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 Is man made in the image of God?1 comment
26 May 2002 @ 03:37, by Beryl Crosswaite

Or has Man, with his great conceit and ego imagined God like himself?

It is in the nature of Man to consider himself the apex of life, and all other forms his inferior, put there for his own use or to destroy as he thinks fit. It is really amazing how man can confound himself that whatever he thinks himself, is also what God thinks. In war, both sides can convince themselves that they and only they have God on their side. Every religion can convince themselves that they and only they have the real truth and that only by believing as they do will you reach heaven. Everyone else is supposedly to be damned to eternal pain and suffering. We are told that God is a jealousGod, with no love or compassion for the sinner, sins thought up by Man and in constant change, depending on where you live. All the time man tries to make God into a form that he can realate to, that looks like him, thinks like him and even acts like him. When will they really start to see that the Creator of, the sheer immensity of the Known Universe and the totality of all forms of life, can not be pared down to one small shape? When will man begin looking beyond himself to the wonder of all things? To the marvelous complexity of design in all other forms of life, from the smallest microbe to the enormous shapes of the Elephant and Whale? To the intelligence shown by 'so called' dumb animals and the stupidity of a large section of mankind. To look at a snow storm and remember that no two snowflakes are ever alike, and in man himself, of all the millions on Earth no two have the same patterns on their fingertips, for every living thing is an original and we are all unique. Even identical twins have some differences. Nowadays the physicists are just starting to realise that there are immutable laws governing everything and although they have just scratched the surface, what little they do understand, shows them that life is always changing and advancing. Man thinks God has finished His work and is now resting on His laurels, but the scientists are starting to prove that, on the contrary life is still growing and new Stars, new Worlds are still in the making for 'Nothing can stand Still'. Man himself, once thought to be the ultimate creation of Godis now shown to be just one more form of life on an infinitesimal speck of dust in a space full of universes. The whole, being so great that it is incomprehensible to the mind of man. Even so, life itself cannot be an accident because everything is alive, in some form or other and that which 'keeps it going'is what we call God. For everything to keep going it has to be a part of God. And if you are a part of God You Cannot Die.

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1 comment

27 May 2002 @ 02:24 by jazzolog : Encouragement
Thank you Zebket, and it is wonderful to be welcoming you to this Network. I look forward to finding out so much more from your wisdom.  

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