 20, 2007 posting ... almost the first day of official summer ... actually june 21st should be the MIDDLE of summer as it is the longest day of the year ... just a quick comment .. turns out the queen (excuse me ... the elderly lady that lives in england that calls herself the queen) attended her own birthday party but remember that if and when the real act goes down ... little qweeny (not mispelled) will bolt from england ... jim mccanney

thought of the day from June 15, 2007

June 15, 2007 posting ... after looking at the "facts" ... the gov agencies all moving to the center of the country ... just imagine ... the incredible detail of just moving all the computer and communications equipment ... these types of items do not move or travel well and is an extremely complex job ... just from this fact it tells you that this "move" has been anticipated and planned for a LONG time which tells you that someone has known for a LONG time that something was going to happen ... is it a natural event or are they planning to simulate a "natural event" ... Katrina worked well to move populations so how about the following scenario which i actually have talked about in the past on radio shows ... imagine someone setting nuclear charges off the west coast of the canary islands to create underwater land slides (on already fragile volcanic rift zones) in the eastern pacific and creating a massive man made tsunami that before anyone could awake and move ... would wipe out the population of the entire eastern USA and they could blame it on a natural event ... and also it would do considerable damage to england (thus the queen's visit to the USA to take residence in the tunnel systems) ... has anyone noticed goddard scientists moving to new locations ... this would be another "indicator" ... the key to understanding is the mass movement of US security agencies prior to the alleged "event" ... in a real natural event there would be no such preparations would there ??? kind of like bill clinton contacting donald trump 2 weeks before katrina hit new orleans to get donald's investment ok to rebuild certain parts of downtown new orleans ... i am quite tired tonight so with this thought i will go for some much needed rest ... the past weeks have been very taxing ... talk to you in the morning ... and keep an eye out for the new somewhat revised web page (same content and rules but with a menu driven front page) ... jim mccanney

thought of the day from June 14, 2007

June 14, 2007 posting ... wow ... the latest NASA facade !!! yesterday NASA scientists released the latest in what i call "rambling ridiculous pseudo-science" ... published in the allegedly "respectable" journal NATURE (june 14 issue) stating that ... "mars may once have had oceans" ... but of course 4 billion years ago ... where on earth do they come up with these amazing numbers ??? then the article goes on to state how the planet shimmied and shook (all by itself of course and long long ago ... of course) to move the oceans around the planet ... they acknowledge that a planet needs an atmosphere to hold such an ocean and kind of slip slide the issue into saying that this alleged ancient body of water just one day happened to sink into the ground ... they of course do not tackle the more extreme topic of how the alleged 4 billion year old atmosphere "left" the planet (why or how or when) or the fact that the erosion features (that would convince you that the "red planet" had water in the past) ARE STILL VERY MUCH THERE AND VERY VISIBLE ... looking today much like they did 4 billion years ago ... after billions of years of tremendous martian atmospheric dust storms ... common NASA boys ... not even a grade-schooler would believe that fairly tail ... but there it is ... printed in the "respectable" ... "peer reviewed" journal NATURE ... and it will be reprinted in many forms over the next few days over and over by the mindless smooze nooze "science" reporters on the internet and in news papers and popular astronomy magazines across the land ... so it has all your makings of a standard tier II disinformation bad and totally bogus science report ... 1) written by the tier II NASA scientists ... 2) allowed by the tier I scientists who know better ... 3) printed in respectable journal ... 4) it takes the topic of water on the planets and puts it out of site and time ... and last but not least ... 5) promotes the axioms of astronomy (that the solar system began 4.5 billion years ago and nothing has affected it from outside since that ancient date ... this time they did not even invoke as asteroid hitting mars to bolster their ridiculous ramblings ... the "logic" in the article smacks of "wanna be" internet quacks rambling on about their garbage "science" that they seem to spin out of a batch of words and catch phrases that they read somewhere ... sure is not a whole lot of real science going on out there these days !!!

