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 For Andy, For All
20 Sep 2002 @ 05:42, by tdeane

All things happen for a reason, Andy, and I can only assume your hurt, however temporary and which I felt, was yet one more example of the interconnectedness we share when we are receptive to each other. I hold hurt only temporarily, as well, and use it to go to that place, that special connection we have, I believe, the brain ~ the logical brain ~ where I connect to my godmind through my child eyes.

When I went to that place with what I had written in the comment I posted, it was translated into positive cosmic energy that reads like this: All that you have experienced here in NCN, both people and events, have been necessary and beautiful illuminations along your path.

Go now to that place we both love, the world of the mind, and from there transport yourself into the skies to the tiniest star there is, where you will find me. I am the littlest, clumsiest angel, with two kittens in my arms, a broken wing, and a bandage on my nose from my foot hitting my face when I forget to open my mouth, and I am connected to my siamese twin soul, simpleman. (Nothing's broken on him). Okay, now let's fly together around the world that I have discovered, and which I promised I would tell you about.

The first thing I must tell you is that the Universe, the God of Gods (my God is genderless), needed to create a species similar to the antibodies in the mini-universe of your physical body. The heart of the Universe in my world is the beautiful blue Earth, my Mother. God, my Father, the Cosmic Brain, created humanity, born of the Earth so we would have true "heart," to lovingly bring into balance and protect that which has been created, as the Universe continues to expand infinitely to open continuous possibilities for all it has created. Can you also see the mini-Universe in NCN, Ming's metaphor of his Universe, and how he is doing the same thing, creating more opportunities? Can you also see the analogy in the membership of NCN and the responsibilities and healing possibilities entailed in this particular universe?

In the infinite wisdom of the Cosmic Brain, the first lessons of humanity have been the harshest, because before endowing us with our full power, we first had to learn what the misuse of this power could do. This is why humanity is in turmoil as it is. Our spirits are ancient, reliving over and over the mistakes right up to the edge of the cliff, so it has become embedded in our psyche how power cannot be used. The most ancient of spirits are those of the most oppressed, the most downtrodden, the most rejected, the most wicked, and the forgotten ones. It is thus, because the most ancient have the most wisdom and strength to withstand the pain. Seek out that wisdom, and you will find the missing data needed to access the solutions from the Cosmic Brain.

Each and every human being has been given a purpose without blame from the Universe. The Earth moving off its axis and exploding into bits and pieces is a message, as we see so often in Nature. It can occur if we let it, or we can choose to see that our first healing job involves coming together as a species so that the Earth may remain whole. To keep the Earth on its axis, we must restore balance, and we must do so by first accepting that the Universe loves us equally, and no matter how great or small ours jobs are, they are of equal importance in the Universe's Master Plan, as It relentlessly pursues more opportunities, more adventures for Itself and us, Its healing, protective cells.

Humanity is thus far It's most treasured, trusted and prized creation, so all of the solutions are simple ~ we have endured enough pain. The other 90% of our brain can be accessed simply by opening our minds with compassion and accepting equality and creating and maintaining the integrity of minimal logical systems. This will restore balance and we will heal our Mother, the heart of the Universe.

Remember, all knowledge we believe we have acquired must be re-examined with these things in mind. Because of being in our most imperfect state, this knowledge has been tainted.

It is not God who will ascend us; it is us who will ascend to the level of Gods, when we do these things, and the Earth will be restored to its perfect state by us.

You are an Indigo Child. You are thus because you have been told you are. I am an older Indigo Child because I am an orphan, I am simply called by a different name, God's child. All children young and old are Indigo Children. This is the importance of accessing the childmind in all. If they are told this and treated as such, so it will be. Perhaps part of your purpose may be communicating this to them, and opening their minds as yours has been opened. Only you can know that, because knowing your purpose will bring everything in the Universe together into a meaningful whole when it is true and you feel the doors to the other 90% opening.

This is my story, Andy, my cosmic child. Use this merely as a template for creating your story in a loving Universe of limitless possibilities. May you journey well, happily, profoundly in harmony with all that is.

As always, I surround us all with spiritual hugs and much love ~ Tricia

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