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 Master of the World
picture15 Jun 2002 @ 18:18, by ergodicity

"If you want it
Come and get it
For crying out loud
The love that I was
Giving you was
Never in doubt
Let go of your heart
Let go of your head
And feel it now

Babylon, Babylon" David Gray

NCN is not an "Open Space" no matter how many times people may claim it is. A glorified chat room can never be such. Why do people delude themselves and others? Quite some time ago I had an extensive newslog on this place and at one time I stated that the main problem we face is the belief that ultimately nothing really matters, that each of us lives in a universe of our own, has our own reality to create and exercise. I shared that all of us suffer from this belief to varying degrees, in effect, we all have this psychosis. Here's wishing you all the good fortune to step beyond the ruse. Life is both precious and fragile as well as strong and immortal, incredible as it may seem. The fantasy of our ultimate worthlessness pushes us to adhere to our own limited grasp of things, sometimes to woefully inadequate ends. "Let go of your heart. Let go of your head. Feel it now." Yes, the ultimate wealth, feelings. My love to you all. May you find the strength to not seek to be "Master of the World."

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