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30 Dec 2002 @ 11:58, by David Haven

December 29, 2002
Christmas 2002 with the Angels

As I sit here, a few days before Christmas and write the Message for December 29th, 2002, and as the world's conflict over religions heads toward World War, my Message is of both; hope and displeasure of things to come.

A few years ago, as a few friends, my oldest son and I sat in our kitchen and talked, my son and I told of visions of things to come; we had seen the war in Kosovo in which almost pulled China into conflict with the U.S., American Armed Forces fighting in South and Central American as well as islands (their locations, we did not know), Korea and Japan fighting (we did not know if it was North or South Korea, or if they joined together in the fight against Japan), an Atomic American Submarine and an Australian Submarine colliding together and both sinking somewhere in the seas (or waters) around Japan, a country in Asia or China "Sucker Punches" the United States (I do not think this was the 9/11 terrorists act, I think this will happen somewhere in the northwestern United States) because our forces will be too thinly spread around the world in different conflicts, an American civilian 777 airplane going down somewhere between the Hawaiian Islands and the western coast of the U.S. and the U.S. Navy will be needed to retrieve the wreckage because of its depth. All these things we both, my son and I saw, but while I also saw alone; mountains rising quickly where no mountains now found, mountains that now stand disappearing, water as oceans or seas in places where we now find land, towns, villages and cities fighting over food and drinking water as even family members fight among themselves for the necessities of life, people who are injured laying outside of hospitals because there beds are full inside, drought and famine and terrible weather conditions in different parts of the world. But I also saw a world where these things did not cover the complete world but only parts of it while other parts remained the same as they are now. But this is not the end of the world. They are only things that we were told that will come to pass. The people of the world have plenty of time to repent (change their views of the past) before the End of Time comes. But whereas, I see many that this will be the last Christmas Holiday for them to celebrate during their lifetime. Many, of all religions, will fall during this coming year as the Muslims and its terrorists find their Messiah that they seek, is recognized and comings into power, and the Catholic Church falls farther away from God as its new leaders direct the Pope as they continue to hide the final secret of Fatima which was pointed directly toward the corruption of the Church.

Whereas, not all that will occur in this coming year is directed by some people trying to dominate the majority, many of our friends and family will past on from old age, disease and accidental death, for the Angels of death walk firmly on the earth as they have done throughout the passage of time. But yet, we should look upon death as a blessing to seek
Eternal Life with God in Heaven. Rejoice for those that who have crossed over, for their job well done, but cry as you miss their presence here in body with you. And recognize that some of those who you wish "Merry Christmas" to this year will not be present next Christmas Season as you Cherish the memories of Christmas' past.

And while I write this Christmas 2002 and 2003 New Year's Message, I see hope for each person to find his individual Salvation and his direction toward God. And once again as with all Christmases, I see the miracles shown to me by God's Angels.

After my wife, Chris, our son and I had spent the evening of December 24th of this year together, and after "Santa's" presents were placed under our tree, Chris and I walked out onto our front porch, it was around 11:30PM. We gazed around at our neighbors' Christmas Lights in the crisp night air and we smoked a cigarette as we killed the time before our Christ-Mass. At precisely at 11:45, the Angel Joleen entered into Chris' body as the Angels Michael, Gabrael, Jesus and others gathered around us.

I said to them, "How can one stop evilness without trying to dominate other? Is it wrong if one knows and allows another to kill people or to place them into slavery, without trying to stop the terrorists? Is it right to defend yourself or to let another take what is yours without trying to stop them? Can I stand-by and watch terrorists destroy others
without trying to warn them or even help them? You do not have the same compassion as human; you know what will happen, you know all that happens is because of the things that we have decided to do has led us to where we are. But the human does not know that; he does not understand that what is happening is what will happen. He does not know what will happen as it is known by God. I know that if I say sometime, and it is not to be known, no body will listen to what I say, but if I speak, and 10 people are to listen and be saved, then they shall hear my words and be saved, for if that is what to be, it will be. I know that I cannot change the future just as I cannot change the past. But yet, I am sad because of all the people who are being killed or who are being placed into slavery daily. Can I allow this to continue? But yet, if I kill to keep others from being placed into slavery or murdered, then I am as bad as the evil ones."

The Angels looked at me as they spoke in unison, "You cannot change what will be, do not try to change the future. Stand where you are, you need not kill or dominate, for others will do that. Allow all others their choice as you too allow yourself your personal and individual choice. Speak if you feel that is what you are supposed to do. Follow what is in your heart. For if you speak and others listen to what you have said, then it was meant for them to hear."

Then at the stroke of midnight, the Angel Joleen took my hand and we walked into the yard, she said, "Pray with meÂ…"

Then she looked up into the star lit sky and said, "Do you hear all the prayersÂ…they contain so much unhappiness." And I heard the prayers flowing throughout the world. And then, she pointed to a place to the right of the moon and near a shinning star, and she said, "That is where all the prayers first go, and then they spread out and throughout the Heaven." All the Angels that surround us and us embraced as we wished each other a Merry Christmas.

Afterward, we entered back into out home and placed a tiny Santa and sled beneath our Christmas tree. And the Angel Joleen said, "The Children are happy with it, see them playing with it?" I took a few pictures of the smoke-like images of the deceased children that drifted and/or raced around the room; these children had stopped by here on their way to God.

After a few minutes, the other Angels left her and I standing alone in our living room, and Joleen turned to me and said, "It is time for me to go."

We hugged and kissed as we said our goodbyes, and then she went limp in my arms as if she had died, and then within a few seconds, then she started breathing again as my wife, Chris, returned back into her body once again.

I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas, too. Please refer to our Archive pages for other Christmases spent with God's Angels.

To be Held in Your Area

Next year, during late spring or early summer, I will traveling across the United States, starting off in North Carolina and going through Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and finishing up in California. And then after that, I will be traveling to England to hold Free Meeting and/or
Conferences there as well.

If you live in or near the areas that I will be coming through and would like to meet with me to discuss God, His Angels or anything that I have written here upon this web site. I would be most happy to meet with you and /or with your family or group to talk with you.

Email me through our "contact The Guider," and I will schedule our meeting into my travel plans.

Web site; [link]

Thank you.

The Guider, David Haven
A Ministry as directed by Garbael

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30 Dec 2002 @ 23:52 by jazzolog : A Valuable Service
Thank you, Guider, for this Time moves us on.  

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