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 "Meeting the Planetary Challenge"
9 Jan 2004 @ 16:10, by sharie

I saw this title on the Events Calendar:
"Meeting the Planetary Challenge"
and I thought, "What *is* the Planetary Challenge?"

We all know about Global Warming, we know our air is polluted, our water poisoned...

some of us know the global drinking water supply has dwindled about 40% in the past 40 years, and that the world's ocean economy has plummeted over 50% over the past 40 years...

and then there's the Nuclear waste, and toxic waste, and depleted uranium, pesticides... and bovine spongiform

all getting into our water supply and our foods...

but what *really* is the Planetary Challenge?


Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy?

In our water?

Oh... they didn't tell you that?

... Ya see, after cows are slaughtered, there's a clean-up... with a waterhose, so all that cow fat and bones and stuff goes down the drain... into our rivers and oceans...

Let's see where was I?

Millions of different perspectives on this question of "Meeting the Planetary Challenge"... and perhaps thousands of different solutions to be offered...

So I'll offer my perspective on the problem and my solution:

The Planetary Challenge, as I see it, is to look at the problem from the Planet's perspective... and then to offer a solution based on the Planet's perspective.

I'm one from the growing crowd of believers in the unrefutable evidence that our Planet Earth is a sentient being, an intelligent life form.

I'll *prove* this very simply.

I know many people believe the Earth is just a dumb rock orbiting the sun.

But the Earth is not lifeless, the Earth is not stupid, the Earth is not without intelligence, and I will prove it.

Those who stand in judgment and proclaim the Earth to be stupid, I *challenge* you to *try* for 10 minutes...

*try* ...

living without the Earth's air...

*try* ...

a few days without the Earth's water or food...


a few weeks without any of the Earth's rocks...

without minerals...

without iron, magnesium, and other essential minerals...

then come back and tell me just how *stupid* the Earth is...

tell me the Earth hasn't a clue about *life*.

The truth is: We can't live without the Earth.

We haven't figured out yet how to do that.

But the Earth manages to provide us with what we need...

so we can live.

Because of this, we are not *separate* from the Earth.

I see myself as being ONE with the Earth.

And because of this...

I have insights into the perspective that Earth has on us.

I see the Planetary Challenge from Earth's perspective.

And I'll tell you what that is:

Earth demonstrates to us the way of life.

There are many errors in our cultural beliefs.

The scientific theories, and scientific laws of the mainstream culture have totally missed the mark.

If the experts had the answers, would we be in such a mess?

The economic theories are such hogwash... created by the morally and spiritually corrupt for the benefit of the morally and spiritually bankrupt.

The economic theories do not work for the people or for the planet.

Don't believe in the teachings of the mainstream culture. They are resulting in a sewer, a self-destructing society.

Allow Earth to teach what is true, and what does she demonstrate:

She freely gives.

Her very healthy economy is based on giving.

She demonstrates a Gift Economy...

of Freely Giving...

with a replenishment and healing...

rejuvenation and nurturance...

year after year after year.

Earth teaches many things but it is most rewarding to learn directly from her...

Begin by acknowledging the truth, appreciating all that you are, all that the Earth is, all that the universe is, and then ask deep within your soul, and out to the farthest star to *know* the truth.

And you will know.

"Love with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength... Love and you will know."

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