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 *Doing* what works...
3 May 2002 @ 16:56, by sharie

Nothing compares with knowing you self as the Earth and Sky, knowing your self as the Ocean and the Stars, knowing your self as the Singer of the Uni*Verse...

When we feel our whole self, we know the food we eat, and the habitat we live in influences what we think, what we choose to do with our lives, and our overall sense of well-being... all the world is us.

Eating nutritious food (rather than polluting our bodies), drinking pure *alive* water (rather than city water) and feeling the life force flow through us in our Homes... we come to know Architecture is more powerful and influential than we'd ever imagined.

Most of us have a sense of how music impacts our lives, and what our clothing does for us, but do you think about what Architecture does - or doesn't do - for you? Are you aware of how your home invites and welcomes those you love? Or is you home accomodating something else altogether?

By using Architecture, Engineering, and Natural Building Materials to nurture a healthy way of life, they become vital to creating a New Civilization, re-inforcing our music and our art, and other guiding forces of our social community and our way of life.

A New Civilization needs a new way of thinking, a new way of interacting, a new way of *doing* ...

A New Civilization needs new architecture, new music, new social policies, a new scientific paradigm, a new economy, a new psychology, and new supports for living healthy and maintaining peace within and peace worldwide.

Everyone needs food and shelter, and fresh water to survive. And everyone needs to feel they belong. They need to feel valued and treasured. This would contribute to world peace.
So simple, low-cost, Earth-friendly, energy-efficient, sustainable housing is vital to a sustainable new civilization.

I've designed Kits that can be custom-ordered to comfortably accomodate families and individuals in their natural Living Environment.

Each Kit contains the building materials for constructing a highly functional, inspirational home that each family or individual can piece together in less than a week. These home designs are for vegetarian lifestyles... the home designs help you to grow your own fruits and vegetables. This is because we (Americans) feed 80% of our grain to cows and pigs, while 80% of the world lives in poverty with inadequate nutrition. So these home are designed to help world peace. They're designed to free the homeowner to have more time to care for the health and well-being of themselves and those they love, to free them from the drudgery and slavery to a *job* they don't like, to free them to develop their own potentials, their talents, gifts, and spiritual life.

I see no way we can feed 80% of America's grains to cows and pigs while thousands of human beings are starving to death every year. That will not bring us world peace.

When these new Architectural designs began evolving, over a year ago, we decided to lay out the designs on webpages, and make them available for free online. We felt this would make the transition go faster than if we tried to control, own, and promote the designs under a copyright or patent.

The designs have continued to evolve since then, providing more and more options that will accomodate a variety of lifestyles. The furniture and home appliances are as innovative as the architectural designs. It's the making of a whole new world.

I hope to have my music online free in a few months too, and we're starting music videos that promote a whole new world. We're open to suggestions if anyone has constructive comments for creating a healthy, sustainable new way of life. Those of us working on these projects have invested our entire lives, working ourselves to the brink of collapse and exhaustion, because we want a world worthy of the children of God. We want heaven on earth, we've set our sights on it, and we see heaven on earth is us.

Thank you all for your kind words and loving support.

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