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20 Dec 2003 @ 11:02, by V. Susan Ferguson

If you were wondering what to ask Santa Claus for Christmas this year,
I have a suggestion:

Christ Consciousness!

Jesus was only one of many courageous human beings who became and lived what is called "Christ Consciousness".

All this means is Realizing that you - like everyone and everything - are God/Isness. Christ Consciousness is a human being who KNOWS that he or she is God/Isness expressing through a human data-collecting-vehicle form.

Simple! You 'Realize' you ARE God/Isness - that's what God realization means - and you do so in the humanoid body you currently inhabit.

As time continues to speed up and moves us into our ensuing cosmic transformation, this planet Earth is going to need more and more of us humans to acquire this Christ Consciousness stuff.

Say a fond farewell to your old small-self ego. Kiss good-bye all the wonderful experiences and all the totally dumb (argh!) stuff that you imagine define what you are. Say Sayonara to the little confining limitations of who you thought you were.

Ask for your very own Christ Consciousness and open yourself up to the BIG ISNESS, the God-within you.

Kick start those 7 chakras! Watch those wheels of light spin! And as they spin, use them as Star Gates to access all the myriad dimensional realms that have always existed all around you.

Yup, folks. Time to Remember who you are and come HOME!
So this Christmas, ask the God-within you for your very own Christ Consciousness! And get ready for the TIME of your LIFE!

We Meet in the Heart!
V.Susan Ferguson

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