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picture 17 May 2002 @ 09:13, by Alana Tobin

The following article outlines my thoughts and perceptions regarding communications both as they relate to my own experience and what I witness around me, regarding our mutual spiritual emergence process. This article allows you to know a little more about me and how I am traversing these emerging waves of change.

I invite you to discern for yourselves what rings true for you and what does not. I honor each of you and what you have come to share in this exciting time of spiritual emergence on the planet. I send love to all my relations and see us coming into harmony and beauty in all of our interactions and co-creations.

I have been here in NCN for a short while. A few months ago, I came in and posted some articles, and then hung out a bit to warm up to the process. Then life demanded my attention and energy, and I was away from NCN for about a month. It seems during that time, there was a great deal of conflict emerging within among NCN members that I missed, as I was not called to be involved in that process. Now it appears to me that I am engaging in this online community experience at a time when it looks to me on the surface, that the group is appearing to be making a significant shift in its communication process. I see this exciting communications shift taking place globally across the world. I feel that the awakening process of the collective is moving us all from a self “centered” consciousness to one that is more self reflective, and yet facilitative of the “Soul” embodying and expressing through all of our relationships. How this looks in relationships, in our environments, throughout the many art-forms and embodied in our culture is, I believe, what many of us are holding in our own unique visions for the future.

I do not know the history of NCN and the stages it has passed through in terms of the community dialogues and how they have evolved community thus far. I know that Flemming has that record both within him, and I imagine within his database archives. As with any community or project, I feel it can be insightful to hear how the network has evolved in terms of the communication process. We can research the real projects that have been generated and co-created through contact with the network. In addition, we can see how the networking of people and the information or resources have assisted in link-ing individuals or groups to move them towards the facilitation of those projects. Perhaps there are members who have been a part of the birthing of this network, who would return to give input into how they have seen NCN add to their lives, or how it has helped them to move more towards the vision that they carry. What a blessing this input could offer.

I know that if we were to read Flemming’s perspective of what has taken place, we would only see it from his individual perspective. I think it would be interesting to hear how early community here communicated, and what they gained from the experience. Creation moves in cycles. Communities move through stages involving chaos, order, conflict, and breakdown, ever evolving and devolving until consciousness can lift itself to higher orders of relating and co-creation.

Often times throughout our individual spiritual journeys, many of us think we should have progressed farther than where we are currently. I feel that we often miss important information and the many blessings when we get stuck in limited perspectives that have us judging the process, the timing and the experiences we have, in ways that bring separation. Because we are holding a vision that seems so far from what our current reality is reflecting, we grow impatient as individuals and as a group, with the unfolding process or the timing of the collective birth at hand. Many of us feel that our vision has not taken on “enough” form yet, and grow weary or discontented with our present circumstances. For some of us, the limited opportunities to express our sense of vision and mission leave us feeling impotent and unfulfilled, or perhaps, even struggling with the old systems: be they monetary, relational, political, educational, etc. Many are straddling the evolutionary fence. Some may be hanging on to present forms, structures and systems as they still add much value to their lives, while others are trying to bust free from what has been limiting their expression and vision for a new culture. I find that the frustrations of these new ways of being in relationship, and the communications reflecting this awakening state of consciousness, are simultaneously seeking new expressions and forms that have not yet anchored fully in our experiences.

Our visions and desired experiences not having come to pass yet, are testing our sense of faith, trust and acceptance of the Universal patterns and perfection at work. Many of us have worked long and hard to come to where we are presently in consciousness. Weary with all that it has taken to get to this point, some have felt “is this all there is?” With expectations that there should be “more,” by now, many of us feel intolerant or impatient of the processes at work. For all the work we have done both on ourselves and in community, it can appear as though the forms seem to be alluding us. “What are we doing wrong, what have we missed, what is it I need to learn or change?” Questions like these can give us the illusion, at least temporarily, that we alone are in control of or are responsible for this Co-creative process.

Can it be perhaps instead, that the picture we have of how things should unfold is getting in the way of a larger process at work, that involves so much more than we can imagine? So broad is this new creational matrix, and so complex is this matching co-creative online network, that at first glance, this “new civilization,” seems to be an impossible venture. Seen from within a single human glimpse, the bigger picture still in many respects, is in its formative stages, and at any time can only be accessed in snippets. There are so many individuals and processes at work in the collective web of co-creation. At times I feel as though we move only as fast as the slowest one in our soul group, so that our accelerated growth does not harm the energy integrity of an integral sister or brother closely connected within a mutual co-creative project.

