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picture26 Dec 2004 @ 18:53, by spells

How Do I Explain the Path I Have Chosen?

I am writing this to explain, via a question, what my life has become,how it has evolved, the meaning of this to me and ultimately to everyone on this planet. The question in it's full length would read: How do I explain the path I have chosen in this life, on a planet that does not acknowledge the importance of the soul, consciousness, and the true meaning of why we are here?

Where do I even begin to explain such a phenomena? I'll start with the decison I made 4 years ago that would change the course of my life and,in all honesty, I did not realize it's implications at the time. It was on December 18, 2000 that I left all I knew and loved dearly..... my family, friends and home. In my ignorance and participation in the world consciousness I thought I was leaving merely for the possibility of a new relationship with a man, who had the same focus and interests in life, and that I only knew through the internet and phone conversations. I had the presence of mind at the time to know he was truly on the spiritual path I so longed for, but I didn't see or know just how life changing that would be. I also couldn't fathom just how much I would learn in the next 4 years, making it impossible to ever go back.

Through most of this incarnation on earth, I was always on a search for more than what life/society seemingly had to offer. If one looked at my life they would have thought it was complete in all it's aspects. I had a kind, good and loving husband, two wonderful children that I love more than life itself, and a career that I felt a passion for. Then what could possibly be missing and worth searching for? At the time I didn't know exactly what it was, I only knew that deep down within my soul, something was amiss, something just wasn't quite right.

There was really nothing offered by the world that could fill this empty void within me. I couldn't explain it myself. Now I see that we play so many "roles" in life. We are taught so many misguided beliefs and values, the results of which are our heads being filled with programming, beliefs and standards. The truth of the matter is that we are being led down a dark and ugly alley with no way out except from within. Almost everything that the societies of the world covet are leading us into a place of despair, a place that has no value on our true essence, the soul, and a place that leaves us in a cycle of karma with no end.

Most words have lost their true meanings and impact... and karma is one such word. It has come to mean something you must experience, correct or change from past lives or past deeds in this life. There is rarely talk of truly changing your karma and how to do that. For example, if you killed someone in another life, you may be killed in this life or must improve the karma with love in some way in order to improve or change it. How can one change their karma if they are living life after life and day after day in the same way with the same values?

The true meaning of the word, comes from the Natural Law of Karma, which is cause and effect, pure and simple. To every action there is a reaction. Every deed, focus, thought, act and intention has an effect on the world via the unified field at large. What you focus on, you become. These are not trivial words, these are Truth***. Focus on building your ego/image and that is what will be done. Believe all that is spoon fed to you from the day you are born, without question, and you will probably lose your naturally logical mind and all/most sanity. Does that sound extreme or judgemental? Then I suggest you take a moment to contemplate what I just wrote objectively for a moment. As you do this be aware of the feelings in your body, for in this way you will see how apparently and fundamentally true the statements are and that the focus of most cultures is just wrong! (You may actually feel tension and/or fear upon reading the words, but this your body's way of telling you that there is something to fear, not something to ignore.) These worldly goals and focuses do very little for the soul, which is our true essence and most of the world operates according to false beliefs, assumption, focuses and faith. It therefore appears that the whole world is sane and I am insane. This could not be further from the truth, although in a world gone crazy, the sane person will be the one believed quite mad.

Let me reiterate some things I have written in the past. A few quick examples of the many "programs" we are taught....
We are taught to live a life led by "schedules". We get up at a certain hour, we eat meals at designated times, we attend school, we go to work.
We strive to make a "better life" through prestige, image, possessions.
We are taught that we can't "make" it without an education (which is mostly only memorization of other peoples ideas, and not a true expansion of consciousness, creativity, learning or progression).
We watch images on television that tell us how to think, dress, act, when to laugh, when to cry, and that in the long run shorten our attention spans.
We are told by the media what is going on in the world (in about 60 seconds) or to put it more bluntly, we told by the media what they want us to know and believe about what is going on in the world.
We are told that our bodies are just "machines" that can be changed and/or cured via surgery and medicines, that usually kill more than heal.
We follow religious beliefs, rituals and traditions as if they are the Truth without question. We celebrate "holidays" through obligation because the culture we live in tells us to do so. (I have always wondered how Christmas has anything do with Christ really). Where is it written that Christ told us to have Christmas trees and spend more money than most of us can afford to celebrate His Coming. What has Santa Claus got to do with the teachings of Christ? Where in the frenzy of "holiday shopping and joy" do we acknowledge and live by the principles He tried to impart to the world? And my final many truly live the life that Christ lived and emulated in any remote way?

