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  The Magic of the Raven
picture5 Oct 2004 @ 05:51, by Kay Simmons

I have always had a love for birds and communicate well with them having learned to call the birds to come to me many years ago. I particularly love the majestic Raven with its nearly three foot wingspan.

The Magic of the Raven

The magic began to get really intense a few years ago when I was in training to be a Celtic Priestess. I was doing a channel session for the women prior to leaving on a field trip to Geronimo’s crystal cave in Southern Arizona and I was channeling Geronimo. He said that he would welcome us and meet with us at the caves.

I have been to his cave many times and take small groups there. According to Marek and Michael my Spirit associates, there are 5 ley lines in the complex of caves and the energy is such that if you make your intention known to the Universe your desires will manifest five times faster than if sitting in your home meditating. Needless to say the women were really excited. Packing enough food to last a week even though we were only spending the day, and gathering a collection of drums and rattles and blue corn as an offering to the Great Spirit, we headed out.

Now the Priestess pays attention to Omens or signs along the way. One of those omens turned out to be three red tailed hawks circling above us along the Interstate and that means sacred magic and messages from spirit. Animals to the Priestess are powerful medicine and good friends and since they always bring a special message for us we were all wondering what it would be.

The intense heat of summer has passed and so we have mild weather with clear blue Arizona skies and driving along we sing one of our favorite Shaina Noll songs "How could anyone ever tell you" from her album "Songs for the Inner Child" and this song is the theme song of our Southern Arizona group. We each had happy expectations for a joyous day.


Arizona has rock formations unlike any to be found anywhere on the planet. Stacked straight up one on top of another they never fall. They appear like Sentries on guard duty standing for eternity strong and stately. We talked in hushed tones about what we think Geronimo might have to say to us. All the ladies assume that I will channel him again. Little did any of know what would really happen that day.

When we arrived at the caves we pulled over and parked under a huge old oak tree and just sat there in silence… Just sitting and listening. We were mesmerized by the shear energy of the place. Long ago there was a great volcano that tossed up these great boulders that landed one on top of the other. They don’t fall down or slip and slide around. They really stay put so that it is safe to go inside and explore. Geronimo found this place and knew that is was really special and sacred. He prayed to the Great Spirit here and he and his men would replenish their energy here when they got very tired.

Eventually we got out of the car in silence and just stood looking around, but, as I got out of the car I had to duck under a low branch and as I did so I heard “hello… hello… hello.” As I straightened up just at eye level was an ancient raven calling to me and to the others. He spoke so clearly in human words that all of us heard and understood. In turn we spoke to him.

“You are such a handsome fellow” one of us spoke softly and with that he began to strut back and forth along the branch stopping from time to time to ruffle his feathers, preen himself and then repeated… hello… hello. He knew what we were saying to him. He told us that he would stay with us all day and show us around and that he would bid us farewell when it was time to go home. We were entranced feeling magic in the air.

All that day the spirit of great Chief, Geronimo stayed with us. Geronimo the old Raven also stayed all day. That is what we named the old Raven. Why? Well we knew that Geronimo was one of the greatest of all the wise Indian Shape Shifters. We felt that he had shape shifted his energy into the great bird. He was an ancient soul who came to earth to help another group of souls through a very difficult series of events. Geronimo, like Rasputin could not be killed. Many times the American Soldiers would point their guns at his chest at close range and watch in awesome terror as the bullets would pass straight through his body and he would simply turn and walk away. This happened time and again. We as priestess knew that this mighty one came forth from ancient times. He was one of the noble ones involved with Camelot and with the Joan of Arc Saga and he is still with humanity helping shift for eternity the consciousness of Humanity as only a wise old soul can. The Raven is legendary as a shape shifter as well. We could feel the energy connections between Geronimo and the Old Raven and so it seemed appropriate that they share the same name.

As for the great bird, once, long ago in Lemuria the Kahunas of the time were deeply troubled at the emotional muck that the people were trapped in. So they cried out to the Great Solar Birds, the Ravens of that time, to come and help. Ravens at the time were white, according to ancient legend but, as the Ravens drew close to humans they were able to see the black gooey muck of the energy field of most of the humans. In there effort to help. the Ravens got too close to the humans and got coated with the black gooey muck. The Ravens were no longer the mighty solar birds but now were earth bound and they became as black as the muck they had tried so courageously to remove from the energy fields of the humans. Now they could not return home. Like so many humans they were earth bound until such time as humans could learn to understand the majesty they really are. It is said that you can tell where the 4th dimensional humans are when you find large flocks of Ravens. It is said the monarchy of England will fall when the Raven leaves the great Tower. Churchill was concerned with the small number of Ravens during WWII and sent to the North Country for more pairs in order to preserve the Monarchy.

We climbed all through the rocks that day looking at the ancient smoke signal pots up on top and then on the inside on the floor were several bowl-like ground-out spots for mixing medicines or for doing sacred ceremonial smudging. The Indians used sage and other grasses and lit it and used the smoke the way churches use incense to cleanse and purify. Outside on the backside of the huge complex of boulders is a hollowed out place at shoulder height just the right size to put your face inside. In meditation, I had been told that if you put you face inside and sing the oms … up and down the musical scale that when you hit your soul note, …that you can see visions or hear the messages of Spirit. Each of us took a turn and then later back inside during lunch we shared our experiences. Many of us saw Geronimo in visions. Many saw Young warriors on their painted ponies riding by. Another said that one of the Indians told her that they were so glad that Americans were beginning to learn to respect the Indians and appreciate them.

