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27 Dec 2003 @ 17:36, by V. Susan Ferguson

Religion As A Control Mechanism:
The Kali Yuga, Ashoka, & Buddhism

Consider the entire history of every religion on this planet. We have had written history only for the past 6,000 years – a proverbial drop in the bucket of Time, even according to geologists.

Consider the arcane possibility that astral-alien entities have been controlling this planet for tens of1000s of years, and did in fact insert ‘religions’ for the purpose of controlling their human resource – us!

At the very least consider the idea that all religions emphasize obedience to an invisible god, the sacrifice of oneÂ’s own desires, and the delaying of personal fulfillment until after death in some promised heaven.

I am not saying that there havenÂ’t been many enlightened humans who walked upon this Earth and who were the living embodiments of the truth that we are all God. But alas, the teaching of these buddhas and beings with Christ-consciousness were repeatedly mutated and twisted to suit the needs of our controllers, the ratzoid-tyrants.

This understanding is key to your own liberation. The need to worship something outside of our Selves - something we believe to be infinitely greater than we might ever be, to whom we must show unlimited deference and never question - is so thoroughly programmed and embedded into our psyche that we even fear our very chances for liberation.

We are trapped in the illusory holographic Matrix our controllers have spun to entrap us. Religious and political propaganda bind us in the fear frequency. We must learn to allow the greater wisdom of Knowing, of Oneness to break up all the old paradigms – ALL of them. The new wine will spoil in the old bottles.

Alain Danielou, the brilliant Sanskrit linguist, cosmologist, historian, musician, and ballet dancer, has done a great deal to liberate me from my rough Texan limits. Monsieur Danielou is in many ways the consummate outsider who sees through numerous biases most writers do not.

I recently recommended to you the excellent Bollywood movie Asoka. I decided to look up this hero of Buddhism in Danielou’s book, ‘A Brief History of India’ - and as usual, was not disappointed. The movie, which has the certified approval of the Tibetan Buddhist Dalai Lama, credits Ashoka (Danielou’s spelling) with learning from his evil warrior ways – the genocide of Kalinga – and converting himself and most of India to Buddhism.

Danielou makes the point that AshokaÂ’s empire, the Maurya Empire, degenerated very quickly after his death:

“The splitting up of Ashoka’s empire has been attributed to his policy of peace. This merely echoes the legend of the pious and benevolent emperor, a legend that he himself created.”

Notice the ministers of propaganda were already at work in the year 220 AD.

“In actual fact, while teaching his subjects the virtues of non-violence and submission, Ashoka maintained his power by force, adding thereto the subtle arms of informants, inquisition, and Puritanism.”

Ashoka’s thought police were running around making sure his people accepted Buddhist doctrines. Remember that Hinduism had been around for 1000’s of years and in fact the Buddha took many of his understandings from Hinduism – which is not a religion in the way we know religion, but more a way of living, which respects a multitude of ways of knowing God.

“Moralism has always caused the downfall of empires, loyal citizens being unable to help fight political treason for fear of being themselves denounced on moral grounds, where no one is entirely innocent.”

This sentence seems to perfectly describe the period we are now living through in the USA where so many are afraid to speak out. Perhaps if moralism always causes the downfall of empires, then there is hope that the Neo-Cons will ‘eat their own’ and disappear.

“Treason and crime flourish wherever moral transgression and political dissension are prosecuted; gangsters have always and everywhere financed prohibitionist movements.”

Examples abound: the sex trade, our current absurd ‘drug war’!

“Ashoka never reduced his powerful army and he did not hesitate to threaten the forest peoples with severe punishment if they did not change their way of living.”

And force them off of their lands to work in factories, so they can buy plastic crap, and eat toxic fastfood – oh sorry, that’s today’s globalization gratis of the multinationals.

“His [Ashoka’s] Kalinga campaign remains one of the most ferocious wars of extermination that have ever taken place in the history of India.”