My wisdom tells me that one of the reasons why some of us have not as yet been able to manifest individually or collectively, more concrete forms and tangible expressions of our visions, is because we have needed to pass through a detoxification process first. This process has been facilitating an opening for the new expressions and forms to embody. The spiritual shifts in consciousness necessary to move us into a new collective experience have required us to release ourselves from constructs that tie us to accessing our selves and one another within certain frameworks. Forms densify and slow down that process. We are shifting our bodies, our relationships, and our environments at an accelerated rate. If we put new forms and expressions into the mix before we have released the old consciousness and energies, would we perhaps stagnate and slow down the process of change, or thereby change the outcome of what truly wants to be? As we are moving through many stages of growth, would we interrupt the growth process, by prematurely defining it in the midst of its early stages of flowering and perhaps in error, guide it towards another outcome than inherently designed.

Without these changes, the beliefs and unresolved emotions would continue to be crystallized within the new forms we desire to create. Can you imagine constructing a building with feelings of resentment, fear and jealousy, and then trying to inhabit it? The very building we have come to meet in holds the old energies in crystallized form. Energetically speaking, the forms surrounding us literally support and hold us ever more solidly to the old. We often outgrow relationships, home, work environments and self-expressions that no longer fit our emerging Self. When a group is moving through accelerated spiritual change together we must not be limited by relating in ways, or ascribing to constructs and modalities that inhibit us from accessing ourselves more fully. As we are expanding, we need environments conducive to supporting these expansions in consciousness. Many of us are called to be catalysts and midwives for one another to support these changes taking place. We must be the change, we are seeking to create outwardly. I find that as I am my authentic self expressing, that my "Being," has a positive impact. It is not always so much what we do, as how we are in our experiences. If we want more patience from others, we must extend that, or if we desire more compassion or forgiveness, we must come to vibrate that out from out beings. What we vibrate outwards, magnetizes to us. It is my experience and wisdom that tells me that we are always in communication with one another as a whole both telepathically and vibrationally. I find that if we do not receive in kind what we are sending out, it is often a test from our Souls in collaboration with the Universe, to perhaps draw boundaries.

The Universe can assist us in co-creating opportunities to say "NO, this is not working for me", and to say "Yes" to what does support me. I find that being congruent in our behavior to match our words is essential in order to complete or resolve a process. This gives us a chance to heal past wounds, and to re-establish in thought, word and deed, what is in support of our emerging Presence. So as we say no to some things, the doors open to new opportunities that reflect more of our YES’s as they relate to our vision. I personally have said no to entering into dialogues, relationships or groups that involve excessive processing or struggle as a way of relating. Sometimes I talk directly to a person's soul before interacting with them in person, as a way of bypassing some of the unnecessary personality conflicts. It often opens up a new energetic dynamic and process between us. As a result, the Universe is presenting more supportive communication processes, relationships and environments which are supporting my emerging Essence and my unfolding vision. I find that the personal and impersonal must come to relate more in an integral whole both within us and around us. The cosmic and the earthy must join into a mutual dynamic that allows us to co-create in a more wholistic manner. Until this wholeness is firmly established within, how is that we will be able to express this unity in the forms and structures of a new civilization. Our co-creations and culture reflect where we are in consciousness.

Many of us are being challenged spiritually to pass through profound spiritual initiations in our lives, and called to alchemize old patterns and relationships, in preparation to give more form to our lives. This process makes it very difficult at times to have sustaining relationships and projects, as many of us are passing through intense internal tests and energy processes. These shifts in consciousness are evident in the communications processes all around us. Much of the warring seen in the world, is indicative of the unrest within humanity as a whole. At times we do not allow enough flexibility and support for others to shift and correct themselves, as we are quick to take offense and have a stance of "taking it all so personally," when we are called instead perhaps, to be more allowing of the changes taking place for ourselves and one another. I have found throughout my experiences of being involved in community, that there are people who are in various stages of this alchemical process. Some are more ready to experience more intimate connectivity and expressions that lead to the creation of collaborative relationships and their subsequent projects. Others may be at more formative stages of building sustainable relationships. I have found that we must develop our navigational skills spiritually, as we are challenged to discern energies and alliances, and whether we are called to engage and co-create together. For as we become more self realized and spiritually more potent, the energies emanating from us grow, and the discernment necessary requires us to come more adept at how we will consciously invest and direct these most powerful creational energies.