To put it bluntly our spirits have been dying a long slow death, and it is done so meticualously, that we don't even realize it, or quite honestly, we don't want to realize it. That is just too much for most minds to look at and admit. We have strayed so far from our true essence that to see the changes that need to ocurr and/or admit how far we have strayed, is just too scary and too life (style) threatening.

Let me go on to say that to most who know me, I look quite insane or "evil" because I broke many of societies rules and guidelines. I left my children and I cheated on my husband. Although my children were not babies anymore, I abandoned them none the less.

I was so confused and frightened that I went outside of myself to search for another soul that would understand, and therefore "betrayed" my husband. In reality, my only betrayal was in not telling the truth as it happened. If I had been of sane mind, pure intent and best benefit for all, I would have been upfront with my husband at the time instead of sneaking around with another man. If I had the presence of mind and crystal clear clarity, I would have explained to my children that I had to leave to save my soul, even it meant pain and anguish for all involved. But I didn't have the clarity, honesty and straightforwardness that was needed. Therefore, I kept up my image for as long as I could and then I ran.

Let's pause here for a moment and ask this important question.... are any of these things ( clarity, honesty and straightforwardness) valued in our society? Isn't it true that image is all that matters and therefore why search for the Truth or the true meaning of life? Many even believe that there is no truth to find. The ultimate excuse for not living by truth is the cliche': There is "your" truth and there is "my truth". This has baffled me to a point of frustration and anger, because if there is no such thing as Truth then there is no such thing as a lie. What a ludicrous idea and concept! Sorry folks, but I cannot imagine a universe operating as it does on such misguided precepts. I have been through many discussions in the past concerning this topic and the conclusion I always come to is that just because humans don't see or know the truth, in no way means or implies that it doesn't exist. Humans are not the beginning and end of knowledge and wisdom. The Universe would operate quite well (and possibly better) without them.

So now how do I convey to you what I have learned? How many will take any of this seriously based on my past and because of miguided beliefs. How do I pour into these words the passion, yearning, and ultimate need to stay on this path?

These past 4 years have been more difficult than I can explain. I have felt the agony, yes agony, of being separated from my children. In a society that cares mostly for image, how would it have been possible to explain to anyone, the despair and anguish I felt before leaving my young adult children, (and all that was familiar) even though I loved them dearly? How do I explain to them or anyone the importance of soulic growth and awareness in a world that cares my very little or nothing for such things. Even the most spiritual people I have met are not truly practitioners because the focus of consciousness expansion, soulic evolution, Truth, higher states of love and clairy are not their first priority in life. If it were the most important aspect of their lives, they would NOT spend MOST of their time in pursuit of career, education, notoriety, money, posessions etc. The bottom line is that if one is absolutely honest about the population's focus, it can be stated that most people care predominantly about how much money one makes, what kind of career one has, how one looks, and how many degrees one has etc. Then there is the facade of how one does seemingly acts of kindness and goodness when the intent and feeling behind these acts betray them, because if they really were out to do the highest benefit, one would only feel love and positivity. Another question begs t9 be can one "act" happy and/or nice, no matter what is going on inside themselves? It always seemed to me that everyone had the answer except me. They could laugh, work, do countless activities regardless of what turmoil was churning inside. They always "acted" in a positive way, but the feeling space around them felt downcast, nervous, angry, and/or a bit chaotic.

