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 Heaven on Earth is here and now
11 Apr 2003 @ 10:40, by sharie

The following edited reply was sent to an NCN member concerning my hope and vision for the world:

We have heaven on earth already provided for us here and now. It's just that people are mis-guided, and so busily clamouring for pseudo-prestige, pseudo-status, and a false power that they overlook the obvious. All the love and joy and truth and peace that we have ever wanted is within us, and our magnificent natural world offers us everything we need freely, without charge.

The mainstream culture is deluded by its many theories - most of which have no basis in nature or in fact, in humanity, or in spirit.

The many ludicrous theories of economics, for example, implore the greedy to exploit the health and well-being of the masses and to destroy our natural environment, our life-support system.

We cannot have a *healthy* economy when the people are sick and exhausted, drugged out on synthetic chemicals and eating toxic, poisonedd processed *food* ... while our Mother Earth is stripped of her trees, her water is polluted, and her air is poisoned... this is a recipe for disaster, not for a *healthy* economy. Those who pursue this self-destructive insanity are creating hell on earth... where heaven on earth naturally resides.

There is an alternative to that self-destructive mainstream culture. Numerous articles on this mutlit-faceted topic are posted on this newslog for you. I invite you to read them, to learn a way of life that works for you and all the world.

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