I perceive that we are expressions of the Divine, coming to embody more fully our Essence within our lives. Opening to new capacities, we are coming into direct connection with profoundly creative energies. I believe these energies to be highly self-organizing and intelligent, as the Universal Source is coming to relate more consciously with us as a spiritually emerging species. I surmise that as we come to experience ourselves as more attuned to our spiritual centers, we will become more informed and aligned to this higher Presence, and the higher spiritual attributes of that Presence will be reflected in our newly emerging Beings, and our life expressions. Attributes such as harmony, peace, love, beauty, and joy, etc. are some of these qualities.

Here in NCN, we are being presented with the opportunities to open to this emerging communications process which I have witnessed to be facilitating us in detoxing old ways of accessing ourselves and relating. Can we take the time out to clear our minds, pause to listen to our hearts, develop the discipline to clear or calm our emotions long enough to build an integral connection to the Divine? Will we do what it takes to foster and develop communication skills which can help us establish integral relating? I believe these processes are necessary as we build the foundation for a new civilization. Will it take five to ten years or more to establish and build that foundation here in NCN or out in the world? In the bigger evolutionary picture this seems like a small time frame, when in reality, we are working to establish and maintain an integral connectivity and global network both online, and throughout the many expressions and forms in our culture. This and other networks can facilitate groups worldwide to link and share important information and processes facilitating real time projects. Building an integral communications network is an important foundation and prelude towards building a New Civilization.

Written by Alana Tobin 5/16/02 © Permission given to copy this article and distribute as long as credit is given to the author.

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17 May 2002 @ 10:12 by mmmark : Nice Review
Thanks Alana - This is a very patient and insightful explanation of our challenges of our time. It is wonderful to have your maturity and experience to keep us wrapped in loving concern.  

17 May 2002 @ 12:33 by jazzolog : Astounding
I think you're right, and you offer a new dimension of thinking about us to me. I truly appreciate that, and feel you're presenting us with a perception with which to grow. Wouldn't it be great if there were a huge campfire around which all present and past members could sit and tell the stories? Maybe that's what we are already!  

18 May 2002 @ 00:52 by shawa : That´s maybe what will be... day. :-)
Thanks for this article, Alana. It´s good grounded thinking.  

18 May 2002 @ 03:42 by tdeane : Love it, Alana!
You definitely have been telepathically connecting here, my friend.:-) Over the last several days I have been pondering my life since joining NCN, looking toward what I have gained, what I may have contributed, and what adjustments I might make to add, rather than detract from our goals. One thing is certain ~ my cup is much fuller. As each person talks of their visions, their beliefs, I extract that to which I feel a connectedness and add it to the already limitless realm of possibilities I see for us all, individually and collectively. In sharing my vision, hopefully a little something may be extracted to open more possibilities for others', as well.

In thinking about communication, which at times I have had difficulty with, perhaps the greatest challenge in communication over the internet is that the distance which exists in our physical lives also may be in some instances meaningful in the energy sense: Our energies are all still connected, but not quite as closely (in an efficient cosmic sense). There really is no distance between us here, and perhaps conflicts sometimes arise simply because energies that are distantly connected, whether by choice or by natural order on the physical plane, are suddenly in the same space on the internet. This is a challenge, indeed, but not an insurmountable obstacle if we view these conflicts from an objective perspective and allow/respect that these individual energies are meaningfully separate and equally purposeful on other planes. Thank you, Alana. Much love ~ Tricia  

18 May 2002 @ 19:50 by simpleman : THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS WITH US ALL
I really like it when someone shares with us all their motivations in life. Who they are, how they became, where they hope to be tommorow. For me, such sharing opens the doors of communication and allows me the oppurtunity to experience situations, ideas, views, and just life in general from anothers perspective, thus allowing me to learn something that I may never experience in my own life. We all have our own experiences, and I guess in a sense thats why we share this space together. My only regret lately with NCN is the fear that all the negative communication a couple of months ago does not hinder the openness and honesty I need to fully understand others experiences. It has become very hard to have a disagreement, and any negative coment or view can be perceived as an attack on the individual. Personally, I do not attack people, although I feel the urge to attack their ideas and views. Their feedback after that is what gives me the oppurtunity to learn. Anyway, thanks again for your openness and I hope we can all continue to share our experiences and visions, and continue to learn and grow from each other.

25 May 2002 @ 07:11 by maxtobin : Bless you again!
Alana you speak of the heart from the heart and the wisdom rings loud in my ears. The multi dimensions are playing as ONE and the hologram is seen and we are the healing, ego seperate dis-ease is 'battling for survival' 'tis merely a point of view, lets say farewell to that old era energy and open our hearts and minds to the era of abundance and all therein expressed.  

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