This all important focus for "image" is apparently true for if it wasn't, there would NOT be the need for so many medications to keep up the "facade". There is a treasure trove of meds for every ailment from high blood pressure to depression and "mood stabilization". This charade goes on to say that acting happy or nice is considered having a positive attitude, when in truth it is just dishonest. It is all really a negative attitude because the truth is being ignored, therefore avoided, and that is really a definition for a negative attitude.

The intent/feeling emanating from a person is another thing never or rarely discussed, the true feeling and the psychic vibe that is continuously and constantly felt. If one takes the time to notice, it is very obvious when a person is putting on an act to look good or appear aggreeable and forthcoming. Just listening to the tone of a voice reveals volumes. Again, it is long as you look good, act in a correct manner and say the correct things, then you are a "good person". It matters not how the space or the energy coming from a person/people feels. This is rarely, if ever, talked about and never discussed to any true resolution. Being real means being part of the crowd, accepted on the basis of false images and dishonesty. I know this will bring up protests from many, but say what you will, the truth won't change because you don't like it. Some will say that "psychic vibe" doesn't really exist, and to them I say then it is obvious that you have never felt love from or for another person, never felt the "tension" in the air during an argument and/or never had the courage to face and acknowledge all that you truly feel.

I have also felt guilt and despair at destroying a marriage and hurting a man I loved for many years. This coupled with the yearning to be near my kids, has also slowed me considerably on this path, but the path of the spirit only follows Truth. The path (Truth) really doesn't care how one feels, if one is uncomfortable or if one's life is totally disrupted. It is still the truth regardless of what it implies or how it disrupts one "comfort zone". In other words, following a path of spiritual progress and evolution and not materialism, ego, consumerism etc. is what is desparately needed for your soul, no matter how uncomfortable, scary, painful, disruptive, confusing, etc it is.

I still have a tendency to fluctuate between soul and ego. I still fall into the ways of the world and don't see with clarity and respect for what is true. This ocurrs less than before and I come out of it more quickly then in the past, but it is part of the inertia that still exists within my karma here on earth. Inertia is also a natural law that states (somewhat) that a moving object will continue to move in a certain direction unless a force of greater or equal intensity will change it. Old ways/habits/beliefs/modes/thoughts etc have inertia. Unless you are deliberate and focus on change, the inertia will stop you from making any true and lasting change. Action does speak louder than words. Affirm all you like, state what you intend to do all you like, think about what you want to do all you like, but unless you DO it, take action every minute making the necessary changes, and continue to do it until the inertia is overcome, nothing will change permanently.

I have fluctuated and teeter tottered between the ways of the world and the spiritual path for four years now. I have felt as one living in between two worlds. I had all the excuses for going off the path, such as....

I must right the wrongs I have done in hurting my family,
I am a mother first and therefore must return to my children, my remorse and sadness is so strong, I cannot go on in this way,
No one will understand or want to talk to me therefore I have to stay the way I am/was,
If I don't live in the way the world says I should, how will I survive?
I can't take the way people look at me or think of me because of what I have done and the way I live,
The spiritual path is not as much fun as activities that most people enjoy (this is the lamest excuse, I tried going back to watching tv, having trivial conversations, going out to comedy/dance clubs and/or other such activities and I always felt empty and regretful after.

The bottom line of the truth is that my soul has been awakened and brought into awareness and no matter how hard I try, I can't go back, because I see the futility of it and want to experience higher levels/states of love, clarity, expansion and wisdom. Whenever I try to return, I feel intense fear, pain and discomfort. I then ask these fundamental questions....If I don't do this, who will? If I don't do as I say, then I am a hypocryte and dishonest, therefore how can I convey these important truths to anyone else? How can I help anyone if I am not whole within myself? I just read in a book by Lynn Andrews that one cannot change or enlighten anyone if they are at the same level of consciousness as the people they are helping. If one is at the same level of consciousness, then they will only mirror them. If I only speak of the soul and the true purpose of life and don't practice it in every action, thought and deed to the best of my ability, (focusing on this over all else) then how can I be an example and transmit this knowledge to anyone else. This isn't a part time job, or hobby or pasttime...this is what life is all about.