I realize I am continually espousing the Cycles of Time. I suppose when I read “Pre-cooked food will be readily available!’ I became convinced that we are living in the Twilight of the last cycle, the Age of Conflict and Confusion, the Kali Yuga.

My understanding is that around 6,000 years ago we entered the density of the Kali Yuga and it was InannaÂ’s family, the Anunnaki, who gave us that last push down into the frequencies of this final cycle. Enki and Ninhursag altered the human genome and left most of us without our natural telepathic gifts.

But something worse, something perhaps unintended, happen to our DNA in 2023 BC (date according to Zecharia Sitchin, ‘The Wars of Gods and Men’) when her family’s wars culminated in the release of a radiation weapon, the great Ghandiva. The unimaginable destructive radioactive energy from that explosion simultaneously fried the Sinai Peninsula and our DNA. We hapless humans became eve more cut off from our Source, the God-within us, and more fearful and controllable.

I try to offend everyone. The endearing comments of Jehovah could make anyone wonder why human beings would give up their right to think for themselves to such an entity. Could it be that he blasted them with radiation from the infamous Arc of the Covenant if they did not obey him? Let’s see, how does his threat go: something like. “You shall have no other gods before me or I will smite you and yours.”

Back to Buddha, in Alain Danielou’s book ‘The Gods of India, Hindu Polytheism’, Mr. Danielou says:

“According to Hindu tradition, the Buddha avatar came to the world during the Age of Strife [the Kali Yuga] as the embodiment of Illusion (maya) and delusion (moha) in order to mislead men of low birth and genii who had become too proficient in sacred knowledge and were a threat to the supremacy of the gods.”

In order to further lower the consciousness of the planet?

“His preaching left aside the search for understanding of the cosmos and the technique of ritual [from the previous Age of Ritual] which enable men to participate in the process of creation and control his own destiny.”

The previous cycle of Time, the Age of Ritual, at least still allowed you as human beings to participate in the creation of your own reality, your life and your destiny.

In the Kali Yuga you remain cut off from your Source, from any and all knowledge of your own God-within power. You wait and you wait for something in the far beyond to make you happy, to give you hope, to set you free. You worship false gods that keep you imprisoned. You watch TV.

“It [Buddhism] replaced ritual by moral values…”

An enlightened being who is One with Source does not need moral values, laws, moral codes, and rules ad nauseum.

“Buddha’s teachings led to contempt for the traditional wisdom… This was intended to hasten the ruin which must mark the end of the present cycle.”

The end of this present cycle precedes the coming Golden Age in which we will REMEMBER that we are all pieces of God, Isness, Infinite Love, and we wonÂ’t need religions, or rules, or parasitical astral-alien tyrant cowards to keep us trapped in their low-life holograms.

We can lift up the big sharp sword of our own Knowingness and cut the chains that bind us in their boring spider web. The Truth of who we really are will set us all Free.

The end of this present cycle and the coming of the next cycle, a Golden Age is coming be exactly when?

According to Alain Danielou in his book ‘While the Gods Play, Shaiva Oracles and Predictions on the cycles of History and the Destiny of Mankind’, the Twilight of the Kali Yuga began in 1939 with the invention of atomic fission. He gives the year 2442 as the end of the Kali Yuga, but in the descriptions he quotes of the ‘end of the world’ there seems to be a lot of time when perhaps no one would want to live on this planet.

V.Susan Ferguson

The End of the World
This destruction will start with an underwater explosion called Vadava, the mare, which will take place in the southern ocean.
"It will be proceeded by a hundred year drought during which the people who are not robust will perish. The seas, the rivers, the mountain streams, and the underground streams will be drained.
Twelve suns will cause the seas to evaporate. Fed by this water, seven suns will form which will reduce the three worlds to ashes; the earth will become hard like a turtle's shell.

