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2 Dec 2003 @ 15:12, by Mark Smollin

It is our shared purpose to co-discover and co-create a Healthy Society.

Through ongoing political and media references planet-wide, human society has become divided by labeling one segment of the population from another, based on any criteria that some people might share. We often reference the 'Poor,' 'Immigrants,' 'Communists,' Conservatives,' 'Scientists,' 'The Homeless' and the like, in a very long list of subgroups of human beings. This activity is useful on a superficial basis and yet it conditions our minds to believe that different groups of people have different basic needs, or that one group is not entitled to the same liberties as another group. This seeds prejudice, bias, segregation and war! It seems that we have set ourselves up in competition with one another, disconnected our global human family artificially, for special interests not associated with the general welfare. I believe it is important to understand and visualize that we are one family with the same basic needs for survival, no matter where you live, what religion you practice, how much money you have, your sex, age, or the color of your skin.

In order to govern ourselves equitably, it is vital that social and political agendas focus to provide infrastructure and resources to support human life consistently. The first meaning of life is to survive and so this is what we are trying to do. However, we have been making feeble attempts on a limited basis which are not sustainable. If we hope for a better future, we must identify and practice shared purpose in a way that preserves human diversity.

What we are looking for is the most basic form of Universal Philosophy that all people can relate to and participate in. This is a valuable goal. Let us not confuse the intellectual pursuit of meta-physical philosophy with this practical need to have a clear incentive for living and working together. Why do you get up in the morning?

The opening statement is designed for ALL people to comprehend, to be profound, truthful and trustworthy. It makes no judgements, but sets before us the core challenge that has always been and always will be our true path. It provides the primary goal of making a healthy society and instructs that we must learn what a "Healthy Society" is. The use of the word "Healthy" is the key governor to making responsible individual and group decisions in any situation. If this statement (or similar statement) is adopted and applied, it becomes difficult to argue or hold conflict against a healthy course. War is not healthy, nor is smoking, lying, or taking more than one needs from the planet.

To include context for our place in the cosmos and respect for the environment a variation on the statement would be:

It is our shared purpose to co-discover and co-create a Healthy Society co-existing in harmony with nature.

The Conscious Evolution Community of Santa Barbara made this statement of shared purpose on 29 April 2003:

"Our purpose is to be a habitat for conscious evolution. Recognizing our oneness with Spirit, we co-create with each other and Nature's Intelligence to discover and contribute our genius for self and social benefit."

I urge that we concentrate on the subject of shared purpose and place our energies on aligning our dreams and actions with the essential need to form a common, positive foundation for our evolution.

Mark Smollin - 2003.12.01

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1 comment

3 Dec 2003 @ 02:48 by jazzolog : A Delight And Honor
Your essay is a great help and inspiration, Mark. Thank you.  

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