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31 May 2005 @ 18:31, by Anthony Marsh

It's true, if you freeze sparkplugs with nitrogen vapor, you will get a faster cleaner spark as well as gain up to 25% more fuel economy and make the sparkplug last longer. They have also been doing this to disc brake rotors and brake pads, because they will last 4 times longer. Now they have moved on to enine components, increasing the longevity of the engine and like magic, almost tripling your gas milage. Now check this out. I have hands on expiriance with propane conversions, running a engine on propane, after its broke in on gasoline of course, will extend engine life basicly putting your engine into suspended animation, Ive seen engines last 10 times longer running on propane. Now mix this with the cryogenicly tempered engine and sparkplugs, and a multiple spark capasative discarge ingnition system(MSD unit to burn all the fuel in the cylinders compleetly). Not only would your engine last, it could be run in a much leaner enviorment, useing far less fuel. Right now if you were to run an engine in such a lean condition they tend to have preignition problems as well as running hot, burning holes in the pistons or burning the valves or both, you know that pinging sound you might get going up hills and hard accelerations, thats preignition and is extreemly bad for an engine. One of the experiments on the last shuttle mission, was to see just how lean you can get a fuel to burn, the flame ball experiment, the best they got was a 30 min burn time on just a small drop of ignighted fuel. So its posable to burn fuel very efficiantly in the right conditions. There are places around to get the frozen sparkplugs right now, ask someone, and spend the few extra dollars on them, and as the tech becomes more available, use it, save fuel and cut pollutants. It really starts with the individual, takeing the inititive to use less resources. It's all up to you and me as to how this tech gets used. Search it out in all its's forms and use it.

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1 Jun 2005 @ 01:22 by jmarc : ahh yes
I'd wondered why my engine didn't run so great when the temps around here get down to 10 below. Then I read the article. 300 below. brrrr. I wonder what the big hold up is on this. Not really feasable for us all to be dipping our car parts in cryo tanks, but there doesn't seem to be a good reason why it can't be integrated into the assembly process. And people put down nascar, lol. It's guys like this, doing those "mucho macho" things that pave the way for the rest of us.  

1 Jun 2005 @ 02:01 by bushman : Hmm.
Accually it's quite feasable now, right here in AZ, we have pink jeep tours, they got a bunch of jeeps, they send thier part to a local shop to be frozen, the cost to replace, and time down, these jeeps go all day so cluthes and brakes get worn fast. Less replacment means less brake dust in the envioment, although they dont use asbestos much any more in commercial brake linning, still brake dust is not a good thing. So basicly you can get parts and just send them in or you can just send them the disasembled engine, it's pretty straight forward and the cost is not as bad as one might think. I mean create the demand, and the cost will go down as well as the waste. I met the guy that came up with the idea of freezing brake and clutch parts, and it all started with his frozen sparkplugs. :}  

1 Jun 2005 @ 08:57 by maxtobin : A 'well Cool' Idea
But really the whole energy scene is about ready to be banged right out and into an entirely new realm. The electric motor (shame for the boys racers that it is silent too) based upon a zero point phenomena will come to be. Shame it is that the folk who discover these wonderous break throughs get clobered. Stanley Meyer was ready with his retro fitted Hydrogen technology and 'pop' he is a dead man. Now the technology is talked about and 'rights' to it keep changing hands (Meyers family wont want to be involved will they). The technology that works has disappearing (or dieing)inventors. Whilst that which is a big rort stays in the public eye but never quiet gets there. Where did Troy Reed with his surge technology get to? Our little secret here in NZ is Dr Robert Adams but after twenty years or so of being gagged and hasstled he has personality issues to deal with.
Keep on keeping on Bushman I know your heart is in the right place, we trust your country men will rediscover theirs as well!

The illuminated control from the top down system neds first to be blown out of the water then the rest will follow just as day follows night!  

1 Jun 2005 @ 16:47 by bushman : Maybe so :}
And you know there are people like us out there max. And there are some old ideas that are comming back, like converting cosmic rays to electricity, not zero point mind you, but pretty easy to understand. Devices called diode arrays, work like a cyrstal radio, something maybe Tesla figured out long ago. Takeing those radio waves and makeing a feedback loop, we know this can work just by what happens to a microphone feeding back, just gets louder and louder till the speakers blow. Self amplifing energy devices. The problem with zero point as I see it, is still one of those things we can do, but really have no clue where the energy comes from, if for instance if this zero point energy was pulled from the vacuum of space, it quite possably could change the cosmic balance, like a vacuum leak in space, or a vacuum leak in a light bulb, the filiment burns out, what would happen to our sun if the vacuum of space around it became less? Playing with zero point energy is like playing with a radio active element and not knowing its emitting radiation. So I can see why it would be good to put something on the shelf till we know more about it. Of corse the greed factor is there for sure. But right now there is old tech out there that could solve it, and new tech that is easily accessable, so it may be just a bandaid for the moment, but sitting idle, till someone comes up with the end all beat all solutions, is a far worse thing, because like a sinking boat, your not going to wait for a bigger bucket to float by, your going to do what you can to stall the enevitable, give you time to get to port and get the leak properly fixed. If you sit there and do nothing your boat will sink long before you make it to port. Anyone who owns a car, can buy the frozen sparkplugs, thier cost is minimal and they save fuel, they burn that fuel cleaner and last longer, right from the point of insallation. What we going to do NOW, to get the ball rolling? For the most part, zero point and surge tech at this point still cant produce the horsepower needs of trasportation and industry, Ive studied zero point, so far they can extract enough energy from zero point to light a flash light, they would have to build a MEG device the size of the moon to get power enough to power maybe one city like Los Angeles. Surge tech is the same, and has no way to to be carring that much equipment around with us. High heat and super cold have the potental to be a worthy power source. Try it at home, put boiling water in one cup and ice water in another, take a copper wire and make a loop and hook the 2 ends to a small flashlight bulb, and then bend the wire so you have it loop into the 2 cups of water. Electrons will flow till the temps balance out. They can't control us in that realm, as individuals, useing off the shelf tech, we are untouchable. :}  

27 Sep 2005 @ 19:36 by T.J. Ackerman @ : Frozen Spark Plug
Bushman, I want to respond that the man you met is NOT responsible for the development of the frozen plugs. I am responsible for putting the frozen plugs on the market. The man you met was not responsible for developing the idea of freezing clutches and brake parts either. If you want the facts, contact me.  

27 Sep 2005 @ 20:51 by bushman : Thanks,
will do. Sorry about that, had gotten confussed from the local radio show, who was who. :}  

1 Apr 2006 @ 15:11 by Mike Collins @ : TJ Ackerman
Tim - you are such a liar! You blew the opportunity to work with the patent holder due to your BS and inability to follow up!  

1 Apr 2006 @ 16:55 by bushman : Hmm,
Well I did get the plugs, and I figure I'm getting about 3-5 MPG better than I was getting. :}  

13 Apr 2008 @ 14:08 by T.J. @ : CRYO Performance
MIKE, just read what you wrote from 06. You are such an ass !!!!! You do not know the truth..... Learn the truth before you let your lips flap....TNT's DIST. Is the leader in the world on selling Frozen SPARKPLUGS......  

13 Apr 2008 @ 18:36 by bushman : Hey TJ :}
Im still running those sparkplugs, Im thinking its about time to replace them and do a valve ajustment. Ill email you. :}  

16 Apr 2008 @ 13:39 by TJ @ : bushman/ sparkplugs
Hi Bushman,
Please email me at and we will be happy to help you out.

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