Finally we gathered our belongings making certain that we left nothing behind. The priestess has a reverence for mother earth and is careful not to leave messes behind. As we loaded our car to return home, there on the same branch was the old Raven, Geronimo calling to us… Bye… Bye… Bye. As we drove off he flew behind us for a little ways.

Many months have passed since that day and many things have happened. My husband and I have bought a new home in the Santa Rita Mountains of Southern Arizona. The day we knew we were going to buy our new home we had stopped at a small café called the Gathering Grounds in Patagonia. We treated ourselves to a couple of veggie wraps and were sitting on a bench at the courthouse overlooking the city park when I spotted a very handsome young raven sleek and iridescent with hues of black and purple sitting in the huge old pine tree in front of the porch where we were sitting. He sat there the entire time that we were eating. When we were finished I gathered up our trash and put it in the waste basket on the porch and went and sat back down beside my hubby. We had all three of our dogs on leashes but that did not stop the raven from leaving his place in the pine tree and with a great gliding sweep he soared down and under the porch roof and passed with in feet of me. He was so close that I could hear the whooshing sound of his wings and feel on my face the rush of the wind created by those wings. Circling around in the air above us a few times he went back up into the tree. As we left I just know that his eyes followed us as we went up the hillside to our new home. Getting out of the car the first thing I did was run up to the great pine in our front yard at the edge of the drive way. I hugged that old tree and told it how glad I was to have it in my yard and that we would become good friends. I greeted the tree before I even went inside the house. That is how important that tree is to me. As priestess, I know that the pines clean the air of all manners of toxins and poisonous emissions from factories and automobiles. As I walked towards the house I heard the call of Raven and turning I spotted him sitting up in the pine tree.

“Hello my friend”, I call out to him and wave and grin real big at him. He hops back and forth from one foot to the other and paces back and forth. During the process of moving that raven was there to greet me every time I came to see the house, show it to a friend or bring a carload of things to take into the house.

Now that I am finally moved in the raven calls to me every morning at 8am. I always go out on the porch to speak with him. He has a message for me, I know he does.

“What is it? Tell me.”

But it was several days before I got the answer to my question and understood. There were a series of events in which the raven and sometimes he brought a couple of his friends to meet me. One day I saw a raven making backward loops in the sky above me. Now Ravens don’t usually do that. The priestess thinks of this sort of thing as an omen, something that we pay attention to. My curiosity was growing. And then it happened. The day for the answer came.

I was in the Spritual Community I-Conference discussion room speaking with a young man who lives in Pakistan. We talked of many things for several hours. I connected with him at about 2am in my time zone and we talked until just after 6:30 that morning. He told me how lonely he is because he has no one to talk to about his belief in the oneness of all of humanity and how humanity has one soul that makes us all connected, brothers, sisters and family. We spoke of the Heart Chakra as being the point of energy for compassion under the direction of the soul self and of how compassion is the energy that will heal our Planet and restore integration / integrity for the greatest good of all of us.

He did sound very lonely to me. He kept telling me how much he appreciated my staying and spending time with him. I told him that I would not leave him alone. I told him that I have the ability to project myself in my astral body to people in far distant places and that many people could actually see me. He asked me to do this and come and visit with him in his living room. We said our goodbyes and went our own ways that morning.

Heading for the kitchen for a drink of water I was greeted by Raven sitting on my window sill. Now this is very unusual behavior and therefore a great omen. I turned and went to the door and opening it and going out onto the porch I was amazed to see Raven sitting on a beam under the roof.

“Raven what is it that you want to say to me?”

“Do it! Just do it! Go to him! Go now!” and with those words Raven flew up and out of site but, in his place I saw Geronimo on his painted pony. In his hand was a staff or spear with feathers on streamers on one end. He raised it high above his head and rearing back on his pony he rammed that spear into the ground and then thrust his arm high into the air and bringing it down pounded his chest in the kind of salute reserved for dignitaries or for someone you have great respect for.

With a great voice he cried out, “Welcome home Lady of Camelot. It is time now to unite the worlds and all kingdoms. Do it. Do it now.”

I got the message from Geronimo and from the Raven that he shifted his consciousness into. The raven has been quiet the past few days. I remember Geronimo from the days of Camelot and also riding with him along side Joan of Arc. That mighty one has been involved with many things that have shifted for all time the consciousness of humanity. Now I think and reflect until the next time raven comes to me.

Months have gone by and it is April 2004 and time for the groundbreaking ceremony for the new wellness center that Wayne and I is building here. Geronimo has been coming every day for his dinner. He walks right up to me now. He loves corn chips. Every morning I see him out on the point where we are building the center walking in circles as if in meditation. When the participants began to arrive Geronimo would perch on the lowest branch of the mesquite tree at the edge of the driveway. He never flew away and then during the processional from the house out to the Point he sat in a tree just a few feet from us and watched the ceremony. He stayed with me until June and then took off for the High Country.

It is October now and the weather is getting cooler and there is a touch of Fall in the air. I have seen the first herds of Antelope behind the house. And then I hear him. The call of Geronimo high above me. I run into the house for some corn chips and then hurry outside. " Geronimo" I call out. He swoops down and lands just feet from me and I toss some chips to him. He hops excitedly from foot to foot chattering to me and I know he is as glad to see me as I am to see him.

In the photo of the great bird you will notice that he is standing on one leg. Ravens don't do that very often. But he does. That is his own special magic.

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