I am reminded of the movie, "What Dreams May Come", if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. Briefly, it is about the love of a couple and how their souls and love continues after death. The husband (Robin Williams) dies in a car accident and subsequently his wife ends her life through suicide. Robin Williams is in "heaven", or higher state of consciousness, when he receives the news of Annie's death. She is stuck in a lower plane of consciousness and doesn't even realize she is dead. She is miserable in a dark, damp place that resembles her home on earth and cannot see a way out. Robin goes to her, traveling through many planes of consciousness to "rescue" her. She doesn't recognize him because he is in a higher plane of awareness and she can't see "UP". Therefore he decides to stay with her, lowering his state of consciousness so that she will recognize him, throughout eternity. This decision brings him down into this lower plane of awareness bringing with it fear and pain, and ultimately erases all the knowledge on the higher planes from where he just came. Therefore, he falls into the despair that she lives in, forgetting all else and seeing no way out. My point is this: The state of consciousness one is in, will determine how much one knows, Sees and learns. If you are in a lower state, you will not have the clarity or height to truly See. One can intend into place the quest for higher/more expansive knowledge, but in a lower state of consciousness there is a good chance they won't see the potential at all. This is the state of planet earth today in relation to human consciousness. It is at a level where it does not even see the potential of the spirit/essence and therefore doesn't strive to change. Humans (most) believe that this is the way it is and there is no other way. This couldn't be farther from the truth, it is only the level of awareness that we find ourselves in, here on this planet at this time. It is NOT true throughout the cosmos and it is not the intent of God***** or what we are here to do.

But again I feel lacking in my explanation of this. I cannot convey to the reader the importance and truth of this, I can only intend to express it to you and hope that someone will take this seriously enough to make changes and look deeper into it. Your soul knows the truth of all this, your mind, which is stuck in false beliefs, false values, false knowledge, false standards****, is key to what is holding you back at this moment. You are also stuck in the consciousness/awarenss level of the world mind*, a lower vibration that holds one back from Seeing and knowing higher states. As long as one lives and follows what the rest of their peers, family, countryman, religious sects etc believes, then they are aligned with that group mind** and it's level of consciousness and will have a difficult time seeing any other way. Those are the two things holding you back....NOTHING ELSE!

Now you may want to ask me...what have you accomplished? What have you learned? To write all I have learned would take numerous pages filling volumes of books, (perhaps in future articles) but I will tell you this. I have Seen why we are here and I have Seen what my true essence is. I have experienced raising the consciousness within myself and the immediate area and Seeing/feeling the difference without a doubt. I have seen my true essence and know the potentials therein. I have felt love that was higher and more intense than ever felt before. This was a pure soulic love that cannot be felt within the lower consciousness of the human consciousness. (to just name a few)

I have often felt unworthy of such feelings and Seeings, but this is what our soul knows, it is only our minds that keeps us from this knowing. This was NOT my imagination, it was real and it is true. If more people focused on such things, we could change the world. This is NOT my ego talking. I don't feel more important, superior or falsely elated. I am only expressing to you my experiences and thoughts in the hopes that it will awaken some spark within you to take action and change the course of your life resulting in the evolution of your soul.

The person who has changed my life and lead me onto this path is Matthew Webb, the founder and author of The World Mind Society. I have had the priviledge of living with him and experiencing all/most of what he has seen and written about. I have run from him and the path more than I care to admit. Many would say that I am putting him on a pedestal and/or I am brainwashed, and/or I belong to a cult. Believe what you like, I know what I have Seen, experienced and what my soul yearns to do. I have contemplated, meditated, journaled, gone on visionquests, walked in the woods and on the beach. I have silenced the chatter in my mind. I have had debates with myself on which way to live, and I tried over and over again to go back to the way I used to live. I have listened to the feelings in my body and the messages from within and it all comes to the same conclusion. Live the life you are meant to live, get out of the karma you have incurred and let your spirit soar to heights no human has possibly ever experienced here on earth.

