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16 Dec 2003 @ 20:40, by V. Susan Ferguson

The Harvesting of Our Souls

What I am about to say, will be very tough,
and will horrify and repel many:

The alien/astral entities that have controlled this planet for 1000s of years are using a vast array of toxic chemicals to cripple our endocrine systems and thereby cut us off from our Source, so that as we die they can herd us into their various holographic illusions – what I call the Phantasmal Hierarchies.

Let me explain why I know this.

In 1990 while reading Zecharia Sitchin’s book ‘The Wars of Gods and Men’ I experienced an altered state of consciousness which lasted about 6 months.
I saw the colonization this planet Earth from the perspective of Inanna (Ishtar) the great granddaughter of Anu, patriarch to the Anunnaki. It was as if I was in Inanna’s body watching a Hollywood movie of everything that had happened – the landing, the hybridization of mankind, the erection of the original pyramids, the Tower of Babel incident, Noah’s Flood, the devastation of the Sinai Peninsula by the Gandiva radiation weapon, and much more.

In 1995 Inanna came to me in my meditation and asked me to write her story. She claimed many of the Anunnaki – not all - loved the human race they had created, and wanted to tell them the truth and warn them of what is coming. She was especially concerned for her beloved priests, priestesses, and soldiers. She dictated two books to me via automatic writing which I self-published and went on the road to promote.

After two years of traveling and lecturing, I was overwhelmed with hopelessness. The lack of integrity in the new-age scene came as a complete shock to me. I was not prepared for snake-oil carnies and ‘dueling’ channel jealousies. I went into seclusion and tried to sort out my feelings. What if everything I had told people was delusion? To prove to myself that I was not the unwitting partner of the darkside, I began to research everything, history, economics, politics, and the ubiquitous conspiracies – alien and otherwise. The Internet and courageous people like Jeff Rense and David Icke made this increasingly easier.

Being the canary-in-the-coal-mine sensitive to chemicals myself, and having watched my mother succumb to prescription drugs, I was naturally drawn to follow the ensuing tsunami waves of reports on the toxic chemical poisoning of our food, air, and water.

I knew instinctively that humans would have a very hard time accessing their spiritual Source and the Invisible Realms with a mutant malfunctioning endocrine system.

The evidence:

1. EDCs
The amounts of endocrine disrupting chemicals, which are primarily organochlorides, have been steadily accumulating in our bodies. This has been documented by legitimate science. These EDC’s destroy our ability to reproduce (cut down on population), weaken our immune systems, and leave us vulnerable to cancer, obesity/diabetes, and memory loss. As Theo Colburn says in her book ‘Our Stolen Future’: There are worse fates than extinction!

...catastrophic the ubiquitous spread of organochlorines and other toxic chemicals into our water, air, and food is for the future of the entire planet.


If you are wondering why you haven't heard much about this deadly phenomena since the book "Our Stolen Future" was published, then understand that since 1994 the Chlorine Chemical Council (CCC) has been spending about $130 million per year to protect the industry.

The following information is taken from the excellent book:
Pandora's Poison: Chlorine, Health, and a New Environmental Strategy
By Joe Thornton
MIT Press; ISBN: 0262700840; Reprint edition (April 1, 2001)

40 million tons of chlorine are produced every year world wide.
...virtually all organochlorines examined to date cause one or more of a wide variety of adverse effects on essential biological processes, including development, reproduction, brain function, and immunity. extraordinarily low doses...organochlorines disrupt biological processes at the most fundamental levels.

Some are potent mutagens, undermining the integrity of the genetic messages in our DNA...others...block communication between cells or interfere with the control of gene expression.

Reduce sperm counts
Disrupt female reproductive cycles
Cause endometriosis
Induce spontaneous abortion
Alter sexual behavior
Cause birth defects
Impair the development and function of the brain
Reduce cognitive ability
Interfere with the controlled development and growth of body tissues
Cause cancer
Compromise immunity

If we stopped all further pollution today, these compounds would remain in the environment, the food web, our tissues and those of future generations for centuries.

