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 Where are we in history?
6 Jul 2002 @ 07:26, by M. Emily Cragg

...Is the Bible right on, or is it a thousand years behind the times?
...Is the Rapture coming, or did it occur a thousand years ago?
...Is the New Jerusalem still in the formative stages, or is that Level/dimension of experience operating simultaneously with Heaven and Hell now?
...How can and do physicists describe reality, in three sets of compacting particles, yet they have no sense of Reality as three levels of awareness--Hell, Physical and Heaven?
...Where are we?
...Events are rolling over us; and it's not a simple matter to predict whether they will move this way, over us, or that way, and move us onward.
...Peace is an effect. It's an effect that does not appear to exist at the level we are, and about which we are speaking.
...What appears to be the primary and predominant sense of this place is actually "Torment."
...Who do YOU KNOW, who is NOT TORMENTED by "what might have been"?
...I don't know ANYBODY.
...Now, think about this long and hard.
...Peace is the sum/total of works plus dreams. What we cannot accomplish in TIME, we must accomplish IN and BY reflection, in the Subjective while we sleep.
...There is no short-cutting the process to creating peace.
...If peace does not exist HERE, than the HERE we have accepted is not the Kingdom of God because THAT is NOT HERE.
...You can't just GO DO THAT, as if you were baking bread according to a recipe.
...You can't COMMAND the cooperation of others; nor the love; nor the respect.
...In fact, my experience says, you can't even command a hearing ear AROUND HERE.
...I am working on the issue of, "WHO is the chosen of God today?" AND "Where are we? Are we actually IN the Physical Kingdom of God [among us], or are we somewhere ELSE?
...Why is the nation of Israel in torment? WHY are the Jewish people today under accusation? Why are the Christian people today, also under accusation? What does THAT say about God and His physical earthly Covenants?
...I contend, God's Covenants are not operating HERE. So, where is HERE?
...God Yahweh was very clear that He has a people. Okay, I'm dealing with figuring OUT who that is.
...I'll let you know, when I get to a place that makes sense in view of what we are seeing with our eyes.

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