Other arguments that people will bring up in relation to staying on the path with Mat is that I am just afraid to be alone, or your ego is hurt because you are not with him. I have delved into all those feelings and yes they have been true in the past and yes there is still some inertia and truth to those statements. But I am exerting equal or greater force to change that inertia. Because what is love? Is it the ownership of another person? Does it mean that just because you feel love for someone that you have control and ownership of that person? If you truly love another, you want the best benefit for that person, under any circumstance. I want to be with Matthew when he ascends to higher consciousness and breaks through the low vibration of this planet, which he has done and has shown me on many ocassions. I want to be an integral part of assisting him and he assisting me to reach such heights, because I know this is of highest and best benefit for him, me, the planet and the cosmos. This conclusion did not come quickly or easily. This is the conclusion of my soul and I had to tell my mind to take a chill pill and shut up in order to come to took four years...and it is still evolving and progressing, but I am finally freeing myself more and more from the level of human consciousness (world mind) and experiencing the heights that our souls are here to accomplish. This cannot be expressed fully in words, these must be experienced!

Contrary to popular belief, NOT everything is as it should be. It is that way because of our intentions, focus, inertia, karma and actions. We truly do have the power to heal ourselves, live cooperatively throughout the world, have a high vibration that naturally enlightens us with love, clarity and knowledge. It does NOT have to feel the way it does now in our everyday lives. Positivity can be a natural way of being, not a forced way of thinking. Good/pure intention can prevail and not be of a selfish or competitive nature. A popular notion on this planet is that we must stay "busy" to keep our minds active and stay young. Well, there would be nothing to "busy" ourselves with because we would always be busy with new knowledge, higher states of love and clarity and the potential to always go higher and to know more. What could be more exciting and more important to do?

As I said, I have had the priviledge and honor to live with Matt and gain from his focus, knowledge, clarity and intention. Why I have been the one to do this, I don't know, but I do know that I See his soul and know what it is he is striving to do. I strongly suggest that you read the articles in his World Mind Society Library at: [link] seriously. Read one article at a time, meditate on it, contemplate it and DO IT! This is all the knowledge you or anyone will ever need. As a suggestion, start with The Perpetual Raising Series, then Lessons of the Soul, then go wherever your soul leads you. I implore you to take the information seriously and not as you would any "new age" articles found on the web. This is not "channeled" by some obscure Archangel, alien or Being. All the writings are based on experience and are NOT theory. We are blessed that there is a Soul here on earth that lived his life doing, Seeing, experiencing and writing about what is the only important and relevant focus there is. Read about group mind, world mind and what consciousness is.....have you ever thought of these things before? After reading bring your awareness onto these important aspects of life. They are indisputable. The only reason it is never mentioned is because it is not focused on. The knowledge is there for all of us, if only we would stop our foolish whims and ways and take the time to look. What could be more important? Your job? School? Watching TV? I say quit your job, quit school and learn what is most important, in fact the only important things. You say you can't? You have a mortagage to pay, have to eat, the price of living is too high? My answer to that is that there are many places to live that are less expensive, there are different more practical lifestyles, sell your house and get on with what your soul wants you to do. If you need more information on doing this then read "The Survivalists Guide for the New Millenium" a book in the WMS library.

It takes courage and clarity to change one's life in such a manner, and I know all too well from experience, the pitfalls, the fears, the guilt, the pain of doing it. But I also know the rewards and these are universal throughout the cosmos. These are the potential of every soul on this planet, if one has the clarity and courage to pursue them. These are what the purpose of life is all about, it is not mysterious and there is NOTHING more important to do. By living and doing such things, you help others to lift out of their doldrums and have the potential to do it also.

