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30 Dec 2003 @ 18:55, by V. Susan Ferguson

Happiness for us humans is fleeting at best. Consumed by our desire forpersonal love, success, and material wealth, we chase any and everythingOUTSIDE of us with unrelenting fervor in the face of unendingdisappointment, betrayal, and bitterness.

No 'thing' outside of us will ever bring us what we are looking for. Ourhappiness lies within each and every one of us.The ephemeral dreams we embrace will forever vanish in our grasp and never bring us the essence of the true inner mystery we all seek.

That nectar, that something that eludes us in every external illusion, is nothing other than our SELF, that piece and portion of God-Isness that we all are - the Beloved.

"Beneath the curtain of each atom lies the life increasing Beauty of theface of the Beloved." -Sufi Mahmud Shabistari

And who is the Beloved? It is none other than YOU.

In 1977, I broke up with my 'true love' and moved out of the city to livealone on the Long Island Sound. I was determined to find my own voice, toemerge from the cacophonous herd of NYC hip-ness, and paint the paintings I had always aspired to create.

Alone in the beauty of nature with only the sounds of water and the love ofmy two German Shepherds, I endured a terrible creative block. I could not paint.

The agony of 'nothing' broke me down into small shattered pieces, and Ifound myself on the floor of my living room, crying - lying there for what seemed like hours on the bare carpet, sobbing and heaving in the greatest despair I had ever known.

I felt utterly lost and alone. Purposeless, I wanted to die. And then I saw something so astonishingly beautiful, I gasped in awe.There in the Eye of my Mind, in perhaps some other dimension, was the most exquisite beauty I had ever seen.

Any work of art, Raphael to Michelangelo, seemed superficial beside this being which was a light body of cascading luminescent phosphorescent rainbow photons that ebbed and flowed with its every thought. Its beauty reflected the height of grace, intelligence, and compassion.

Struggling to emerge from the depth of my emotions, I asked, "Who are you?"

And the being said, "I am you."

Really dumbfounded, I almost laughed, and whispered, "No! I could never be you."

And the being gently, evenly, repeated, "I am you."

And I tell you now, today on the edge of the coming year 2004, that this Being is what we ALL look like. The Beauty and Love you have sought in every moment of your life is just like this Being - only YOU!

Within each and every one of us is a piece of God-Isness waiting patiently outside of time, for all eternity, for you to turn from your endless search for happiness in whatever is external to you and embrace the Within, that which you ARE.

I can promise you that you will never find your fulfillment in the external things of this world - they will always become traps.

No other person canmake you happy - why should they? They must first find the God-within them and become every wonderful Divine expression of them-Selves.

Would God-Isness, who is LOVE and loves us more than we can begin to imagine, trap Itself - us - forever in this illusory holographic Matrix?

It is time for us all to come Home, to Remember who we are, and when we do - the tyrants will have no energy to play with and they themselves must begin to also Remember who they are. They will feel foolish for a moment, but Time is not real, the moment will pass, and we will embrace them once again as a part of God.

So you see, Within you are just like that Being of shimmering evanescent light, cascading rainbow photons of Grace and Beauty.

And when I say 'I amgoing Home' that is who and what I mean - Home to the God-within.
We will all meet in the Heart.
-V.Susan Ferguson

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1 comment

2 Jan 2004 @ 00:00 by jazzolog : A Beautiful Anecdote
and antidote. Happy New Year, a wonderful way to start!  

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