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 The Real World
31 Dec 2003 @ 14:08, by sharie

What most people think of as *the real world out there* is really an illusion... a delusion created by the criminally insane... created by the billionaire's grubbing for more, their paid *economists* telling us that building a toxic factory will save our children's future... on and on the delusion and sickness goes...

Once we look beyond the mental illness of those who propose to lead the way, beyond the *reality* manifested by beliefs about wealth, superiority, economics, nature, humanity...

beyond what we're taught about *science* and the world we live in...

Once we look beyond the lies, and insist upon the truth,
we see who we are and what we're capable of, we see the truth of our magnificent Mother Earth and what she's capable of, we see *Life* ... the *spirit of Life* as the only reality... Everything else is an illusion that fades with time.

Only the Spirit of Life is real.

The Spirit of Life is Light, Love, Truth, Peace, Bliss, Eternity...

Everything else is just a temporary passing.

When we know ourselves as the Spirit of Life manifesting our bodies, our thoughts, our experiences, we have such a liberation of all we are.

Reject the *illusion* imposed upon us by the media, by the industrialists, the economists, the universities, the pharmaceutical companies, the weapons companies... don't believe in lies...

There is a truth far more beautiful...

and it lives in you.

The truth *is* you.

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