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picture13 Apr 2004 @ 19:09, by spells

Hi Everyone,

I was asked about Reiki and therefore wrote for you an overview. I hope this answers your questions...


Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal (Rei) Energy (ki). It is the essence of all life, pure and simple. It pervades everything and has the capacity/potential to balance, harmonize, raise vibration, open channels a.k.a. chakras and meridians, get to the cause of illness/disease and therefore “cure” anything.

We are all born with this energy and the energy is with us always, but we are not aware of how to align with it and therefore just need a reminder. That is what the "attunement/initiation" process is all about. The attunement is a ritual that opens up the chakras to the Reiki Symbols. The Universal Energy can then consciously flow through you for balancing, harmonizing, clearing and “healing”.

Employing Reiki signifies three very important points:

1. The use of intention. Reiki cannot be forced, pushed or controlled…it flows purely on intention. All one needs to do is intend the flow of The Reiki Energy for a specific task. When one is attuned to Reiki Level 1, that is all that is needed. Just quiet one’s mind and intend the energy to flow! There are specific hand positions that may be used, but as one becomes more adept at using this remarkable energy, theses are not mandatory. In fact, there is NO right or wrong…it is just a matter of setting intention.

2. Taking responsibility for one’s own progress. Even if an individual were to go for a Reiki Session with a practitioner, they are responsible for the progress of the session, NOT the practitioner. It is not always enough to allow the energy to flow. Awareness of the process and what is happening within the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies may be necessary. This is not to say that one must see or know all the levels of clearing or issues that emerge, but one must be ready to view and take responsibility for the cause of the discomfort or illness. Therefore, this brings us to the next point…

3. Reiki gets to the CAUSE of any illness, issue, discomfort or symptom. It is not a band aid. Finding the cause of any experience is absolutely necessary. Covering up symptoms just will not do. Getting to the cause can sometimes lead to what is known as a “healing crises”, where emotions and/or issues come to the surface to be released. Sometimes this proves to be uncomfortable, but the path to total healing is not always smooth. This can be compared to surgery. (although not the best analogy) In surgery, the problem is removed and the patient is cured (well somewhat) but until the person recovers from the surgery, this can be quite uncomfortable. Once the “recovery” period is over, the illness is gone and the patient feels good. Getting to the cause takes responsibility and perseverance, but the rewards are great. One is truly free of the issues etc that led to the malfunction.

4. A smaller point, I want to mention, is the use of thought-forms. Thought-forms have power and energy, this is a known fact. Reiki has 4 symbols/thought-forms, each with a specific purpose… 1)The Empowerment Symbol, which empowers the flow of energy and therefore, makes it stronger, 2) The Distance Symbol, which bridges time and distance, making it possible to send the energy anywhere and at anytime, no matter what the distance, 3) The Emotional/Mental Symbol, which bridges the emotional and mental bodies so that emotions can be crystallized, seen clearly and overcome and 3) The Attunement Symbol, which is used in the Reiki Initiation. Symbols are not used until one learns level 2.

Personally I have seen Reiki do many things from clearing up a sprained wrist, taking away migraine headaches, dissolving kidney stones and curing breast cancer. All but the sprained wrist took time, patience, seriousness and perseverance. Just for your reference, the sprained wrist took about 1 hour, the migraine headache about one hour, but to be rid of the headaches for good, took years, the kidney stones took 3 days of intensive sessions and the breast cancer took months of continued sessions and focus. This is not to say that all these illnesses could not have been dealt with more quickly, that is up to the individual. The point being made here is that this is a serious focus that requires one’s devotion to finding the cause.

Being attuned to Reiki and having it for your lifetime, I believe, is best and worthwhile. Once you are attuned, it is with you forever and cannot be lost, even if it is not used. This is not to say that going to a practitioner for sessions is not advised. Both are complete avenues for the use of Reiki. Sometimes when dealing with a chronic or serious condition, both in cooperation are recommended.

Included here will also be a link to a wonderful website that has plenty of information in an easy to read format. The symbols are also listed there for you to see. These symbols are for everyone, but unless you understand their importance, meaning and are attuned or aligned with them, they may not work at full potency for you.

My only objective here is to give you an overview of Reiki. I have practiced it for almost 10 years now and it truly changed my life as a tool for spiritual growth. Please always feel free to email me with questions or comments at: . I would also gladly meet you online or via phone call to discuss Reiki and/or send you the energy. I have attuned people long distance also via the phone or the net.

I wish you all well on your journey.

Love Sandi

The web site is: [link] I suggest reading the manuals listed there and just viewing the entire site…it is full of all or most of the info you need, with a different point of view.

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14 Apr 2004 @ 04:58 by spiritseek : Thank you Sandi...
Great article and website for Reiki, I bookmarked it for further reading because it has alot of information on that site. The Light Mission website is another fine site to visit and read.  

14 Apr 2004 @ 10:00 by spells : spritual tools...
Thanks Marie, I will check out that website...let me also add here that Reiki is a spiritual tool that can lead to growth and a complete change in life for the serious seeker. But remember it is a tool, and a tool is only as good as the way it is used. If you use a washing machine for bathing, it won't be as efficient, practical, progressive or comfortable (ha ha). But seriously you get my point. I also liken it to a muscle, use will make it stronger. Focus, truth, honesty, clarity and seriousness are necessary for any spiritual path...  

14 Apr 2004 @ 11:57 by skookum : I am second level
I too have found it to be a saver of my life and spiritual progression. It is hard to calculate.. who benefits more... me or those I treat.  

14 Apr 2004 @ 14:03 by magical_melody : Thanks Spells for the site info!
I appreciate the symbols of Reiki within the site. I have worked with other healing systems throughout the journey, and I will explore working with these as well. Thanks Sandi!  

15 Apr 2004 @ 10:56 by spiritseek : Imagine if...
I knew more about Reiki what more could be possible to heal others. Last night I read the whole Reiki website. I did the hand placements for areas of my body that needed healing. My throat was first because I had started a cold with a sore throat. After 5 minutes my sore throat went away and so did the cold symtems. I then did under my arm where I had the surgery, it felt calming and less tense afterward. I'm sure this spot will take alot more time to heal. So doing this without the Reiki knowledge is amazing in itself. I knew this works with the positive attitude and I know how to bring energy up from the ground and from the air into the crown chakra. With Reiki, clean water and healthy diet with exercise will keep the body healthier longer. HERES TO YOUR HEALTH, MINE AND OTHERS!  

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