All paths have their bumps and detours. The bumps of the spiritual path is inertia. The detours are the ways and the level of the world mind/consciousness. At times it may seem hard and hopeless, but once you get through each pitfall, you see the Light at the end of the tunnel and your soul knows joy, peace and a love that cannot be described in must be experienced. The choice is yours....tell your mind to chill, listen and just observe the beatings of your heart and the voice of your soul. and.....if nothing else, have the courage to read the articles in The World Mind Society.

Sandi Hunter

**Quoted definitions from the glossary on The World Mind Society: [link]

**Group Mind: A phenomena and principle of nature that is the joining of constituent elements of consciousness into cohesive systems, whose whole is geometrically greater than the sum of its parts. The synthesis of member minds in a psychic alignment, which acts in entity-like fashion above and beyond those members. See earthmind and world mind...

Group Mind Principle: A group mind is that synthesis of Energies, Awarenesses and Intents of component individuals into an expanded whole, that is geometrically greater thatn the sum of its parts, as factored by the number and level of consciousness of its comprising individuals.

also can be found in The Group Mind Series in The World Mind Society Library

*World Mind: The planet wide group mind of humanity as a species. The currently ego-based collective consciousness of humanity, whose focus is primarily upon unnatural aims. (also explained in The Perpetual Raising Series, Part 3.)

Earthmind: The group mind conglomerate entity of the Earth, as a sum total. The residing consciousness of the Earth whose composition is synthesis of all natural plants, animals, minerals and atmospheric elements, not including the majority of humanity. That intelligent and guiding consciousness of our planetary body, which has coordinated the evolution of biological forms and natural phenomena.

Consciousness: The primary causal force in all universal action and manifestation. That ultimate cause in nature, composed of Energy, Awareness and Intent, which is responsible for the ways and means by which all forms are generated...See God.

*****God That all pervading universal force in and of all things which coordinates evolution. The universal Will behind all manifestation, natural laws and phenomena, composed of Energy, Awareness and Intent. The collective group mind intelligence of the manifest and unmanifest cosmos, composed of consciousness.

***Truth: That which is universally and at all times the determining basis for the reality of existence. Factuality, that which exists regardless of view point or relative opinion. The essence of natural law and its principles.

****See The Software of the Mind Series

Now let me ask you this: Where else on this planet can you find such fundamental, practical and clear definitions of such terms? What could be more important to learn or know about? I implore you to save your soul and start reading, applying, focusing and feel free to ask questions via email....

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27 Dec 2004 @ 13:28 by swan : Sandi,
I appreciate the honesty of your personal story and agree with you on many of things you say. Thank You.

I know from experience that it takes courage, commitment, attention and intention to continue to evolve. Blessings.  

27 Dec 2004 @ 14:56 by gea : From me too
Thanks for your courage for sharing your story. I am on this Path too. I understand that the ideas and experiences about soul consciousness and the world mind are even more important than the personal sacrifices. In the long run, they are worth all the effort because we do something for mankind, and that in itself, is worth the painful work of leaving behind what is not true to the soul. It´s hard where children are concerned, I know about that first hand too. Blessings from me too.
PS - I think it´s not the planet that rejects soul consciousness, it´s the world of men.  

27 Dec 2004 @ 15:46 by jstarrs : I think it's important to remember..
also that beings have different dispositions, levels of growth etc and that one 'teaching' for everyone cannot be possible nor suitable.
20 years ago, I left my wife and two kids because of that missing something - it's something some have to do or shrivel up & die.
I found my answers in buddhism where you'll find similarities with what you're describing above.
I wish you well on your path and, above all, happy trails!  

27 Dec 2004 @ 16:49 by astrid : Dear Sandi...
You are touching the SCARIEST of all questions on Earth; the "How-do-I-implement- the-change-that-will-allow-me-to-follow-my-Soul's yearning?" This is the question being raised daily towards the Universe by BILLIONS of People all around the Planet! Every sigh you hear has this very question in it -to whatever extent... Thank you for having taken this out into Daylight in such a naked straightforward manner! It took a lot of courage four years ago, when you chose the Road Less Traveled. It took a lot of courage yesterday to put it all in print for the World to see. This IS exactly what Humandkind needs today: to start openly to talk about to "how-to's" of braking all old, familiar molds of SLAVERY to a System that only acknowledges Man's lowest consciousness level.
THANK you for blazing the Trail!  

