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20 Mar 2003 @ 12:52, by Salama Shaquana

With the bombing yesterday our world changed. I believe that peace is the way forward but accept that sometimes we have to take action to liberate people from oppression. Regardless of whether we stood by and let the people of Iraq continue to suffer under the regime or whether action such as started yesterday was taken, someone was would lose. Perhaps this is the sacrifice that some have chosen to make to achieve true peace. I am torn whichever way it goes.

This morning we were advised that an early warning system is to be tested on the Sydney Harbour Bridge today. We were told not to panic – that said our world has changed..we have been advised to take caution traveling in our underground road and rail tunnels…our world has changed..I can not express in simple terms my sadness.

I pray for the souls that will lost - I pray for peace..

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21 Mar 2003 @ 03:43 by newdawn : Makepeace
Don't express your sadness, ~ express your continuing daily joy even though the world around you is not at Peace. Know Peace in your heart,dear one. Do not allow your own personal world to change because somebody told you. Know you are always safe. Know that all that is for your highest good is all that you will allow or accept into your life. Know that you are here, now, to help humanity to take a quantum leap of Peace because it is time now for all caring hearts to open up and send love to ALL. Pray for all souls incarnate at this time in this story. No soul is ever lost, just passing from one state into another.

21 Mar 2003 @ 04:01 by scotty : she has a point salama
don't let yourself be infected by the negativity - rather be still within and be your own person - it's not what is happening around you that counts but rather how you deal with it !
Let your own love energies flow to counterbalance the darkness.
The world needs the strength of your love now more than ever - don't let yourself be submerged - rather let yourself flow outwards.

(hmm - just realised - I do use 'rather' rather often - don't I !!)  

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