New Civilization News: Thirst for Light invokes the Darkness?    
 Thirst for Light invokes the Darkness?
picture7 May 2002 @ 01:22, by ashanti

I found this really thought-provoking statement the other day:

"As the most dramatic example of our times, the New Ager's frantic thirst for the 'Light' is INVARIABLY INVOKING DARKNESS. If the 'other side of the coin' is disregarded or pushed away, it will persist and it will be only a matter of time until this other side will manifest. Any society with a sufficient number of people that is 'blinded by the light' WILL self-destruct in time or invite its destruction by outer forces."

This is from Max Sandor's evolving online book, "The Little Purple Notebook On How To Escape From This Universe" available at: [link]

The specific article, entitled "The Matrix - introduction", is here.

I think there is a lot to this - so many Light, Advanced and highly evolved civilizations have attracted darkness and destruction - such as Tibet (most recent, visible example).
Using this concept as an accepted premise for the sake of further examination, it would follow that the more we want peace, light, and love, the more we attract the opposite - war, darkness, hatred. Since we currently live in a Universe that operates on polarities - (this is not the Home universe, of course, which is beyond dualism, but where we are NOW, is) - this kind of makes sense. It also seems to offer an explanation for why so many enterprises, which were begun with good intentions of creating Peace and Joy, collapse in on themselves - with infighting, bickering, and so on.

What do NCNers think?

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