New Civilization News: A New Way of Measuring Wealth    
 A New Way of Measuring Wealth
6 Aug 2002 @ 15:36, by sharie

Are you convinced that wealth is determined by your bank balance, stock portfolio, and other assets?

The dictionary says that *wealth* refers to resources of value to exchange or use.

Since you are infinitely resourceful, you are infinitely wealthy.

Your talents, your brilliance, your insights, ideas, innovations, hope, and encouragement are your wealth, and since you are more flexible than material possesions, since you earn more interest than any bank account, and since your inherent worth is unlimited, your wealth is beyond compare.

No financial statement, stock portfolio, diamond mine, oil well or skyscraper can stand up to your value because your worth is eternal and ever-lasting.

Your love and joy is more valuable than all the treasures in the world.

That makes you the new measure of wealth.

( ... And so is everyone ... )

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