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20 May 2007 @ 12:24, by Neva Howell

I know, for myself, there was a previous pattern of being awakened between 3:15 and 3:30 a.m. for months at
a time, back around 1993-94 and also 1995-96. I know now that these were actication periods and that ET
energies were involved. It appears that these disrrupted sleep cycles are returning.

If you have been
regularly awakened around 3:00-3:30 a.m. lately, you have the luxury of awareness this time. During the
first round, I think most of us were just puzzled and irritated. Now that we know these are activation periods
and that other realms are involved, we can be more active participants in our own dreamtime accelerations.
Instead of trying to get back to sleep, try praying and meditating when awakened. Missing that day of work
every once in a while will be inevitable for most. There will be mornings when you will be otherwise
occupied and sleep may not be an option.

What some of us are going through is the same level of intense initiation that used to only happen in isolated
monasteries. Few of us have the luxury of months of dedicated time for the assimilation of this new
frequency of spiritual vibration. We are doing it in the real world, which is necessary to complete the
manifestation of Spirit in human form.

To be Divinely Human, we have chosen to awaken in third
dimension reality and within the structure of our physical lives. This decision is what makes our journey
both significant and more challenging than those who came before.

The need for attention to dreamtime work and messages has never been stronger. If you are not actively
asking for dreamtime guidance, healing, and activation, you may be missing the benefits of one of the most
powerful spiritual tools we have ever been given.

Try this for a week: Ask every night for dreamtime help.
If you have specific areas of your life where you need guidance, ask for it. If you have physical, emotional,
spiritual, or mental challenges, ask for dreamtime help and dreamtime healers. If you have no pressing
personality self needs, ask for the next level of awakening. If you do this for a week, even if you don’t
remember your dreams, your life will change. Work to increase your ability to relax and to sleep deeply.

for those experiencing fear about the journey

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