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 Citizens of Heaven
19 Oct 2002 @ 15:15, by sharie

As beings of light, our multi-faceted brilliance allows us to experience the manifestation of anything we choose. The question is "what do we choose?"

If you wonder what you choose, the answer is:
you choose what you experience.

If you want to choose to experience something different than what you have been experiencing, you can choose that too.

The question is "what do you want to choose?"

I choose the best of all possible worlds, and since anything is possible, I choose heaven on earth, which I think must surely be better than heaven in the sky. It seems to be that the Earth is such a wonderful and marvelous place. And that *heaven after death* place is not that appealing to me.

So I've been focusing my investigation on heaven on earth, and have been discovering quite a lot about it. It's a way of life with loving kindness and heavenly place. A magical, miraculous realm of beauty and wonder. I believe in this more than I believe in anything, so I'm choosing to focus my heart and mind on the realm and the kingdom of heaven on earth.

I'll keep you posted of my progress.

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