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27 Oct 2001 @ 08:23, by sindy


Written by Sindy*

Man-unity As Spirituality As Divi-unity

It has been a time honor tradition for philosophers, religions leaders, poets, artists, scientists and politicians to ponder the nature of man. Indeed, it is a motive of Divine Spiritual Intention that humans understand their nature. The divi-unity whispers within every human being, stirring self-curiosity and the need to seek purpose and meaning. In answer to this inner urging, throughout the ages the question has been asked: Is man good? Is man evil? Perhaps a bit of both?
their is plenty of evidence leading directly and completely to one conclusion? THAT HUMAN BEINGS ARE INDEED GOOD*^^. There are many beliefs and judgments placed upon that evidence that lead to quite another conclusion: that humans are wretched and WICKED. Thus, the answer has been quite difficult. I instead, there now exist many conflicting thought system, generally within the religious realm, that describe the human being as both good and evil-live. With each system comes an elaborate set of understandings and rules, These rules are quite specific in ordering the human being to make certain choices which will ensure that he or she always stays on the "good-god" path--the straight and narrow---ever vigilant against the evil-live impulse rearing its ugly head.
The logical flaw within such though systems is the premise that human nature can be altered by human ideology. Humans will be human and humans will ACT: (Action-Carry-Thought )human regardless to any dictates to the contrary. Societies have not hope of ever successfully controlling human nature if they insist upon working against it. No matter what RACE or CULTURE, not matter what RELIGIOUS affiliation, no matter what social or ECONOMIC "STATIONS", no matter what PHYSICAL, SEXUAL or INTELLECTUAL orientation, no mater what ERRORS or aberrant behaviors have been chosen, no matter what level of SUCCESS at attainment of universal intention-- all humans beings are one and the SAME at their natural CORE. Each are apportionments of the Universal Divine. All human beings are divine. The inner divine guide remains hidden within the many layers of misconceptions, self imposed limitations, attitudes and reactionary choices,-- but its remains. For the Universal Spirit not only provides unlimited freedom and communicative guidance, it also provides insurance that humans can never completely stifle the SPIRIT*.

Human Purposes

The ultimate purpose of human existences is for a given spirit to develop and express its unique potential in physical form. This translates within the body as needs which facilitate self development and expression. As each individual achieves personal fulfillment of this purpose, a corresponding experiential expansion and fulfillment occurs within *ALL THAT IS*
The astronomical genetic uniqueness of each embodied spirit seeks release as an equally unique and necessary contribution of human civilization. Each successful contribution joins the totality in the manifestation of Divine Intention. Self expression is the goal to the CREATOR*. Regardless of what form this expression takes, no matter how seemingly insignificant or how substantial, not matter how public or private, no matter how acceptable by human judgmental standards, each unique contribution is an equal, valuable and necessary portion of the WHOLE*. The spiritual impetus is so important that humans are embodied with physical insurance that the needs of the spirit will be expressed.

Evil-live in Humans

The evil-live act of mankind are nothing more than innate self presevationary reactions of the spirit crying out for its soul awakening. The symptomatic pain and anguish, fear and violence shouts the frustration of spirit, but still goes UNHEEDED. Humans have become so mired within their own man-MADE ideas that they have severely altered the life experience by grossly limiting their receptivity to innate guidance. They are operation on half POWER at best and short circuiting themselves at worst. Humans operating on such a base level of existence reflects the sorry state of mass consciousness. And there is a predominance of unnecessary suffering. The emotional symptoms will eventually lead humans to wisdom, for they will not go away until the spirit is AWAKEN. This is a harsh and unnecessary course, tantamount of hitting ROCK bottom in order to gain ELIGHTENMENT*. There already exist such severe conditions both within individuals and societies that understanding must now be facilitated. For human beings cannot hope to begin to utilize their nature for the intended purpose, if they cannot even grasp this AWAKENING*. Regardless of this present state of sub-humanity, the divine tie remains, When it is accessed and utilized, the EVIL-LIVE (physical)- ACT-ACTION-CARRY-THOUGHT (old ways)-- that have sullied that reputation of human nature will become less and less frequent. The primary step toward this goal is in reestablishing the inner line of communication between SPIRIT, MIND and BODY. When the feeling signals of the spirit are interpreted accurately are acted upon optimally, the spirit achieves the self expression it desire, When humans act CORRECTLY upon these natural impulses, they cannot help but be MORAL*

