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picture11 Mar 2005 @ 16:13, by John Ashbaugh

Crystal Ball. All that has already been set into motion is moving right along. The roller coaster ride is running out of grease. Dry rails for the downward slide, and some of the cars may tumble. Now taking bets for the countdown to crunchtime.
“After an almost instant depression seizes the modern industrialized world, and nation-states break down, the frantic attempts of people to feed themselves, stay warm and obtain fresh water (pumped presently via petroleum to a great extent), there will be no rescue. Die-off begins. The least petroleum-dependent communities will survive best. These "backward" nations will be emulated by the scrounging survivors of the U.S. and the rest of the "developed" world, as far as local food production will be tried - in a paved-over, toxic landscape by people who have lost touch with the land...”(Jan Lundberg) as quoted in
An Important Announcement
Michael C. Ruppert
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12 Mar 2005 @ 16:16 by jerryvest : Die off begins
This is a rather alarming article on the depletion of oil supplies, but it seems as though we have been expecting this kind of catastrophic event for some time. I wonder how many gallons of fuel are used in the race car sporting events? Seems that this is just one example of denial that we are in a crisis of great proportion. Thanks John.


12 Mar 2005 @ 18:44 by astrid : Blessing in Disguise?...Maybe!
I will not discuss the availability of Oil or such. There's far too much lies and hush, hush about it all. The Russians (during the Sovjet times at least did a LOT of research in Oil and they learned DEEP DRILLING, like USA never has learned, and they tapped into oil EVERYWHERE they DEEP-drilled!... Check the Google about this subject).
As an example of what I mean: Petrochemicals are not at all made from FOSSILES, but something quite "different", being produced "all the time" as opposed to being a limited source -if made from Fosssiles /that time of Earth's Geology.
Once again: The GAME the BBs ( BigBoys) have played/and still on it is the REAL ISSUE together with the UNDISPUTABLE POLLUTION Factor of the PetroChemicals -regardless its origin and avalability!
On top of THIS serious notion; the fact that the PetroGAME keeps all other Energy Sources from being ALLOWED is the MOST SERIOUS issue here.
Let's hope that the not-so-establishment-inclined Peoples of the Earth will have a year or two to get the more Cosmically Correct Energy Surces going.... so that we can let the FOSSILE MINDS die together with their own "Monster-God" the "FOSSILE E-Source"
The Meak WILL inherit the Earth! Hallelujah! .... : )
This Topic can definitely wake up a few Souls! Thanks, John!
Uuuuuhhhh , I love the Pic!/a-d  

12 Mar 2005 @ 19:25 by jstarrs : And...
..the good news is what?  

13 Mar 2005 @ 04:29 by astrid : this article alone....
... says something.... not so commomly known.....  

13 Mar 2005 @ 05:39 by nemue : The NEW WORLD
“For EVERY adversity there is the seed of equivalent or greater benefit”

- - - - - - - - the loss of oil-based products is not a bad thing for us as citizens of the world. It means that other means of energy will have to be adopted – they have been there for years but get no traction due to the greed of oil companies and governments.

Imagine a world where pollution is minimal, where we are free from chemicals and poisons. A world where the food we eat is pure and fresh and the air we breathe the same. Would that be such a bad world to live in?

I for one think not - so bring on the decline in fossil fuel and let us force the use of non-polluting, people and earth friendly energy sources. The enlightened will survive.  

13 Mar 2005 @ 17:26 by astrid : Absolutely, nemue!
so glad you caught on! I (too) would rather see "Fossile" Fuel dwindle and be ran out of, than Russians find unlimited amounts of it (on deeper levels than US-guys master today. See the link; just one of many info sources. I have more links if anyone is interested...) BUT the point is still to be dealt with: the Liars/Hikackers of Everything on the Planet -and most of all of the every-day- peoples'Minds with their naive take-it-all-at-face- value- trusting attitude.... ONE OR OTHER THE HAS TO GO!!!!.... there will be no serious work done with these cleaner E-sources before that, I'm afraid!....
But.... Yes, the (few) who care, the Enlightened (enough) Ones will survive!. It is literally the Question of what Energy"God" we are following that will determine where WE go - hence our Destiny! Glad you're onboard on the Victor's Train! : )  

15 Mar 2005 @ 04:36 by koravya : Sensibility
Wonderful link, astrid, to the story on Russian deep drilling, and the idea that Peak Oil is a myth, and the attendant link to the Center for an Informed America, where what’s his name calls it all a scam, and is involved in some vitriolic exchange with Ruppert over Peak Oil, or not Peak Oil, scam or no scam, and what kind of a shell game are the oil companies playing anyway? Shall we call it a die-off, or a population reduction program, in the name of the greater good for the chosen ones? Never mind who does the choosing. Any volunteers, for the greater good? Who’s got the gold? Who’s got the oil? Who’s got the drugs? That is a whole shell of human activity encircling the globe, and the apparent intent is to snuff the masses. Kind of hard to draw a neat circle around that particular group, so the edges of who’s in and who’s out of the circle may be more or less fuzzy as the program is implemented. So where is the discussion? How acute is this die-off, i.e. population reduction program, in terms of time and extent? What is the nature of the ensuing demographic and infrastructure? Are we all going to be carrying our laptops and cell phones around sending emails and text messages to one another, carrying on some kind of electronic global community, or is all that going to evaporate? Yes, nemue, I imagine a world such as you describe it, and it is up to us to perpetuate that thought into all of our tomorrows until they become today. So the good news is there is music, and there is today as we hold it in our hearts for one more day, every day. Something came to mind as I was glossing across the reams of pages on whether to Peak Oil or not to Peak Oil, and whoever said oil comes from dinosaurs in the first place?
In Other words
And in variation

16 Mar 2005 @ 01:39 by astrid : Yes, John.....
you are so right!.... The Crooks (an' --like you said; whomever they are/what "flag" they wrap themsleves in to claim IMMUNITY, doesn't matter ) are working OVERTIME right now to INSTIGATE the Every-day-Man on the Street to attack his Neighbour and thus hopefully get a BBBIIIIIIGGGGG killing going, so that they need to come restore ORDER with Martial Law.
ANYBODY, who doesn't care for being in the midst of this shit, better know what ENERGY-GOD they follow: The DINOSAUR ( isn't that The Joke Of The Century! )-dying one, OR any alternative, more cosmically correct energy-god.... THIS ALONE will/ is enough to/ determine a person's fate!.... what can I say!.... *!*
Good idea, John, grab your LAP-TOP and you Cell phone an' split for the Hills... as the saying goes.  

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