at any rate ... join me on my show this week as i talk about the ongoing movements of US government agencies towards the coastlines ... this topic originated with my good friend John Moore a few years ago (by the way i will be a guest on john's show this sunday at 5pm CDT) and now everyone seems to be talking about it ... my take on the topic will be to detail how quickly things can come in from "out there" and also mention the "queeny" or as i have started to call her ... "the elderly lady that lives in england who calls herself the queen" ... (if the english want a queen that's their business ... but she ain't no queen to me ... we got out of the middle ages hundreds of years ago ... remember a little item called the american revolution !!!) ... i should mention also that this sunday night i will also be guest on wcco radio ( or 830 AM on your AM dial covering the eastern US 38 states at 30 minutes after midnight this sunday morning ... talking about my work on identifying the june 17th electrical alignments and the increasing number of west coast USA earth quakes ... i will be on wcco with host brad walton for brief half hour or so ) ... on my own weekly show on june 14th i will also give more details on my june - august and december 2007 electrical alignment analysis ... i will also discuss what may or may not be true about a story that has been floating around regarding alleged special water distribution mechanisms to poison people in their houses via city water valves to specific houses ... someone has been spoofing my address and sending this article around as if i had sent it and as all of you know I DO NOT HAVE OR USE EMAIL TO DISTRIBUTE MY INFORMATION FOR JUST THAT REASON ... so given the fact that this has been going on and the places where this story seems to be popping up ... one would seem to classify this into the "disinformation" category ... on the one hand it seems possible ... but on the other it has all the earmarks of a phony "parallel run" disinformation ploy ... not that i wouldn't put such a water poisoning effort beyond the nut cases out there ... but disinformation takes on many strange forms these days ... at any rate if you do not have your own source of clean fresh water ... you are absolutely crazy ... jim mccanney

thought of the day from June 01, 2007

June 01, 2007 posting ... many times when i do things it is not always obvious to the public why i am stressing a point or introducing something and even repeating it at the risk of obfuscation ... as many of you know my pre-recorded may 24 radio show did not air on that date but was rebroadcast 5 times over the following weekend courtesy of the shortwave carrier wwcr for which i am sincerely grateful ... i purposely replayed the same show this week and just added a new header stating that the may 31 show was an exact repeat of my may 24 weekly radio show ... some people heard the show by listening to one of the many re-postings of the show on shortwave and many heard it on the archives ... i repeated it on this week's air waves for the benefit of the regular short wave listeners who still had not heard that show (many who do not have internet access or are in a foreign country and that is their only source of information ... and also for the many talk show hosts and other prominent people who tune in weekly at that time) ... in brief i wanted as many people as possible to hear that show at least once ... some may wonder what was so important about this show ... from my information vantage point i see many things going on in the world that the general public does not see ... for example as i write this there is a concerted effort coming from many groups that are joining forces to undermine and remove the good name of immanuel velikovsky ... the traditionally successful disinformation tactic of taking over a topic and then side tracking it us being used and with some very unscrupulous people who are being funded from some very strange bedfellows one might say ... as with many disinformation ploys ... if the disinfo crew can find willing "candidates" who are susceptible to money (funding) and ego stroking of their frail little personas ... walla ... you have a formula for "success" ... so i replayed and replayed that show for some very good reasons ... also what we have come to call "the queen watch" is getting interesting ... does anyone know where "the queen" is ??? it appears she never went back to merry ole' england after the US visit including the visit to NASA ... HMMMM !?!?!?! ... what is going on here now ??? and also coupled with the bush home land (sounds a bit like faterland does it not ???) creating "der uber fuehrer" in case of "national emergency" complete with homeland security detention centers for "dissidents" ... all this happening just as "the queen" visited and a obvious manipulated tropical storm sat off of the florida - south carolina coast for many days (apparently in honor of "the queen's" visit as she apparently oversaw her new cave accommodations in the caves below goddard space flight center) ... by the way the constitution of this country banned titles and especially that of "king or queen" ... i also briefly mentioned the fact that "the queen's wealth" and therefore "power" comes from the stolen wealth that they plundered from the americas during the expansion and colonial empire building era of the 1500's (along with the rape and ungodly pillaging of the indigenous peoples of the americas) ... what i did not mention was that england in times of major catastrophes is not a good place to store all that gold ... and we all know how the world "leaders" including ole queeny ... love their stolen treasure ... so let me ask you this ... and this is something i would hope you started to imagine as i wove that show together ... where is all that gold ??? this has something to do with the fact that about 200,000 american soldiers are not accounted for ... remember when they started the current iraqi war ... 90,000 troops gone from here ... 35,000 troops moved out from there ... etc etc ... i did the math ... about 450,000 american troops were heisted out of this country yet today only about 125,000 are in the Iraq - Kuwait area of the world with a few thousand in Afghanistan to help the bush CIA bunch protect their oil pipeline and drug trade ... the rest my friends are in south america guarding the queen's gold ... it is something i have been monitoring for some time ... for as you see ... this is the most stable and remote place on earth to store your treasure in case of a major natural catastrophe coming from "out there" ... and i have known for a long time that preparations on a grand scale were being made by "the powers that be" to set up and create the ultimate survival scenario and to of course come out the leaders on the other side ... and of top priority was the protection of their gold ... yup ... is it not interesting that the gold has made its way back to south america from whence it came ... so tonight i am here watching the most beautiful of blue moons (two full moons in the same month ... that is there were 2 full moons in may) and making observations of the activities going on around the world ... so as i said ... some friends of mine and myself have created "the queeny watch" ... like a virtual shell game ... now you see her ... now you don't ... when the queen leaves england ... watch out !!!!!!!!! ... jim mccanney (now re-listen to my may 24 show and start to pick up the hints of what i was trying to convey in that show ... and why maybe somewhere there may be some people out there who may not want you to listen to that show)

