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 Heavenly Being
3 Nov 2002 @ 17:38, by sharie

All things are possible.

So the question is: What do I believe in most?
What do I want most?

More than anything, I believe in eternal life.

I feel life eternal, both inside and outside of me. The Spirit of Life is eternal.

More than anything, I want Heaven on Earth.

The focus of my Newslog focus is becoming more and more about Heaven on Earth.

It's the best of all possible worlds - human, earthly, spiritual, and cosmic.

How does Heaven on Earth come to be?

Heaven on Earth is here now. It always has been here now.

The real question is "how do we come to be heaven"?

We have always been heaven on earth. It's simply a matter of awakening to the truth of who we are.

Humankind has a consciousness, which we experience in our daily lives.

Each of us has a mind of our own, and a vast spectrum of beliefs, experiences, and goals to choose from...
rather magnificent when you think of it, because there is so much we can comprehend and retrieve, inter-relate and construct.

The Earth also has a consciousness, an intelligence, a brilliance... a vast array of life forms, each with their own goals.

Minerals have a consciousness, a life form, which your body depends on (iron, magnesium, carbon, and so on) You'd be dead if it weren't for the life-force - the consciousness - in the minerals.

Gases have a consciousness too. You'd be dead without the life-force in oxygen, nitrogen, and so on.

The cosmos too has a consciousness, an intelligence, balancing the planets, the expansion and contraction of suns and solar systems...

The source of all of the physical realm -here on earth, human life, and throughout the cosmos - is intelligent. To some, it is God. Others call it nirvana. People around the world, from cultures of every variety, have their own name for the All-Knowing.

What is the meaning of this intelligent universe?

That the oneness of consciousness be embraced in all of life.

This is heaven on earth.

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