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 A New Heaven and a New Earth
14 Apr 2004 @ 15:02, by sharie

Have you noticed Angels are becoming the subject of more and more books and movies, television shows, and songs?

These are often *true* stories of personal encounters with angels, and the numbers are growing exponentially, by the hundreds and thousands.

If you're unaware of what's been written about angels,
the many books, movies and television programs, if you're unaware of the music composed for and about (and sometimes *by*) angels... then I recommend that you open up to the truth that the gates of heaven are opening to you.

Angels have been manifesting in the earthly realm,
the courts of heaven have been filling with human beings who have entered unto the gates with praise to find heaven is not in some other place or time, Heaven is Here and Now.

Heaven is becoming the reality of life
for so many people.

I am asked to refer you to this verse:

Rev 21:1 "And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea."

Yes, there is a new heaven and a new earth,
for they are not what we thought,
and so the heaven we come to know is earthly,
and the earth we come to know is heavenly.

I am experiencing heaven first-hand so I know this is true.

The last line of Revelations 21:1, however, I could not comprehend.

Can I accept a world without the sea?

I love the sea, and without the sea, earth would not seem so heavenly...

but just now, as I read this verse,
I was given a vision and asked to share it with you,
so that those of you who have ears to hear and eyes to see will understand it too.

The sea will be no more.

This is because as we become beings of light,
with a brilliance of light,
and a lightness of being,
we manifest a world of light.

As more of us manifest the world of light,
we manifest heaven as our realm of existence,
which many of us already experience.

This is complete with angels, miracles,
love, abundance, peace, joy, creative powers,
beauty, and everything heavenly.

The waters too will "lighten"
the seas will become "lighter",
less heavy
and instead more heavenly.

This is why the sea will be no more.

We will be in a new realm,
a new heaven,
where we are light
and float in an atmosphere of light water.

Some of you have already experienced this,
some of you have seen it in visions,
and know this is what is to come.

The sea will be no more,
because the sea will lighten to become our new world of light,
our new world of lightness,
our new world of perfect heaven,
where food is abundant,
water is precipitous and instantaneous.

Heaven is here and now.

Believe it, embrace it.

Heaven on earth embraces heavenly air and earthly waters to render a new heaven and a new earth.

*Serendipity* (they have explained) *is* as we had intuitively felt, the spontaneous manifestation of our desires, and is brought on by the power of the spirit of life, the spirit of light, the heaven of eternal truth, the light of life that is the essence of our being.

As we move our heart and mind and all of our life into the kingdom of heaven, as we commit our heart and mind to truth, as peace, love, and joy precedes our every thought, guiding our words and actions, we feel, see, experience heaven.

Our collective consciousness embraces the physical realm and spiritual realm as ONE life, and our earthly experience becomes heavenly.

Rather than thinking of the spiritual life as being "after death" while earthly life is that of the "living"

we choose to embrace Christ Consciousness as the brilliant intelligence of everything in existence,

as the brilliant omniscience of the unified field

the intelligence of all life,
human life, plant life, and mineral life
(yes, minerals are INTELLIGENT...
if it weren't for the brilliant life force in iron,
magnesium, and other minerals, you would be dead,
so kindly give credit where credit is due)

Heaven is Here and Now

Share the love and joy, the truth and peace that flows from your soul, release all else as the illusion that it is.

Embrace heaven on earth as your eternal life.

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