The underground serpent will burn the lower worlds
A fire from the mouth of the underground serpent will burn the lower worlds, then the surface of the earth, and will set the atmosphere ablaze. This mass of fire will burn with a great noise. Surrounded by these circles of fire, all animate and inanimate objects will be destroyed.
The destroyer god will breathe enormous clouds, which will make a terrible noise.
A mass of clouds charged with energy, destroyer of all (sarvantaka), will appear in the sky like a herd of elephants.
[Vishnu Purana 1.8.18-31]
When the moon is in the constellation of Pushya (Aquarius), invisible clouds called Pushkara (cloud of death) and Avarta (cloud without water, nirjala) will cover the earth.
[Shiva Purana 5.1.48-50]

Immense clouds will darken the sky
Some of these clouds will be black, others white like jasmine, others bronzed, others gray like donkeys, others red, others blue like lapis or sapphire, others speckled, orangish, indigo. They will resemble towns or mountains. They will cover all the earth. These immense clouds, making a terrible noise, will darken the sky and will shower the earth in a rain of dust which will extinguish the terrible fire.
Then, by means of an interminable downpour, they will flood the whole earth with water. This torrential rain will swamp the earth for twelve years, and humanity will be destroyed. The whole world will be in darkness. The flood will last seven years and the earth will seems like an immense ocean.
[Vishnu Purana 1.7.24-40]

Refuge in the extraplanetary world of Mahar
When the dissolution of the world seems immanent, some people abandon the earth during the last days of the Kalpa and take refuge in the world of Mahar [the extraplanetary world] and from there will return to the world of life" (janaloka).
[Linga Purana 1.4.39-40]
Seven humanities must again succeed each other on earth, and when the Golden Age reappears, seven sages will emerge to again teach the divine law to the few survivors of the four castes.
[Shiva Purana 5.4.40-70]
Those few humans who survive the holocaust will be the progenitors of the future humanity (Danielou).

The world dissolves into the imperceptible
The destruction of the world is implied in the very event of the creation and follows the reverse process in the thoughts of the Creator. When the force of expansion (tamas) and that of concentration (sattva) equalize, the tension (rajas), which is the primary cause, the substance (pradhana) of the universe, ceases to exist and the world dissolves into the imperceptible.
All vestiges of creation are destroyed; Pradhana and Purusha become idle. The earth, the atmosphere, the planetary and extraplanetary worlds disappear. Everything that exists is united into one single liquid mass, an ocean of fire in which the world dissolves. It is in this immense cosmic ocean (ekarnava) that the organizing principle, Bramha, sleeps until, at the end of the night, he awakens and, taking the form of a wild boar, raises a new world out of the waves.
[Linga Purana 1.4.36-61]
The duration of the universe is expressed by a number having eighteen figures. When the end of time has come, the principle of smell (gandha tanmatra) disappears and, with it, solid matter. Everything becomes liquid.

All that remains is the vibration of space
Then the principle of taste (rasa tanmatra) disappears and with it the liquid element. Everything becomes gaseous. Then the principle of touch (sparsha tanmatra) disappears and with it the gaseous element. Everything becomes fire. Then the principle of visibility disappears, all that remains is the vibration of space, which in turn fades.
Like a void of spherical shape
All that remains is space like a void of spherical shape where only the vibratory principle exists. This vibration is reabsorbed in the "Principle of the Elements" (bhutadi), that is, the principle of identification or of individuality (ahamkara), which is part of the force of expansion (tamas), which itself dissolves into a great principle (mahat tattva), which is the principle of consciousness (buddhi).
The plan (purusha), indestructible, omnipresent, which is emanation of Being, returns to its origin.
[Vishnu Purana 1.8.9]
The game (lila) of the birth and the disappearance of the worlds is an act of power of the Being who is beyond substance (pradhana) and beyond the plan (purusha), beyond the manifest (vyakta) and the unmanifest (avyakta), and beyond time (kala). The time of the Being has neither beginning nor end. That is why the birth, duration, and disappearance of the worlds never stops.

Apart from Being, nothing exists any longer
At the time of the destruction neither day nor night, space or earth, darkness or light, nor anything else exists any longer, apart from Being, beyond the perceptions of the senses or thought.
[Vishnu Purana 1.1.18-23]

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