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picture picture 20 Dec 2005 @ 07:24, by Max Tobin

I know that a lot of the members are highly creative and so you may be interested to learn about and perhaps to try some new software that we have discovered and are using to prepare our web books for publishing.

We have the first book on our site as a give away in the Native American Tradition and it is timely that this can be for the summer/winter solstice (depending upon your hemisphere) "The Key" There is more to follow, and we are planning a web based learning course which the software also allows for.

You can download a free trial copy of the software from our site and have a play; we believe that you will be impressed. It is possible to embed multimedia (video and sound) as well as live links to web based files or … there are many features > so get creative!!. from here
It is also ideal for all you artists to create book or gallery packages or photo albums.

Best of all in our view is that there is a secure system to sell and distribute the web books if you desire that. It is possible to provide a number of pages that can be accessed as a taster, from within the book a secure site is accessed to allow the purchase of the book which is then limited to that computer. The book can be e mailed from within itself and will again be secure with only the set number of pages available. It is also possible to make the publication available for a set time and then to ‘die’ securing it for a certain period only.

AND it can be setup to sit on the desk top just as a book would and when you click on a page (or button or arrow or icon) it turns just like a book would, very cool!! We are enjoying playing with it and feel that it will become a standard just like adobe has. Time will tell!!

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6 Feb 2014 @ 03:37 by ralphrotten : ebook software?
What happened to the software? That sounds cool to embed video clips in an ebook. Id love to try that! It would be like reading at Hogwarts!  

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