The Will Freedom Spirit

The acceptance and manifestation of all spiritual intention was the task of WILL* The Will had freedom of active choice of any method within the imaginative mind to give life to the intention of the spirit. The choices would lead to physical events and outcomes in which the needs of spirit were accommodated, once the complete expression of the feeling had subsided, there would be certain conscious AWAKENING available to the individual. This was to be a cycle of learning through experiences so that an array of mental strategies could accumulate that would provide choices for spontaneous actions. Flexibility and spontaneity facilitated this cycle. The cycle would be repeated with new, often surprising and inventive situations created through. magnetic WILL ENERGY* Each facilitating spiritual intention, and a contribution to the expansion of All That Is* Totally spirit and will made Divine Intention or predestination compatible with FREE WILL. With a balanced, uninterrupted flow between spirit and will within body, events were created from the inside out. This was the optimal condition in which earthly events sprang from spiritual intention. All such events were pleasing to the spirit if they allowed for its development and expression in physical form. The human experience of pleasure was the reassurance from Divine Spirit that its flow of Universal Love Energy had been disrupted. When the Divine Love flows unabated there is a successful completion of the energy circuit between the individual and the totality of All That Is. This was to be * THE WAY*. This is what is known as the path of least resistance. Upon examining the WILL as a separate entity to learn its function, it is now necessary to conceptually Place it back within spirit where is belongs. WILL is not separate from spirit, it shall now be recognized as its feeling aspect. Feelings shall now respected for the powerful creative will energy that they contain. Feelings both communicate intentions from spirit and magnetically bring them into physical reality. Thoughts empowered with emotional energy will be more likely to become reality. Whether the thoughts are surround with joyous expectation, or dread,worry and fear, they will create events connected to the imagined mental scenario. The mind does not know if an event had been good or bad, but the SPIRIT does. Spiritual intention has been accomplished in physical reality when the FEELING of pleasure is experienced. IF there has been interference from the realm of mind the spiritual intention has not been accomplished, a painful event will result.
NOTE: pleasure and pain, the spiritual judgmental pronouncement. Make no further mistake: THERE IS NOT OTHER ACCURATE JUDGMENT.

Unit Of Universal Spirit

Spirit is consciousness and intention, and is experienced as thought and feeling. Uninterrupted spirit, aided by images of mind, create desired physical experience. Pleasure is the validation and reward of spiritual fulfillment. Through this path, the Universal is allowed to sense Itself through many widely varying experiences carried out by all the physical forms, Each from, whether it be VEGETABLE, MINERAL, ANIMAL or HUMAN offers its unique portion of totality of experience by accomplishing its own expression. Indeed, every unit of matter is imbued with conscious spiritual intention following the pleasure/pain, attraction and repulsion principle-- including subatomic quanta. Forms less complex than humans enjoy the clearest channel to spiritual intention with less interference from their own experience. The behavior of animals, of ten highly organized, intelligent and mathematically precise, exposes the communicative clarity between spirit and will. But this clarity goes largely unrecognized and is dismissed by humans as "instinctive" behavior.

What these Lesson seek to impart is that humans are also attuned with such guidance in their own form of predictable, organized and mathematically precise instinct. This is their creative development and expression. This is their natural morality. It should not be so puzzling that a colony of and it can interact together as one conscious ENTITY* with each individual carrying out its part of the WHOLE* this SHOULD BE NO MORE MYSTERIOUS THAN QUANTA OPERATING IN CONCERT TO FORM ATOMS, THAN ATOMS OPERATING IN CONCERT TO FORM ATOMS, than atoms operation in concert to from matter than cells operating to form civilization should be as least as successful as ants.
Every unit of every thing is a *UNIT* of Universal Spirit. Every UNIT HAS CONSCIOUSNESS AND INTENTION. EVERY UNIT MEETS SUCCESS AND FULFILLMENT IF THERE IS NO RESISTANCE. Every unite has a unique experience through which the totality of All That Is can find pleasure in experiencing Itself.

To End:
The difference with human, is that the path of least resistance operates uniquely, for it now has navigate through the realm of *MIND*


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