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7 Jun 2006 @ 17:35, by gabacho

--Copyright 27MAR06 Don Heraldo Renacido B.

The origin of the universe (astronomy) and the evolution of life (biology) are fields of scientific inquiry. Creationism (religion), although it seems unrelated to science, is really just a pre-scientific attempt to explain the universe and life in anthropomorphic terms.

In my opinion, the two approaches are not as unrelated as they might at first appear. Let me explain.

The latest scientific (astronomical) theory is "The Big Bang" in which latent light suddenly (and inexplicably) burst forth from nothingness and began coalescing into matter some 16 billion years ago in a process that continues to this day.

The Judeo-Christian version is actually just a pre-scientific intuition of the same scenario: in a formless void (emptiness), latency "speaks" the universe into being, "Let there be Light". When considered together in this light, the religious version is as true in its essence as the scientific one. The only essencial difference is the (somewhat) more magical statement in the religious theory.

My personal belief, based on my actual experience in this reality, is that consciousness is primary to matter. Consciousness is the non-physical and non-local matrix which we all share, and in which the physical universe arises and flows. Thoughts give rise to and energize/propel things (matter/energy) in time, which we experience in Mind. As you may discern, my belief/experience is also congruent with both scientific theories and religious dicta. The best evidence of this is that which is provided by our own conscious experience.

What we actually experience is generated within our own consciousness, which is the one universal consciousness which we all share. We interpret this mental experience as exterior, but it is not. We ARE the universe. We are at its very center. All celestial objects are spreading away from us in this wave of creation at the speed of light. We are constantly creating afresh the world that we perceive in Mind.


The "physical" universe arose within Consciousness (Mind) some 16 billion years ago and flashed into existance in a burst of light, the movement of which we call time. This consciousness is the Mind that we all continue to share. The creative nature of Mind propels and directs the unfolding of the reality in which we live and have our being. Thoughts are things, and the creator of things.

Thus Mind is primary to matter, which flows in a wave of creation under the direction of Consciousness. What we say, goes. As a man thinks, so is he.

Heraldo aka "gabacho"


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7 Jun 2006 @ 17:48 by jazzolog : It Would Be Really Cool
if you would put a few more hints about yourself at your Profile. But as you choose: perhaps Zen coyote wisdom at work here. Thank you.  

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