thought of the day from May 30, 2007

May 30, 2007 posting #2 ... have you noticed the winds lately ??? they are not normal winds ... they are angry winds ... they are aggressive winds ... just a quick thought so i thought i would post it ... what do you think ??? have you noticed the winds of late ??? jim mccanney

May 30, 2007 posting #1 ... once again i am torn between a busy schedule in the background and trying to keep up with items like postings on this page ... one of the largest most dominating topics in science today ... and one of the least covered in any medium is ... "the ownership of science" ... who owns it ... who can steal it ... who pays for it and who covets it ... and who oversees the disinformation campaigns that push fake science out with a glossy cover ??? who has a history of commandeering science and scientists and who oversees the tier I science which allows the tier II and III layers of deranged science to continue down their misguided paths and provide the mindless news media with tripe they hand off to the public ... and how does the unseeing public figure out that what they are being delivered is just that (the scientific equivalent of the stuff that hotdogs are made of) ... especially when there are so many amateurs and inexperienced "reporters" and now a new wave of talk show hosts that have no clue who anyone really is or what kind of disinformation they are spreading (all with the best of intentions) ... this is a complex topic that goes back very far and entails the dark side of life ... the parts that few people ever know about let alone get even the faintest view ... in my past i have seen a good deal of this first hand and made the decision when invited to enter that world to keep my soul and personal integrity in hand ... unfortunately ... 99.999% of all scientists and engineers today haven't the faintest clue why they are doing what they are doing ... or where the technology they are developing is being used ... don't ask in your compartmentalized little world ... just know that if you keep doing what you are doing ... every friday someone puts money into your dependent little paw ... jim mccanney

thought of the day from May 24, 2007

May 24, 2007 posting ... this week's show is an EXTREMELY important TIMED show and not to be missed ... today's show was pre-recorded and was timed for this week so be sure to take time to listen to it ... jim mccanney

thought of the day from May 22, 2007

May 22, 2007 posting ... a special treat this week on my radio show !!!! i made a pre-recorded interview this morning (tuesday may 22) with my old friend and the editor of the Velikovskian journal KRONOS ... Warner Sizemore ... Warner was the lifelong associate of Immanuel Velikovsky and he will talk about his recent research and discuss the ongoing use (or mis-use) of Velikovsky's name by people on the internet to gain notoriety and that Velikovsky was a man who worked alone and was meticulous in his research and wanted his work to stand on its own ... and not be commandeered by others as is happening today all over the internet ... join me as i will be also discussing current events including the poisoning of waters in Minnesota by the 3M corporation making that great NASA "invention" teflon ... and the communities that are coping with the new discovery of serious chemical pollution where 3M had a "dump site" out in the country where for decades the MPCA (minnesota pollution control agency ... whose real job is to protect the industries) allowed the dumping of chemicals into the water table by 3M that are waist products in the production of teflon ... i earlier had stated that this week would be a lecture on special and general relativity but due to the important interview with Warner Sizemore i am postponing this to the following week ... in preparation for this interview you may wish to review my january 5, 2006 radio show (see radio show archives) interview with warner (my 2005 radio show MP3 CD additionally has a voice clip of velikovsky recorded by warner during a lecture at Brown University before Velikovsky died) ... jim mccanney


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