Rocket fuel in the Colorado River

EDCs in Rainwater

2. Fluoride.
The recent reports that fluoride actually settles in your pineal gland blew me away. The pineal gland IS the spiritual ‘third Eye’ and I have been reading books for years that talk about opening the ‘third Eye’ and seeing the realities that have always existed all around us. Who doesn’t want us to “see”?

I suppose the near extinction of empathic-psychic-sensitives during the Inquisition wasn’t as successful as they had hoped. Those ‘visionary’ recessive genes left in certain lineages kept popping up.


September 18, 2003.
Public Health Warning on Fluoridation, #4:

The accumulation of fluoride in the human pineal gland.
The pineal gland is a very small pine cone shaped (hence the
name) gland which is located between the two hemispheres of the
brain. This little gland has long intrigued both scientists and
philosophers. Descartes called it the "seat of the soul".
A diagram which shows the location of the pineal gland is
accessible at
[link] slide #81.

The Battle of Darkness & Light
Copyright © 2003 by Mary Sparrowdancer


...seeking relief from something else tormenting them within. In 2001, Americans were spending their money in an attempt to seek relief from personal and profound depression - another symptom that, along with weight problems, is known to occur as a result of thyroid malfunction. It was another signal telling us that something was affecting not only our bodies, but our minds and emotions.

3. Chemtrails.
Even IF these things are being used to hopefully control the weather patterns, the chemicals contained in them are toxic to humans and animals alike. This has been thoroughly documented. Gruesome example: "spray samples contained over 360 different varieties of mold and fungi in addition to gene-splicing markers and extremely thin, red human blood cells. The chemtrail samples also contained a new breed of designer chemicals about which little is known in the public domain but which appear to be very dangerous, plus aluminum particulates approximately 1 micron in diameter."    

Awesome compilation of info


Recently Nick Begich reported that HAARP is growing and being funded with billions of your taxpayer dollars. HAARP is messing with our weather patterns; when these powerful signals are shot up into up the ionosphere, they create a vacuum that in turn alters the jet stream. More and more power is being used to experiment with 'signals' that can do many things, such as create tornadoes & earthquakes, and drive armies - or whole cities - crazy or make them passive. The excuse is - as usual - that we have to get this technology before the enemy gets it.

Begich says he doesn't even want to know 'classified' information - he's got more than enough data that's not classified to worry us hapless earthlings.


HAARP, Chemtrails and Weather Control    
High Frequency Active Aural Research Project is a large-phase arrayed antenna system in Gakon, Alaska, jointly operated by the U.S. Air Force and Navy.
Powered by more than a billion watts of energy, HAARP works by beaming tightly-focused radio waves into the upper atmosphere. These waves stretch the earth's ionosphere further out into space, causing a vacuum that pulls and alters global weather.
Among many other capabilities, HAARP can heat and move sections of the upper atmosphere to create everything from super-storms to drought.

5. Alien Abductions
Budd Hopkins claims that somewhere between 3-6 million people have been abducted. I suppose the discrepancy is based on his efforts to record what he considers ‘legitimate’ abductions.

A bazillion URLs.

6. Mind Control
Ultrasound can be transmitted for mind control purposes in these ways:
Directly through the air using "air type transducers"
Directly to the brain using a modulated microwave pulse train
Through the air by piggybacking an ultrasound message on top of commercial radio or television


Look at this list of actually real-world documented occurrences. These are facts. Not new-age crystals & feathers woo-woo. If and when you recover from the shock and awe, you have to arrive at an either OR conclusion, and frankly this is what has been driving me for so many years:

Either the human species is actually poisoning itself and destroying the entire planet, and is undeniably an unbelievably stupid and dysfunctional species that truly doe not deserve this blue-green sphere floating on the periphery of our galaxy.

OR, there really truly IS a big FAT darkside conspiracy.

Since I currently reside in a human body, I prefer to believe that we are not completely stupid, and that we are instead profoundly gullible and have been duped, controlled and manipulated – which is precisely what Inanna showed me so many years ago.

If there is a conspiracy of alien/astral beings who are secretly – as in the occult/hidden realms – manipulating us then WHAT DO THEY WANT?

