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11 Dec 2004 @ 18:39, by Anthony Marsh

God gave himself AIDS, when he created man. Look what we do to his creation. Humans are no different than an oxident, slow burning the creation with an eternal flame, making toxic emissions and spewing toxic fluids that ooz all over everything. Just take a look around, God has an immune defficiancy. The eternal flame will finaly go out when theres nothing left to burn.

We have every kind of fire. How is it after all this time, we haven't found a better way? If God is in everything we touch, then it's no wonder he's sick. Don't get me wrong, humans were and still are a wonderous creation, no matter how it happened that we exist. God still had a hand in it. Still by now we should of figured it out. We know what is right, yet for some inexplicable reason we don't do the right things. Man has done great things with fire, what is a fever? An infection? What does a fire do? Consume? Isn't there a better way? Ok so, lets say Mars was like Earth at one time, but its inhabitants burned everything up, turned the air to CO2, so why dont we use CO2 to power stuff like cars, since if we did we wouldn't be burning fuel, it's perpetual, it's storage is easy as well as transfering it. Now really the trick to make it all work is to be able to pull it out of the air and store it, efficiantly enough to cover demand. Also enough would have to be stored up to get the system going, mix it with solar and wind power, to run the CO2 absorbing equipment, and we got a perpetual power source. This way, not only do we reduce the amount of CO2 in our air at any given time, but we arn't adding CO2 to the air at anywhere near what we are now. The jobs shift to maintence and delivery and manufacturing CO2 powered engines, CO2 powered tooth brushes, a new industrial age, useing the one thing that is makeing God sick. CO2 dosn't burn, and yes, it can kill you just as fast as fire, in an air tight room, and I supose, it could freze you and suffocate you if a truck broke open on the freeway, but, then, how often do you hear about CO2 tanker wrecks? And there is already just as many CO2 tankers as fuel tankers, wonder what the stats are. I'll add stuff as I think about it more, so stay tuned. :}

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11 Dec 2004 @ 18:44 by jstarrs : God aside.... sure is a degenerate age we're in; Kali Yuga even - maybe coming out of the woods was a big mistake? ;0)  

11 Dec 2004 @ 20:40 by martha : God has the cure for AIDS

12 Dec 2004 @ 09:24 by dempstress : When considering Gaism
some years ago I came to a similar thought. Considering the earth as a coherent life-form, what are the most dangerous times of life for any being? Birth and early years, reproduction and , of course, old age and inevitable final death.

If a planet is to reproduce then it needs independent vectors to achieve this aim. (Unless, of course, we consider the option of the planetary body being smashed to pieces, with the eventual possibility that some viral life forms might survive in spacve and eventually, as a comet or meteor, 'infect' another world with life at a later date. This, however, could hardly be considered a successful reproductive strategy!)

Thus humankind could be considered Gaia's attempt to get out into space and reproduce. However, as we can see by just looking about us, it is a high-risk strategy indeed, and one that looks set to kill the parent before reproduction is achieved.

Within this context we also have the (ok, I admit it, enjoyable) option of considering some political outlooks and those who hold them as nasty bugs infecting the system and threatening abortion and miscarriage of the planned birth.  

12 Dec 2004 @ 13:41 by martha : OK I'll stay tuned
but I stll stand by my first comment.  

4 Feb 2005 @ 02:37 by JAS @ : God has AIDS
Even though God created man, he created the first man exempt of all diseases,and man messed that up with the fall of Adam. Later God sent Jesus to the cross, and doing so Jesus bore all of mankinds sin, and yes one was AIDS. but that doesnt mean that God has AIDS, nothing so foul and tainted may exist in such a divine and powerful spirit. Once Aids got anywhere close to Gods Power it would be no more because of his AWESOME HEALING POWER.  

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