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picture 20 Nov 2004 @ 17:06, by Flemming Funch

Remember the fellow who ate nothing but McDonalds food for a month and got really sick. Now, this guy has vowed to drink nothing but Pepsi Holiday Spice for a month. He's already in pretty bad shape. Like constant diarrhea. Sounds like a really bad idea.

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20 Nov 2004 @ 17:39 by jstarrs : Is that an aftershave?
Not good.
Seriously, think of the most healthy, nourishing food available.
Like soya beans.
If one ate that ONLY, for a month, would we be healthier?
Isn't it down to a healthy diet?
I did a mono diet of grapes for 3 weeks, which is supposed to be really good for you.
I got diahorrea, like our friend above and spaced out pretty well, too!!!

20 Nov 2004 @ 17:59 by ming : Spice
He must have been drinking Old Spice instead.

Yeah, probably anything monotonous and unbalanced would be a problem, I think. If I ate nothing but vitamin C pills, I'm sure I'd be really sick already tomorrow.  

20 Nov 2004 @ 18:06 by bushman : Hmm
Still, the guild book (bible) does state, "do all things in moderation" in the context of living a long and healthy life. Ah , but where to draw the line, lol.  

20 Nov 2004 @ 18:13 by ming : Poison
For that matter, most generic advice about what's good or bad is kind of meaningless unless one includes the consideration of how much and when and how. Pretty much anything is poisoinous if one gets enough of it. And might be perfectly enjoyable and harmless if one gets little enough of it.  

20 Nov 2004 @ 21:53 by hgoodgame : It all depends
On whether you eat from the right side of the mushroom or the left side. If you don't believe me, go ask Alice.
High doses of vitamin C will cause flushing, lol. I call it the urge to purge. This person sounds a bit unbalanced to begin with though, wouldn't you say?
When testing for food sensitivities, that's what they do, only let you eat one food for a couple of days then move on to the next. Of course they are under constant medical supervision at the time and not home experimenting on themselves.
I like the "all things in moderation" quote and like to add that even moderation needs to be taken in moderation.
Jeff, 3 weeks with nothing but grapes? Usually one food for that long causes electrolyte imbalances but the grapes may have contained enough potassium to supplement what you needed.  

27 Nov 2004 @ 21:07 by EdKnight @ : Nothing exceeds like excess
One sit down meal of "all you can eat lobster," while in Honduras permanently cured me of all future lobster cravings. a college friend once ate a tub of miracle whip just because he loved it so much . The result was that he no longer performs such miracles.  

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