John Lear was recently interviewed by Art Bell and revealed in spades what so many of us have been told for 15 years about the ‘deal’ our government made with the aliens.


But what chilled me to the bone was his comment that the aliens’ intense interest in us has something to do with our souls - because years ago I had heard that these aliens wanted to ‘harvest’ our souls.

Because this thought is so unthinkable, so abhorrent to me, it has really taken me many painful years to even begin to assimilate and I wouldnÂ’t blame you for thinking I am paranoid-beyond-belief.

However, if you consider the conceptual quantum physics ideas of this ‘Life’ we experience actually being a hologram, the mechanics of ‘harvesting’ souls begins to make some sense.

These beings are simply cutting us off from access and knowledge of our true Source, the God-within us all, our Home, and at the moment of our death, through fear-propaganda-manipulation, they are herding us into their holographic traps - and I do means TRAPS!

The Tibetan Book of the Dead is a guide to souls to move past these realms which they call the Bardo planes. The Buddhists call these holographic realities the Myriad Worlds.

I call these after-life holographic illusions the Phantasmal Hierarchies, because they are merely ANOTHER CONSENSUS REALITY – the result of a collective consciousness, in this case non-human! The myriad illusions of heavens and hells are just that – ILLUSIONS designed to entrap our human souls in frequencies where we can be controlled, confused, and - I’m sorry, I have to say - utilized as a food source. Books on vampirism sell because on an unconscious level, human beings know it is happening to them.

Then you have to ask the even more revolting question: Why is our own government (secret gov?) seemingly in cooperation with these darkside aliens? Are our elected representatives themselves alien hybrids or clones?

I mean, those planes that fly over us and dump chemtrails on us are funded with our taxpayer money, are they not? - as is HAARP and mind control research. The senate & congress in Washington DC is complicit in allowing these chlorine corporations to keep the EDC information quiet. The ET cover-up in fully in place and perhaps even more efficient than ever; both John Lear and Bob Lazar agree that NO ONE should want the people of this planet to actually KNOW what is going on. Why?

Have the rich and the powerful been promised survival? Have the darkside aliens promised them & their families safety from the coming earth changes? Did they tell the humans-in-charge that the population was destined – for reasons they have foreknowledge of - to extinction anyway, and that they would be given safety, in the form of undergrounds in Montana or on the darkside of the Moon, in return for secrecy/the cover-up, the extraction of our DNA for their hybridization projects, and our slow toxic (chemtrail) immune system destruction and eventual death? Does mind control simply *manage* us, keep us relatively quiet, until it is too late - hopeless?

This is all understandably too horrible to contemplate, but recall that many Native American Indian tribal leaders sold out their own people for far less – guns and whiskey. We are all of us human, greedy and swamped in fear.

Now you can accuse me of increasing that fear. I understand. But I beg to assert that THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE! And that if everyone knew the truth, they would begin in earnest – because their very souls depends on it! - to cultivate an inner relationship with their own God-within, their Spirit, their Source and teach themselves to trust themselves, NOT some external manipulation, and find their own way back Home.

Home is where the Heart is.

We humans are so much more powerful than any of these darkside aliens. Our chakra systems are not some new-age spiritual delusion. They are actual Gate Ways to all the dimensional Realms. You can access every part of the universe through your chakras once you attune your frequencies. The principles of magnetism rule in the so-called Invisible (only to us humans) Realms. Your location is a function of your consciousness. The aliens know this; thatÂ’s why they want our DNA.

We are like the most advanced nano-techno-superluminal computers - with no userÂ’s manual!

There’s not much time left. That’s why the darkside is stepping up their efforts. Many more of us can escape their webs. The answer lies within each and every one of us. The Brilliance that created us would not leave us trapped forever in any holographic illusion. The power to access your liberation from this prison planet lies within you – in your own heart chakra.

You are so loved.
Remember who you are and come Home!
V.Susan Ferguson

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17 Dec 2003 @ 03:21 by jazzolog : Fascinating Entry
Thank you for the heads-up and your blooming heart!  

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