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 I would love your feedback on my new online Tarot Deck1 comment
picture6 Sep 2004 @ 16:08, by radi8

The Transformational Tarot embodies the spriit of the original Tarot -- it is intended to work at a generally higher level than telling your fortune. My Tarot works more like a Zen Koan, it can tell you what is going on in your life or it can point you in a new direction.

You can send me an email from within the website or from within the online Tarot Deck. Thank you!

How to Use The Tranformational Tarot

Make sure that you "ask it a question" before you click on to reveal any of the cards in the spread. The question you ask should be very general, involving the direction of your life. Pay especial attention to the issue or bridge card, if there is one (spreads one, three and five).

I believe that part of the "magic" of Tarot decks is in the intention (attention) of the person pulling the cards. It doesn't seem to matter that you cannot physically pull the cards from the deck; in my Tarot, the intent of the user is very important, because otherwise the computer is just pulling a random card. The "magic" is still there because it comes from you, not from the machine or even from the deck. My goal with the Transformational Tarot was to create a unique Tarot that was philosophically very balanced, and applicable for the spiritual issues of contemporary life.

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1 comment

7 Sep 2004 @ 10:15 by jazzolog : A Fascinating Idea
I'll see what I can do about spreading the news.  

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