27 Dec 2004 @ 19:54 by spiritseek : Thank you Sandi
I bet after writing this you seemed to have shed several pounds of unnecessary baggage. Bless you.  

28 Dec 2004 @ 05:08 by spells : Thank you everyone...
First of all I want to sincerely thank all of you for your comments.

I really wanted to relay in the article that although it may be difficult, breaking out of old beliefs and standards and truly returning to the soulic evolutionary goal of life is of UTMOST importance. It is only because we have strayed so far from our true essence that the "bumps" and "detours" seem most difficult and in need of great courage.

The path of spirit is not difficult it is the consciousness of humanity that makes it "seem" difficult. The rewards of The Path surpass words and the joy, love and clarity of the soul truly are worth every step of the way.

Thank you Astrid for seeing the importance of the "how to's" in changing and uplifting our consciousness and ultimately the worlds'. I hope we will continue to talk of the "how to's" and the progression that can be found on such a path.

Thank you Gea and Swan for your comments. Let me just say that writing the article didn't take much courage, taking the necessary steps to overcome karma and inertia is what took courage, determination and foresight in order to see the Light at the tunnels end. Our souls know the importance of this, if only we quiet our minds and listen.

Gea I agree that "it´s not the planet that rejects soul consciousness, it´s the world of men." That is the difference between the "Earthmind" and the "Worldmind". Thanks for pointing it out.

Spiritseek it is the "karma" that I have shed/am shedding on this journey. Bless you too!

Jstarrs thank you for your comments as well. I do understand all are at different levels and have different ways of learning, but if consciousness is not raised then there is much that may not be Seen. First one must know there is something to be Seen, and then have the "height" or expansion to see it. This cannot be done with the usual human mind alone, and/or the level of the worldmind today. This has to include the soul and knowledge of it's potential, at least to some degree. If we are not raised or expanded in our own essence then we will only mirror those around us.

Disconnecting from the standards and beliefs of the world are also most important. There is a Cosmic standard and it can be seen everyday in nature and natural law. It can be seen in heightened states of awareness and guides us to more expanded Seeing and Realizations that most of the world has ever known. Again I feel compelled to recommend that you read the articles on the World Mind Society, [link] There are articles containing information, meditations, techniques and explanations of how to achieve your soul's highest potentials and more.

I wish you well on your journey....  

28 Dec 2004 @ 19:33 by hgoodgame : I did exactly what you did
only I did it 20 years ago, left a good kind husband and two semi-adult (12 & 14) boys for another life, another man. I went thru all that you have described regarding being pulled this way and that, the guilt, the feelings of obligation. I wanted a more conscious life too..
It's a tough path. Once you're on it there's never any going back as you know by now. By the way, I did go back several times, lol, and I felt like I was a ghost out of place in my old home, usually within a few days. Then I'd have to get out of there again! I mean it could be 9 at night and I'd just have to leave, like for good! (Until next time). He was (is) a sweetheart, he always took me back whenever there was trouble in my new relationship.
I think sometimes it is simply our time to move on, then outer circumstances syncronize with inner longings and off we go!
So, here I am, 20 years later, but still on good terms with that husband and those boys (the 'boys' are in their 30's now). The man I left with though, that lasted 10 years and then it was time to move on again. :)
Sandi, what I have learned is that we are all on a soulic evolutionary path and even those who are not actively pursuing it, or look like they are, are on it regardless. The choices we made, to take the crossroads when we did, will still lead us to our personal life goals, our reason for incarnating. Though the world looks like it is seriously screwed up, it also functions under the laws of the Cosmos, so don't let one blink of an eye (which is a human life) lead you to believe things are awry here. Sometimes when things look like they may be dying, they are really giving birth.
Best wishes to you on your journey too.  

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