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 What is Sacred?
8 Jan 2003 @ 18:13, by sharie

I cannot think of anything more sacred than human life, human well-being, and fulfilling our potential in every aspect of our humanity, to be spiritually fulfilled, emotionally at ease, physically healthy, intellectually brilliant, socially relaxed, sexually satisfied, and psychologically sound.

To ensure human life, human well-being, and opportunities for our human potential, we need a healthy environment in which to grow. This necessarily includes our living environment (our home, neighborhood, and community), our social environment (our family and friends), and our natural environment (naturally clean water, air, and food).

Because of this, war, corruption, and greed of every kind are denounced. This includes the greed for power beyond one's own resources, the greed for money and wealth beyond the needs of one's own family, and the greed for social status (the desire to be viewed as more valuable or worthy than any other human being).

To paraphrase Lord Acton, "Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

When money and power are concentrated into the hands of a few, the people as a whole tend to endure poverty, inadequate nutrition and the lack of means to mature socially, creatively, intellectually, and in every other aspect of life, which means the community is unable to benefit from its individual members' contributions.

The mass murders ordered by our U.S. government officials spans some 150 years. I happened upon these historical events one by one over the past several years. And they continue to haunt me.

I've begun compiling a list of them here for people to see for themselves. I'll continue to add to this entry as the info becomes available to me.

I apologize to those who choose to ignorance. I was oblivious to the corruption for most of my life. But the historical facts have become overwhelming, and the personal choice to open my mind to the truth of how our income taxes are being spent, and what it means to be an American can no longer be denied. No doubt the World Trade Center attacks have impacted my need to understand the hatred against us Americans.

The following list is a work in progress, but I'll begin by awakening to the truth about the U.S. involvement in WWII. Japan did not bomb the United States. This is political- economic propaganda. As we look beyond the lies, we see that yes, Japan did bomb American battle ships, military aircraft, military outposts and soldiers at Pearl Harbor. These U.S. invaders had taken possession of the independent nation of Hawai'i which was not a state of the U.S. but an independent peaceful nation. U.S. invasions were no doubt encroaching too close to the Pacific homeland of the Japanese people, so the Japanese struck back. Was Japan on the list of next land for America to invade and conquer? Europeans had invaded Indochina, and now euro-americans began to invade the South Pacific. Japan had been isolationists for hundreds of years (refusing trade relations, guns, and other *modern conveniences*), but they witnessed invasions coming from all sides. China was in dis-array because it controlled such a diverse population, many religions (including muslims!) and nearly 30 different languages. The China was made up of various factions. The Japanese people, however, were united, and sought to resist the invasions into asia. Japanese soldiers were vicious in their rape and torture of civilians, but the slaughter of asians by the Europeans and Americans cannot be considered more civilized. The following is an itemized list of U.S. military invasions around the world:

1950's: Korea, Indochina and Guatamala


1960's: Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam



1970's: Iraq, Chile, Lebanon


1980's: Nicaragua, Panama, and Afghanistan


1990's: Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia,
Boznia, Herzegovina, Somalia, Kosovo



As we confront the truth of our U.S. government corruption and propaganda lies to the people, we awaken from our sleep, throw off the chains that enslaved us to their sick and dying culture, and we create a new world, a new civilization.

Our tax dollars were used to create *capitalist* cultures/ consumer economies around the world. This required the destruction of the native people's agricultural and spiritual cultures. But provides new laborers for the billionaires who have turned the world population into consumers of their useless trinkets, while our Mother Earth is raped and stripped of everything that is good.

As an example, here is a quote from the CIA's website:

"Thereafter, South Korea achieved rapid economic growth, with per capita income far outstripping the level of North Korea"

They have used high-tech weaponry to slaughter the people, so they can set up puppet governments *to help them become economically prosperous*, *stripping* the developing countries of their minerals and oil, their chemicals, and anything else that could be converted into *goods and services* to accumulate wealth into their private bank accounts. They have used propaganda to convince the people they need to slave away for these new and improved *modern* conveniences - pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, bovine growth hormones, chemically-altered nicotine and pesticide-laced tobacco, the list goes on and on. The rate of cancer has increased exponentially due to the carcinogens created by the chemical/pharmaceutical/military industry. The billionaires of the world are consuming human lives in order to bulk up their bank accounts.

What is Sacred? Not money, personal greed, or living in the lap of luxury while children are starving to death.

Life is sacred. Being the fullest of our potentials, enjoying our oneness with all of life, with all of humanity, with our living environment, and all the universe is what I hold sacred.

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